The Folly of Capitalism and Money-System Bashers

I do not pretend to be an economist nor do I pretend to be a financial guru. In fact, I am quick to admit that I’m not really the most business or financial savvy guy. What I do appreciate however, is common sense and critical thinking. Last week’s news about Mt. Gox going belly up […]

Pinoys’ Poor Money Habits

I often say in my articles that Filipinos refuse to mend their ways. That includes not only their habits with Pinoy Pride, but also their habits with money. We attribute poverty in the country to many things. But for me, one of the obvious things that people tend to gloss over is that Filipinos tend […]

Money or love: What do Filipino women want?

What do women want nga ba talaga? Obviously romance sells. The lot of cheesy movies and telenovelas themed on love and romance attests to this. I haven’t seen it yet (though I plan to see it, time permitting) but the latest kilig-fest The Mistress, I heard, is a big hit. According to the reviews, both […]

Filipino attitude towards money highlighted yet again

Recently, a renowned financial expert in the United States, Suze Orman, was in town for a series of talks about personal finance. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) brought her over as part of their financial wellness advocacy. Naturally, one of the things she focused, and expressed concerns about, is the Filipino attitude towards money. […]

Understanding the concept of wealth

Wealth, in primitive times would have been attributed to simple things like a reduced chance of being eaten by a predator, an improved ability to survive a fight with another tribesman, and increased hunting performance among others. Over millennia, as the amount of humanity’s collective wealth increased this way the nature of wealth changed. The […]

A Quick Guide to the Philosophy of Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman was a well-known American economist, a proponent of an economic philosophy that is growing in popularity in this country. In practice, it works something like this: Need a real-life example? Do mortgage-backed securities ring a bell? Or for a more locally-relevant example, the price of fuel, which the oil companies will swear up […]