Why comparing pork barrel scams and natural disasters during Arroyo’s and Aquino’s terms is ultimately pointless

Sometimes, you’ll see things on your timelines (FB and Twitter) that you don’t expect to. Apparently, a few people think that it is a worthwhile exercise to compare former president Gloria Arroyo and current President Benigno Simeon Aquino III (BS Aquino), in terms of pork barrel and natural calamities faced. But then again, should we […]

Horrendous Manila traffic a normal thing for a people long accustomed to a hellish life

On my comfy half-hour train ride going home from work, I sat amused while observing a steady line of tweets and Facebook updates streaming down my mobile phone — the poignant helpless anguished cries coming from poor souls lost in the wilderness Manila’s steaming traffic jungle. And here I was just 15 minutes ago fuming […]

The Chris Lao flood incident: what the MMDA could have done

Poor Christopher “Chris” Lao. He is not your average guy. He seems like the type of person who would not hesitate to just do things. Whether it is driving through a flooded street or speaking his mind in front of millions of people in front of a TV camera, he apparently would not think twice. […]

Empathising with flood ‘victim’ Christopher Lao

The latest “victim” of the most recent media (both old and new) circus is a guy named Christopher “Cris” Lao. The poor sod apparently drove his car past motorists who had prudently stopped at both ends of a recessed and flooded section of a Manila road and ended up with a car submerged and, perhaps […]