Dear Philippines: Hope is not a strategy

Hope springs eternal indeed as that other cliché goes. But then, we might ask: Hope in what exactly? Now that the Philippine Fiesta Elections of 2013 have come and gone, the hard questions must be asked, the vacuous campaign rhetoric ditched, and the motherhood statements junked. Perhaps the usual halfwits will continue to squabble and […]

All in all you’re just another brick in the wall, waiting on the world to change

The title applies to you, as a Pinoy, if you swallow hook, line, and sinker, everything that you are told by media, your elders, and your politicians. You submit to the matrix that is Da Pinoy condition. You submit yourself without question to the collective “bliss” of the Hive. You hope that the world will […]

The Filipino Youth: where lies hope for a better Philippines in the future

A visitor to sent a letter by email dated 31 October 2005 that, in a nutshell, best describes the whole problem with our society’s regard for the youth. Here is an excerpt: we filipinos are so hypocrete. we live on lies and half truth. when I was a kid (am now 40 [years old]) […]