Beauty Contests and Form over Substance

The recent Miss Universe beauty pageant and other events about “beautiful people” have again brought up the Filipino malady of valuing form over substance. Many of us people born without the looks are being made to cheer for people who were lucky to be born with good looks, similar to how the peasants and peons […]

Was 2016 really a Horrible Year, or are we just overreacting?

Some people are saying 2016 was a horrible year. In the Philippines, they base this on Rodrigo Duterte being elected and the remains (or so it seems) of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. On the world scene, Donald Trump was elected U.S. president, a mass shooting happened at a nightclub, […]

The Outrage Fad on Donald Trump Jr. and the Tubbataha Incident

One thing I and fellow GRP bloggers observed earlier about activists like tour guide Carlos Celdran is that they seem to thrive on Outrage Fads. For example, when someone made a map of the Philippines supposedly being an empire over Asia, Celdran readily endorsed it. It was after all part of the outrage fad against […]