Feeding the Wolves

Last July 2016, both political parties in the United States had their respective National Conventions. The Republican National Convention (RNC) was from 18-21 July, while the Democratic National Convention (DNC) was a week later, 25-28 July. The Republican nominee for President is Donald Trump, while for the Democrats it is Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is […]

Are The Youth Still The Hope Of The Philippines?

I remember that the great Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ greatest hero according to our history books, said something about the youth being the hope of our country. Indeed, we are not the only culture to view the next generation as such. Unfortunately, in this day and age, I can no longer agree with this sentiment […]

3 Changes In The Government That Could Improve The Philippines

I was once asked if I am really so cynical as to believe the situation in the Philippines is hopeless. Well, to be honest, no. The Philippines is not hopeless. There is a way for it to be saved only if we, the people, the government and the various organizations in the country work together for the common […]

3 Big Reasons Why I Think Filipinos are Doomed

The Philippines is not exactly in the best of situations at the moment. In fact, it’s safe to say that the country is now in its most precarious state since the Second World War. Worse yet, it seems that everything that’s happened so far is all the result of the Pinoy’s own doing and mindset. […]

Virtues And The Filipino Mindset And Why They Don’t Mix Well

Many Filipinos often pride themselves with the idea that the values of old in the Philippines continue to endure. Some people even openly scoff at Western countries, saying that their “liberated” ways has somehow ruined them. But then again, if these people are as decadent as some Filipinos say they are then why is it […]

Filipinos need to end their love affair with mediocrity and ‘pwede na yan’ mentality

My views are not very popular with Filipinos. I guess it’s partly my fault because I like posting topics that some might consider taboo and boring. But it’s not like I discuss religion or make fun of other people’s religious beliefs. Granted, I like talking about Philippine politics and society in general but I really […]

Hope is best served with a million dollars

Like the word “happiness”, another word Filipinos — specially their politicians — like bandying around is “hope”. As long as there is hope, the saying goes, there is life. What the quality of that life will be, however, is an altogether different discussion. The idea that Hope conquers all is as old as the mythology […]

Repeat after me: I am the Philippines and I am home to a dysfunctional society

I realised the whole problem with the prevailing discourse within the social media space I inhabit: there is too much discussion about politics and not enough about the underlying issue with Philippine society that I have long highlighted is the real deal here — Filipino culture. Fact is, the Philippines is beset by a really […]