Filipinos must drop their Fixation on Bloodlines

Filipino society continues to have this fixation on bloodlines. For example, we are fixated on finding out whether famous people in other countries have Filipino blood, and vice versa. When someone is abusive or bad-habited, we assume that it is in the blood and that people who are related (like children) will absolutely be the […]

Filipinos need to stop whining about their pride…

Instead, they need to step up and substantiate such pride with actual accomplishments that collectively, they can be proud of. The Pinoy Pridists, as fellow GRP author ChinoF likes to call them, descended en masse upon his article “Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines”. The nature of commentary left there brought to light […]

Life, It’s More Cheap In The Philippines. Who Cares? We Have Jessica Sanchez!

  “Even regular soldiers and police are often recruited into private armies through money or political favours. They are paid as little as US$ 58 a month to become enforcers in executions, abductions and drug-related crimes.” Asianews   This piece started off in the remnants of my brain around late December. It was going to […]

How to explain Pinoy Pride to a foreigner

Jessica Sanchez, one of the latest symbols of Pinoy Pride, came to the Philippines for the American Idol finalists’ concert last Friday, September 21. Now if you all remember who Charice (Pempengco) is, her manager Courtney Blooding came out with a rather innocent and innocuous tweet where she asked “why do the Philippines claim Jessica […]

Jessica Sanchez considered for Kim role in ‘Miss Saigon’ film

Not yet confirmed but veteran stage performer and singer Lea Salonga has given the nod to American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez as a candidate for a possible reprise of the role she first played 23 years ago. Sanchez is rumoured to be in the running for the lead character Kim in the anticipated film adaptation […]

American Idol in its Irrelevance Is Relevant To Us

“Don’t You Know That You Are A Shooting Star And All The World Will Love You Just As Long As You Are.” Bad Company “Shooting Star” . Another American Idol Season has come to an end and this one ends with gnashing of teeth by the local populace. Social networks filled with cries of racism […]

Rubbing salt into the Pinoy pride wound: Jessica Sanchez loses AI, Pinoys lose RL

I guess by now many of you have either read on the internet, or heard through the grapevine, that Phillip Phillips is the official winner of this season of American Idol (AI). This means that Jessica Sanchez, the new poster girl for Pinoy Pride, came in second. First off, let us congratulate Jessica Sanchez. Even […]

I Love Jessica Sanchez!!!

I was browsing through Facebook yesterday morning when I read several update status about the results of American Idol. It was just a spoiler, having been used to watching AI on a delayed basis via local cable. The results revealed that Philip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez survived the final cut and are going to the […]