Pinoy Propensity for Co-opting Pervades The Presidency

“In your world I have no meaning though I’m trying hard to understand.“- Missing You, John Waite. When I write I find myself often defining words straight from the dictionary. Unconsciously it has become my defense against people collectively assigning the wrong meanings to some words. Trying to get a point across is hard enough […]

Pinoys’ Poor Money Habits

I often say in my articles that Filipinos refuse to mend their ways. That includes not only their habits with Pinoy Pride, but also their habits with money. We attribute poverty in the country to many things. But for me, one of the obvious things that people tend to gloss over is that Filipinos tend […]

The Folly of Brown Pride

It already irks me to keep hearing Filipinos complain about other Filipinos using skin whitening products or liking foreign shows and products, saying it’s a sign that Filipinos are ashamed of themselves. I disagree with that view. I think loving white skin has nothing to do with shame. It’s just common sense. When something is […]

I Don’t Like President Aquino

I’ve seen more than enough. I’m passing my judgment. I don’t like President Aquino. But that is actually secondary to the point I want to make here, so bear with me as I attempt to find a straightforward way to explain it. For an outsider like me, comparisons between the country of my birth and […]