Filipino workers need to ditch OBSOLETE activists like Renato Reyes this #LaborDay on #MayoUno2018

Filipinos need to change their labour “leaders”. They spout nothing but obsolete Cold War-era slogans every labour day and this year is no different. This year’s call is, guess what, “unite” against [ blah blah blah ]. What is this year’s blah blah blah issue? Contractualisation — specifically the call to stamp out the use […]

OFWs are a LIABILITY because they are turning the Philippine economy into an OBESE economy

We see today the Philippines has an obese economy. Its bones (infrastructure and capital base) are buckling under the weight of sugar-fed fat it accumulated through OFWism and consumerism. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are the equivalent of revenue candy fed to a malnourished economy. They provide a short-term energy fix that gets that next meal […]

Do Filipinos want to continue to be known as the world’s servants?

The latest brouhaha surrounding the diplomatic row with Kuwait that erupted following the going “viral” of a video of a “rescue operation” instigated by Filipino diplomatic personnel there has attracted much debate. The “discussion” surrounding this circus focuses on the minutiae of the debacle the Philippine government finds itself in in the immediate aftermath. What […]

The Philippine Government should APOLOGISE to Kuwait on behalf of ALL Filipinos

The “diplomatic crisis” between the Philippines and Kuwait is fast snowballing into a circus bigger than Ben Hur. At the heart of the matter is the inability to just simply apologise — essentially the same character flaw that turned the 2010 Hong Kong tourist massacre crisis into a similar diplomatic debacle. The only real pathway […]

Filipino dependence on overseas employment is what is at the root of the Kuwait “diplomatic crisis”

Back in the old days before social media there was a particularly “viral” email going around that enjoined humanity to “imagine a world without Overseas Filipino Workers”. The author of the email went on the wax poetic about such a world where there’d be catastrophic shortages in nurses, elderly care, welders, and all sorts of […]

From First World to Third: The Philippine Story

The Philippine case of reverse-transformation from a former colony of first-world USA that was only 2nd to Japan and burgeoning with potential in the middle of the last century into the foremost basket case among emerging tigers serves as a prima facie model example in the world’s handbook on “How NOT to run a country”. As […]

Winston Q8 Violation of Migrant Workers Act Imperils Health Secretary Ubial’s Confirmation

Bringing change to the country is a monumental challenge that President Rodrigo Duterte ALONE cannot accomplish. This is the reason why it is vitally important that the people he has appointed to his cabinet be able and willing to help him fulfill his campaign promises. Of course, it need not be said that those he […]

Key Duterte initiatives lay foundation for sustained economic growth

Continuing to send Filipino workers overseas to seek and sustain employment is a serious misallocation of human capital. Much the same way as wanton mining in the Philippine countryside took a huge toll on the environment and landscape, exporting people leaves deep scars in the Philipines’ social fabric. And so, here is why the OFW […]