Publice Service Announcement: 3 Safety Tips For This Summer

It’s the last week of April and we’re only halfway through the summer. Indeed, according to statistics, this year’s summer is one of the hottest on record and our problems with searing heat and dusty drought are far from over. However, there are ways you can minimize the more negative impacts of the summer. After all, […]

Why is supporting the coal industry immoral?

“The ethical role of corporations is environmental protection. Therefore, the fossil fuel industry is immoral, and so are the government leaders who continue to support it.” The effects of climate change are comprehensive. They encompass issues on environment, public health, food security, and even national safety. And by going a little bit further, we can […]

Why the Kidapawan massacre is a climate issue

The Kidapawan massacre and the Syrian refugee crisis demonstrate an interesting parallel. According to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, a torrent of climate refugees will be a new challenge if world leaders fail to forge an ambitious, robust, and binding global climate deal in Paris held in December 2015. He emphasized that climate change is […]

Karma may be a bitch but it is not an itch

The trouble with the concept of karma is that it is a notion based on the assumption that nature owes humanity something. When we put faith in the notion that karma will catch up with someone who has wronged us, we hinge that faith on the belief that “justice” is some kind of natural order […]

Public Service Announcement For This Storm Season

Hello again everyone, this is a public service announcement from your favorite socio-politico-cultural commentary website. We don’t normally do this, at least as far as I know, but since it’s quite obvious that we’re in for plenty of rain and other weather anomalies this rainy season, I think that you need to read some of […]

It’s more hot in the #Philippines!

Literally. And this heat is attracting a lot of political heat as well. It is one of the biggest ‘concerns’ aired by the recent set of high-profile senatorial jailbirds about their new accomodations in Camp Crame. A lack of airconditioning to alleviate the oppressive heat there is finally getting a bit of air time (pardon […]

If only Manila had a cold climate all year round, Pinoys wouldn’t be so lazy!

Sarap the weather in Manila nowadays! I always appreciate how cold weather works wonders for the psyche — it makes you feel more energetic, gives you a more pleasant disposition, and you not only feel more productive, you actually are more productive. If only the Philippines had a climate like this all year round. Siguro […]

Could more have been done to save the victims of Yolanda?

Over at Vietnam where Haiyan (a.k.a. Yolanda) is now headed, “more than 600,000 people” have reportedly been evacuated. This raises the question over whether enough had actually been done by local authorities in areas along Yolanda’s path to prepare for the worst. The extent of the devastation in Tacloban City has gone beyond people’s worst […]