Politicizing the Judiciary: Campaigning for Chief Justice

It is quite ironic that in the newly-born desire of government figures to actively push for a more transparent, fair and apolitical selection of the next Chief Justice in light of recent events (specifically ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona’s removal from office), did the said process become more politicized than ever. While I have explained in […]

Why Leila De Lima and Kim Henares should not be considered for the job of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

So who should be the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines? Well, considering that the whole imbroglio and ensuing circus around former top judge Renato Corona started with President Benigno “BS” Aquino’s monumental tantrum over the prospect of being sworn into office by a “midnight appointee” back in 2010, it would […]

Was the Philippine Senate also a victim of Malacañang railroading?

Is it me or is there some kind of a muted national coming-to-terms in the aftermath of a six-month long impeachment trial that was “won” by the Malacañang of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III? Think of how one might suffer a temporary psychosis while engrossed in an intense video game, consumed by an adrenaline-fuelled […]

Looking beyond PNoy’s hypocrisy: the beauty of keeping your mouth shut

The momentous and much-praised (to the point of being overrated) victory of PNoy’s administration in ousting former Chief Justice Renato Corona from office was marred by the president’s blatant hypocrisy in refusing to fulfil his promise of waiving his bank secrecy rights for the sake of a new era of transparency and accountability. PNoy’s administration […]

Prosecution’s lack of teamwork is obvious in Corona’s impeachment trial

Aside from their obvious incompetence, there are reports that seem to indicate that members of the prosecution team in the trial of the impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona do not practice good teamwork. This became most evident when Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas walked out in the middle of the proceedings […]