Ica Policarpio mirrors the plight of an entire society that remains lost and has yet to be found

Following days of vigorous discussion around the much-publicised disappearance and “rescue” of Ica Policarpio, a statement was released yesterday by her family through a Facebook post by her sister, Bea Policarpio. This was after the large number of Netizens who had responded to an appeal issued by Bea to assist in the location of her […]

3 Pinoy Offensive Comedy Stereotypes That Need To Go

I remember writing an article about the way Pinoys need to change their comedy and this is more or less an extension or expansion of that article. See, besides annoying slapstick that seems more like cheap ripoffs of cartoon shows, Pinoy comedy is rife with stereotypes that would otherwise be deemed offensive in other countries […]

5 Changes For Political Candidacy That May Improve The Philippines

With Alma Moreno’s video showcasing her incompetence with her interview with Karen Davila becoming viral, I think it’s time we got to the point and told our readers (and the powers that be) of what we want to happen. You see, based on what we’ve seen so far, majority of political parties harbor their fair […]

Seeking Psychiatric Help: Debunking Common Misconceptions

Ladies and gentlemen, I have thought it time to discuss a much overlooked topic. Considering everything that’s been happening in Philippine history and the way common Pinoys tend to react in the worst way possible, I think it’s time to re-evaluate the things that we accept and take as facts. To truly understand the mind of […]

Mental health awareness in the Philippines

There was news about an apparent suicide floating around the office the past week. A relatively healthy employee, dead at thirty. It would have been more shocking had this instance been the victim’s first attempt but I believe it wasn’t. According to people who knew him well this was the third and, unfortunately, successful time […]

Suicide And How You Can Help Prevent One

Okay, this isn’t going to be an easy topic to tackle but Tvtropes and Cracked both have their own page about suicide and what can be said or done to prevent it so I decided that it’s high time for GRP to have something similar. We all know that suicide is another issue that is somewhat uncomfortable to discuss […]

Sane or insane: What’s up with Claudine Barretto??

I mean, after all the brouhaha surrounding that sensational airport rage incident involving Ramon Tulfo, she just can’t stop making headline news — in a bad way. While presidential sister Kris Aquino manages to use her equally sordid personal dramas to build celebrity equity, all it achieves for Claudine is fast track her spiral into […]