Chief Justice Renato Corona is protected by the Cory Aquino Constitution

A critic of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona lamented over Twitter, “But Corona is using the law for his own protection.” Eureka! Corona’s critic had the answer to the dilemma dividing the sentiments of the entire nation. Indeed, if the law cannot protect the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, then the law cannot […]

Congressman Tiangco: Impeachment complaint against CJ Corona was railroaded

It’s not mere hearsay anymore. A member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Tobias Tiangco confirmed what most people have long been suspecting – that there is a culture of bullying, intimidation, and bribery in Congress. The bullying it seems even comes from the House Majority Leader Neptali “Boyet” Gonzales II himself. But the Senator […]

Why Filipinos cannot seem to get what the defense team in the impeachment trial are up to

Kiko Pangilinan and Senator-Judge Jinggoy Estrada don’t seem to get it. Neither do any of the media commentators who talked about today’s hearing in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. Echoing Pangilinan’s and Estrada’s assertion, Media pundits also expressed how they saw no point in the Defense team’s tack in raising the issue […]