E.Samar hit by #Hagupit first, winds start to batter coastal areas as residents flee

Dolores, Eastern Samar has been identified as the unlucky town where Super Typhoon Hagupit will first touch the Philippines. According to current forecasts, Hagupit will be packing winds of 180-200 kph near the centre with gusts of up to 220 kph. As of 11 a.m. Philippine time, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration […]

Filipinos see a better future in foreign war zones than in the Philippines

You know a country has really sunk to an unprecedented depth of wretchedness when its own citizens would prefer to remain in a war zone over taking their chances on a return to the “safety” of their homeland. Such is what describes the rather embarrassing situation in the Philippine government’s efforts to repatriate up to […]

PAGASA mass exodus: Why are workers treated like crap in the Philippines?

Simple. Because there are so many of them. That’s a lesson in an Economics 101 course — the Law of Supply and Demand. When the enormous supply of a commodity dwarfs demand for it, the value of that commodity is crushed. Employers in the Philippines can treat their workers like crap, because they can. The […]

Is Philippine Standard Time truly the solution to Filipino Time?

Is it supposed to be surprising that apart from a few reports on both GMA, ABS-CBN, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, there isn’t much discussion going around about the newly signed Republic Act (RA) 10535? RA 10535 is described as, “an act to set the Philippine Standard Time (PST) in all official sources throughout the […]