Everyone who followed President Noynoy Aquino are now either badly-burned or look like idiots

The Philippine government is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis of credibitlity and constitutional ascendancy. What the administration of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III touted as its greatest “achievement” in its efforts to make good on its “daang matuwid” (“straight path”) rhetoric and “kung walang kurap walang mahirap” sloganeering — the “impeachment” of […]

Unprecedented call to abolish pork barrel in Philippine Congress precedes ‘million people march’ on August 26

I am normally ambivalent to calls for street protests organised around objects of “outrage” that could have been mitigated or prevented if Filipinos had simply participated in democratic governance properly and intelligently (such as voting wisely and applying a critical mind to politicians’ trite populist rhetoric). So I have mixed feelings about the latest call […]

Philippine Congress mints new anti-cybercrime and anti-slander laws

Media people whether they be old-school journalists, “on-line reporters” or Web publishers (such as bloggers and much of the rest of humanity who have access to Facebook and Twitter among others) are up in arms about the raft of “anti-media” bills being drafted and passed in Congress. Critics of these measures assert that these “anti-media” […]

The conviction of Chief Justice Renato Corona paves the way for WHAT exactly?

Aptly put by Twitterzen @JesterInExile in his tweet: Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona was convicted in his impeachment trial in spite of and not because of the trial prosecution team. As Senate President and presiding officer of the impeachment trial Juan Ponce Enrile emphasized in his vote speech on Article II of the […]

Will the Senator-Judges convict a man who interprets the law the same way they do?

Closing remarks day today for both camps! The court session today in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona brought a few things to light: (1) how utterly outclassed the prosecution lawyers are by those in the defense team, (2) how thin on substance the speech made by no less than the leader of […]

Dean Tony La Viña’s call for Corona to resign misses the real point

According to Dean Tony La Viña in his piece “Everything but the truth” published on ‘social news network’ site Rappler.com, “The truth demands stringent rigor, a burden enough to break lesser men. The Supreme Court carries a heavy responsibility as the adjudicator of the truth in the cases it hears. What we saw [in Chief […]

Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s day in court

Brilliant performance today from Chief Justice Renato Corona. He laid himself out in a manner ordinary Filipinos could relate with. The simplicity of his lifestyle, the straightforward manner with which he accumulated his wealth, and the looking-you-in-the-eye reaffirmation of his lack of any wrongdoing cut straight past the TV screens and struck hard the hearts […]

Corona Impeachment: things the prosecutors wish the public would forget

The impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is about to resume after a six-week break. Thanks to a few objective Senator Judges of the impeachment court who admonished the prosecution team for giving information that had not yet been introduced in court to the media, the prosecutors have been compelled to stay […]