Trillanes and other Duterte critics doomed to fail due to use of false information

Members of the Philippine Opposition are getting desperate. They are down to using their last bullet, which is to paint President Rodrigo Duterte as corrupt. Their allies in mainstream media are trying their best to help drive that message. You can see it in their headlines. “Ombudsman probes Duterte family’s wealth” says one of the […]

Traditional media: the single biggest roadblock to efforts to ‘educate’ Filipino voters

What is really the crux of any effort to ‘educate’ Filipino voters? To design a solution you need to clearly define the problem. And for us to clearly define a problem, we need to understand its true nature by taking stock of the situation that surrounds it. Much of the initiatives that aim to “educate” […]

An alternative personification of the Pinoy: the spoiled brat

The symbol for the Filipino everyman is called Juan de la Cruz. In that essence, it is similar to the way Americans use John Doe to refer to people whose identity is unknown. Juan de la Cruz is also particularly used in the sense that it a very common name here in the Philippines. He […]

Philippine politics: a tiresome game of kampihan with noisy kids

I confess that I didn’t have many friends in my pre-school childhood. I’ve always been more of a homebody; preferring to stay at home and read books rather than get sweaty and dirty with the other kids in the neighbourhood. I do understand how it’s like to play kids’ games, though, having tried it every […]

Koko Pimentel’s royal tantrum versus Migs Zubiri and why Filipinos need to vote wisely in 2013

Election time is just around the corner in the Philippines again with various seats in Congress up for grabs. The stakes are high. Pressure amongst the handful of feudal clans who rule the land to keep the goods within the family is mounting as the whelps of aging lords and ladies of various manors carved […]

Hey, Koko! No Soup for You!!!

George Costanza: They forgot my bread. Jerry: [under his breath] Just forget it. Let it go. George Costanza: Um, excuse me, I – I think you forgot my bread. Soup Nazi: Bread? $2 extra. George Costanza: $2? But everyone in front of me got free bread. Soup Nazi: You want bread? George Costanza: Yes, please. […]

President Noynoy Aquino shows he does not have empathy and compassion

They say it is easy to judge a person’s character by the way he treats animals, kids, the elderly and the sick. It’s not hard to agree with that statement since animals, kids, the elderly and sick people are the more vulnerable and weaker among us. In the same manner, it is easy to judge […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Serafin Cuevas Show begins!

Now that the monumental waste of time that is the prosecution panel in the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona has rested its case, the much-awaited segment of this circus — the Serafin Cuevas Show — begins! As the honourable “Senator-Judge” Koko Pimentel observed, Filipino law students get valuable free lessons on […]