How the SJW Way becomes Extortion

Let’s discuss one basic reason why Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are hated. Let’s say an SJW wants some poor people to receive aid. Problem is, they don’t have money of their own… or don’t want to give it. They don’t want to do a collection drive or set up their own foundation either. They’ll look […]

What Problem with Filipino Identity?

Some people say the problems of the Philippines are due to its people having no sense of identity. If we settle on an identity we can all agree upon, it can lead to a sense of love of country that may lead to good effects, perhaps reduction of corruption due to patriotism. Not a bad […]

Concrete Evidence of Filipino Unbridled Urban Development

Filipinos are madly in love – as in hard core. In this chapter of our analysis of Filipino dysfunction, let’s touch on the Filipino’s love affair with concrete. If there’s one thing OFWs will pour their hard-earned money into – it’s gonna be cement, truckloads of it!  Why not? Well, development from the Filipino perspective […]

Boracay joins Baguio City on the road to concrete junglehood!

A certain Frank Hoefsmit, a Belgian from Antwerp residing in Manila, Philippine (according to his Facebook profile information) posted an aerial photo of Boracay Island on Facebook the other day showing the extent to which Boracay has been “developed” to attract even more tourists. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 […]

A Brief Lesson on Online Hysterics

I’ll get to the point: never assume that every issue posted on mainstream social media is true. Over the weekend, Baguio’s Facebook community went on alert when a picture of two documents was posted online by a certain popular provocateur. The photograph shows a letter of request to the Baguio government to allow a certain […]

The Rise of Syndicated Environmental Advocacies

Nope, this won’t be another 2,000 word entry just about Saving Manila Bay or Saving Baguio Pine Trees, I think people have had enough of that for now. It’s a Saturday morning in the Philippines.  The sky is bright baby blue, the air is cool, birds are chirping in the yard, one of my house […]

Self Righteous, Pseudo Cause Oriented Groups Do More Damage Than ‘Greedy Corporations’

Early in the morning, I got involved in a bit of a heated exchange with an anonymous blogger called PJ — a supporter of Project Save 182. You see, I have a thing against deceptive and dishonest people on the internet.  I hate people who put up a scheme to dupe thousands of people into […]