#LeniLeaks: The Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) is the new CIA!

Conspiracy theories of yore singled out the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the key culprit in foreign-led covert operations that sought to shepherd Philippine politics towards certain agendas. A Newsweek report cites observations that the United States has long ago “gone beyond interfering with elections” in countries around the world and has “overthrown […]

What Filipinos need to be told about life away from the Philippines

There’s nothing more pathetic than a voluntary immigrant constantly pining about her emotional attachment to her homeland. Yeah, I’m talking about you Shakira Sison and the emotional diarrhoea that is your Rappler article, What they don’t tell you when you leave the Philippines. If you are going to spend an entire lifetime suffering from acute […]

Do Filipino immigrants really contribute to the greatness of the United States and other countries?

Many Filipino-Americans claim that they are part of the great immigrant movement that contributed mightily to building the great nation that the United States is today. The claim is based on the notion that America is “a country of immigrants” — that its motto was once a call to the world to… Give me your […]

Will Pope Francis’s prayers make a difference to Typhoon Haiyan’s victims in the Philippines?

There is a world of difference between (1) making a quick visit to the Philippines, and beholding all the usual stock-standard confronting sights of impoverished Filipinos “bravely” scraping together a living and (2) growing up in the Philippines, and experiencing that poverty (either as a part of it or as an observer) everyday for many […]

Filipinos butthurt over training video depicting yakkety Pinoy nurses!

Is it me, or are Filipino nurses’ egos among the most unhealthy in the world? The recent incidence of Filipino butthurt involves nurses again! This time it is about an “offensive scene” in “It’s a Dog’s World”, a training video that “showed two Filipino nurses gossiping in Filipino in front of an American patient.” Wow, […]