Wrong Filipino Attitudes about Work

It’s easy to observe that some Filipinos don’t like work. Gogs wrote about why Filipinos don’t value work. Filipinos are afraid of failure before success and just want to become famous without any effort. But aside from that, I see a few other things about Filipino views toward work that may affect how they make […]

What sort of regard do Filipinos have for education anyway?

At least once in their lives, Filipino sons and daughters will receive this piece of “advice” from their parents: “Study hard so that you’ll get good grades. If you get good grades, you’ll get a good job. If you get a good job, you’ll be able to support your family…” In short, they tell you […]

How Our Laziness Contributes To The Destruction Of Our Country

Before I begin, let it be known that I am also quite a slacker. Indeed, I suppose just about everyone feels lazy every now and again. Unfortunately, as individuals, we take simple “laziness” to a whole new level. It’s one thing to slack off at work every now and again, but it’s something else entirely […]

Why potentially beneficial foreign ideas and influence have not worked in the Philippines

While writing “The hollowness and hypocrisy with which Filipinos regard foreign entities” (henceforth known as Hollowness) almost two months ago, it seems I had completely overlooked one striking manner in which they show such: When the Philippines is compared with another country in any category (response to typhoons is such an example), Filipinos are quick […]

Filipinos keep bringing up the past but keep forgetting the lessons

Apart from being incessantly butthurt about the past, as GRP webmaster benign0 has pointed out, Filipinos seem to be endlessly stuck in it. To be fair, it’s perfectly natural to recall the past. In fact, humans do it for a number of reasons. We may want to reminisce over what we once had that is […]

Filipinos’ notion of ‘simple life’ makes them look like simple-minded simpletons

I couldn’t help but notice that after “happiness”and “hope” comes yet another catchword/phrase that Filipinos like to use when making excuses for their chronic poverty and lack of development. It’s called “simple life”. How do these buzzwords fit into things? Why don’t we try using a few examples to illustrate? Happiness: “Life is so hard; […]

Filipinos need to stop whining about their pride…

Instead, they need to step up and substantiate such pride with actual accomplishments that collectively, they can be proud of. The Pinoy Pridists, as fellow GRP author ChinoF likes to call them, descended en masse upon his article “Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines”. The nature of commentary left there brought to light […]

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino desperately declares to the rest of the world that he is the best among the lot, yet the current political, economic, and social states of his country, the mannerisms of his people, and the quality of his thinking prove otherwise. What does the Filipino want? The Filipino claims that being a colony for […]