Three common misconceptions about popularity that Filipinos have

Filipinos like participating in numbers games. We’re not just talking about gambling, basketball, etc. The democracy that Filipinos are proud of, and like to participate in, is essentially a numbers game. Whoever has the most numbers wins. Numbers have become almost sort of a credential here in the Philippines. Of course, there is something reassuring […]

Before Mocha Uson, there was Kris Aquino. Oh, and Jim Paredes

The way all these crybabies are now blubbering about the rise of Mocha Uson to the top of the Philippines’ thought leadership hierarchy, you’d think celebrity endorsers had never existed before. Truth is, using glitz, glamour, and shock as a means to influence public sentiment is as old as prostitution itself. The Philippines’ now-ended 30-year […]

Why morality, decency, and civility have been discredited in Philippine society

To be ‘moral’. To be ‘decent’. To be ‘civil’. These are noble aspirations. Unfortunately for Filipinos, these three words were hijacked by Philippine politics’ Yellow Camp — people who are staunchly loyal (no, beholden) to the Liberal Party and its chief cast of characters, the Aquinos. Perhaps this is the reason that the a majority […]

Philippine Elections 2016: do Filipinos have to get burned again?

While keeping abreast of the developments leading up to the 2016 Philippine national elections, one particular conversation from the past with a relative came to mind: RELATIVE: Let’s go to the venue using our normal route. ME: But, there will be a lot of traffic there. Why don’t we try instead an alternate route? RELATIVE: […]

Breaking the Culture of Slavery: The First Step in Saving the Philippines

I was once asked about what films have I seen that have had a definite impact or influence in my life. Without fail, I answered Stargate. No, not the series or several series that came after it, but the moderately successful film that set it off. The one that featured James Spader and Kurt Russell (the […]

Risk management is erring on the side of preparation rather than on the side of celebration

Is information that we get from politicians, celebrities, and business people reliable? Think about it. These are people who’s job it is to tell people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. Politicians want potential voters to think that they have a bright future that they will, presumably, be led […]

3 Steps Towards Progress That Most Pinoys Find Too Difficult To Implement

The Philippines is a country with great potential, I will not deny that. However, I will go on to note that time and time again we fail to make anything out of these potentials and continue to flounder about as a failed nation. No matter how skilled our athletes, regardless of how beautiful our beauty queens […]

Cultural Renaissance: The Cost of National Salvation

Many of our detractors often call out GRP for being “negative” and for not offering any suggestions that could help the country. If so, this is mostly because many of us writers are actually hoping that you, our readers, can figure it out for yourselves. Unfortunately, this is most certainly not the case for many […]