Let jeepney drivers go on strike — PERMANENTLY

Filipinos once had the opportunity to be weaned off these clunky poor excuses for public transport. But that was several decades ago. That opportunity has passed. Today, Filipinos need to quit jeepneys cold turkey. It’s time. Jeepneys are an abomination. They encapsulate everything that is wrong with the Filipino — unsafe, mediocre, rehashed from old […]

Inequality is what makes the world an interesting place to be human

That meme where feminists in other countries are shown dressed in military gear with guns locked and loaded looking really badass while American feminists are shown looking all hip, hedonistic, self-indugent and, well, millennial. Priceless. Open this week’s issue of TIME and get a load of how many pages were devoted to that Women’s March […]

The parallel nation-fixing challenges of Jeb Bush and Bongbong Marcos

I don’t like the idea of finding “parallels” between United States politics and that of the Philippines’. They are miles apart. But it is hard to ignore the one thing about a recent development that Filipinos can relate with — the presidential candidacy of Jeb Bush and how he faces the formidable challenge of pitching […]

Jeepneys remain a stark symbol of the Philippines’ utter failure to prosper

Coming up with a great product — an innovative one even — is just 20 percent of the job. You also need to develop systems to produce it and market it. That system is also known as the business enterprise. An example of a failure to complete the remaining 80 percent of the job is […]

The persistent myth of economic growth

Development in understanding in recent years is making real limits on growth a lot more palpable since it is becoming quite evident that our approach to measuring economic value and the costs of acquiring said “value” (i.e. our monetary system) is woefully incomplete. Yet economic growth remains the be-all-end-all that pervades every aspect of human […]

Substance matters in an economic crisis

Equity. It is that ethereal quality of an entity — be it a person, a business, or an entire society — that spells the difference between the authentic and the pretentious, the sustainable and the fleeting, the substantial and the shallow. When you think “America” what comes to mind? Most likely it will be names […]

China ‘outsourced’ air pollution now reaching US mainland

America’s decades-long orgy of “outsourcing” its irreplaceable manufacturing might to China is now coming back to bite. Pollution dumped into the atmosphere by China’s growing carpet of factory smokestacks is now reaching the United States’ mainland according to a US National Academy of Sciences study. “We’ve outsourced our manufacturing and much of our pollution, but […]

Unclogging the Commercial Bottlenecks

Get Real Post blogger Ilda wrote an article about manufacturing as a potential economic driver for the Philippines. And as it turns out, economists tuned in to the Philippine economy has the same thing in mind. Filipino chipmakers must graduate to assembling iPads while churning out Oscar-winning animation to generate more jobs and sustain economic […]