Filipinos must drop their Fixation on Bloodlines

Filipino society continues to have this fixation on bloodlines. For example, we are fixated on finding out whether famous people in other countries have Filipino blood, and vice versa. When someone is abusive or bad-habited, we assume that it is in the blood and that people who are related (like children) will absolutely be the […]

Some Thoughts Spurred by the LGBT Discussion

Manny Pacquiao stirred a hornet’s nest with what he said, but I’ll not talk about him, as he could have been used as a distraction from the discovery of a certain young lady receiving nearly P6 million annual salary from the SSS. But the issue did inspire some random thoughts and allowed me to resume […]

Famous Filipinos should not lift us up… we should lift them up

Filipino society was again aflutter over the now-famous Miss Universe win by Pia Wurtzbach. Of course, it provides a temporary high after all the depressing truths that Filipinos go through every day. However, this was ruined by a report that Filipinos had been bullying Miss Colombia. Even host Steve Harvey, who made the mistaken announcement, […]

Get Lewd, Philippines

Filipino social media was all abuzz when pictures of a Liberal Party birthday celebration were spread all over the place. At this celebration of Congressman Benjie Agarao, sexy dancing girls called the Playgirls suddenly came up on the stage and did things that should have been done only in shady strip clubs. It was claimed […]

Filipinos should get the real lesson from Pacquiao’s latest victory

Once again, Filipino boxer extraordinaire Manny Pacquiao claims another victory, this time over Brandon Rios. This is supposed to uplift people’s spirits in the wake of the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. And it’s probably making up for the loss against Juan Manuel Marquez last year. Again, Filipinos are going to say “Pinoy pride,” something […]

Megan Young won despite being, not because she was, Filipino

That title above is only one of my thoughts about Megan Young being crowned the first Filipina Miss World. Perhaps it’s an obvious idea based on common sense. Of course, when you say Miss India won because she was Indian, or Miss Japan won because she was Japanese, that would sound funny. But there are […]

Fan Reaction to Gilas Filipinas loss shows Utter Immaturity, ruins Filipino Image

Just after Iran’s team prevailed over Gilas, Filipinos started coming out with hate comments. They posted these hate comments even on Iranian players’ pages. Even during the game, some used the hashtags #Puso and #Putok to describe the Filipino and Iranian teams. It is very racist. There were even people who called Iranians “terrorists” and […]

Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines

Some Pinoy Pride stuff had been in the radar lately. Local media ran a feature on a recently appointed American judge with Filipino blood (though the woman, thankfully, said she is an American first). Some NBA fans were quick to boast that Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has Filipino blood. But same as the judge, […]