We must learn from Greece and stop relying on the government to save us

A friend of mine who just came back from a three-week holiday in Greece confirmed what we have been reading in the news about how a lot of the banks in the country have closed and there was a long queue for people who wanted to get cash from the few automated teller machines that […]

The Greek financial crisis is really a simple issue

The financial crisis gripping Greece is really not that complicated. Greece opted to join the Eurozone and replace its local currency, the drachma, with the euro in 2001. Its government then started tapping the Eurozone financial market taking out euro-denominated loans as part of its normal course of doing business. However, underneath all that, Greece’s […]

Are Western Europeans fed up with Muslim immigration? #JeSuisCharlie

Is Europe now suffering from years of misguided (albeit, possibly in hindsight) immigration policy? It seems the notion is catching fire across the Continent. The outrage being exhibited by crowds that have gathered across European cities to express solidarity with the 12 people killed in a brutal Islamist attack on the office of French satire […]

The Canadians finally got it right: Manila IS a dump!

Literally! No really. As of this writing there are reportedly 50 container vans containing toxic waste imported from Canada sitting on a yard at the Manila International Container Terminal. Somebody in Canada must have finally worked it out in their head. Manila is the place to dump stuff. Metro Manilans have been doing it for […]

Filipinos should address the Philippines’ negative image by fixing its problems

Are Filipinos more concerned about projecting a positive image to the international community rather than finding a solution to the negative images that keep finding their way into the hands of international news media organizations? It would seem so. This was evident when a lot of Filipinos felt outraged and demanded an apology from a […]

Europe deserves $1 billion more than Filipinos do

So now much of Europe and (maybe soon) the United States are now in the bizarre position of being potential candidates for intervention by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF for its part is ready to do just that and marshall its stash of (or, perhaps more appropriately, ready access to) dollar reserves to […]