Jejomar Binay: Unworthy to be President

Jejomar Binay has criticized P-Noy for being dictatorial like Ferdinand Marcos in the context of the impeachment of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Renato Corona, whose appointment at the eleventh hour of then outgoing administration was highly questionable, by the former President, GMA, whose mandate was just as spurious (“Hello Garci”). The […]

Is The Philippines A Democratic Nation?

After Vincent here asked about whether or not the Philippines is a Catholic country, here’s another question I’d like to ask our supposedly “democratic” nation: Are we really a democracy? Well, we like to claim that we are. Given that we take a lot of cues from Big Brother America, we try our best to espouse the […]

Jejomar Binay’s move to criticize Noynoy Aquino is part of democratic process

Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay is a free man, at least for now. Lately, Binay has been using that freedom to advance his causes. After all, he lives in a so-called “democratic” country that supposedly champions “freedom of speech”. Those who think that Binay should stop criticizing the performance of the current government under President […]

Dynasty Warriors: America vs. Philippines

Disclaimer: Another parody article to brighten your day, readers. However, if any of you feel insulted by this satire, you can blame me, not GRP. This is essentially a response to this article here by Benign0.  After the success of Warriors Orochi which featured the characters of Dynasty Warriors (which is more or less a video game adaptation of China’s Romance […]

Ferdinand Alexander ‘Sandro’ Marcos – A star is born!

Articulate and charming. Those two words alone describe how Ferdinand Alexander ‘Sandro’ Marcos came across to his audience at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines yesterday while delivering a speech on the Bangsamoro Basic Law on behalf of his father Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. Senator Marcos was downed by food poisoning during a Father’s […]

Why Filipinos deserve to be ruled by dynasties

A lot of Filipinos enjoy the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. But the strangest thing: They fail to understand why political dynasties exist in their own country. The fact that people can relate to the characters, stories, and conflicts in GoT is because the plot appeals to the deepest recesses of human nature and […]

Is Bongbong Marcos Key to the Philippines’ Salvation?

Senator Bongbong Marcos has certainly done quite a bit in the previous few months. He has certainly stepped up to oppose the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which, in its current state at least, would doom the Philippines by subjecting a good number of its constituents under the rule of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front terrorist […]

Misrepresented Filipino character: A Look at Historical Figures

A lot of people reacted quite negatively to Fallen Angel’s latest article as well as Marcial Bonifacio’s first article. Their critics claim that they have written things that are overwhelmingly negative and are putting the spirits of Filipinos down. People who only briefly looked through the articles without ever understanding the spirit of them have […]