Aftermath of Iglesia Ni Cristo bomb: PNoy caught negotiating with terrorists again!

The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) circus that erupted (then fizzled out) on EDSA is a sign of things to come. Granted that it was an outcome of an internal INC agenda that could, if we are to follow the logic of the INC mob, only be resolved by inflicting damage upon a public already broken […]

Iglesia Ni Cristo reputation crushed under a mountain of lies

Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) has just issued an apology for the epic traffic that was a result of their mass action in EDSA in the last three days.  They are claiming it was never intended.  EDSA was never in their plan.  INC Spokesman Edwil Zabala said in a radio interview that prior to their move […]

The Hostility Of The Iglesia Ni Cristo: A Growing Problem

Okay, it seems that the protest has finally ended and the big rally in EDSA is disbanding. In due time, everything will go back to the way it was in the busy streets of Mendiola. Well, it probably won’t be okay (I mean, there are precious few places in the Philippines that can even be called okay after […]

Iglesia Ni Cristo proves PNoy government incompetent and helpless

A lot of people hate the religious sect Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) at the moment and rightly so. The members are displaying an arrogant show of force by holding a protest rally at EDSA. They have occupied this vital major highway in Metro Manila for several days now and no one is sure when they […]

On The INC Debacle: Get Real Philippine Democracy!

So I’ve said my piece about the INC, now it’s time to write something about the government officials who are supposed to be addressing the issue… The thing is, our politicians and media insist that our government is a modern democratic one. However, the more I look at the situation unfolding in EDSA and how […]

Get Real Iglesia Ni Cristo!

Note: This is supposed to be another of my Sunday sermons but I decided to keep this secular because it would be very hypocritical of me to call out another religion while bringing up my own religious beliefs. So no, I won’t be wearing my stole, collar, chastity belt, garter belt and stockings this Sunday. Oh […]

The trouble with the Iglesia Ni Cristo is that they trouble us

#IglesiaNiCristo (INC) has been a trending topic now for several hours since yesterday. The picture that Top Gear Philippines posted on social media says all the reasons why it is trending. Motorists and commuters are steamed by the rally INC has decided to hold in front EDSA Shrine, and at the nearby intersection of EDSA […]

Filipinos could learn from the Iglesia ni Cristo on how to conduct protest rallies

The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) has occupied a portion of EDSA since Friday night, August 28, 2015, and it looks like there is no sign of their backing down, at least not until end of Sunday, August 30, when their rally permit expires. Their presence on EDSA had added to what was already an uncomfortable […]