Iza Calzado laments how Anti-Marcos fundamentalists divide the nation

Actress Izadora Calzado is under fire from the usual social media suspects following her flattering impersonation of former First Lady Imelda Marcos at a party. GMA News Online reports Calzado’s explanation of her interesting choice of costume she wore to Tim Yap’s birthday celebration to impersonate Mrs. Marcos… “Decided to channel my inner Imelda Marcos […]

Celebrity power mobilised to commemorate Philippine ‘independence’

The Filipino glitterati is set to fan out across the East Asian region to rally Filipinos around the so-called Philippine de facto “Independence” designated to have been “won” on the 12th June 1898 by presidential edict. Filipino expatriates based in Hong Kong and Singapore will be treated to a chance to see their favourite Kapuso […]