The bullshit idea that ‘the next Steve Jobs’ will be emerging from a bunch of Syrian refugees

Will ‘the next Steve Jobs’ carry the DNA of a Syrian refugee? Maybe he will. Then again, maybe he won’t. Tossing a coin won’t really settle that question — because the outcome of a toin coss is a 50-50 proposition. The reality is that “the next Steve Jobs” descending from the DNA of a bunch […]

Could hiring practice biased towards women and minorities doom Silicon Valley?

According to a Huffington Post report there is “a diversity problem vexing the entire technology industry” because there are not enough women, black, and Hispanic people employed by Silicon Valley technology companies. Search giant Google, for its part, is seemingly under pressure to hire more people from those groups. It has mounted “a concerted effort […]

Should Clash of Clans be banned in the Philippines?

I’ve been hearing about this petition to ban the popular game Clash of Clans in the Philippines. The petition seems to have been instigated by a troop of parents long frustrated by how it has hijacked the lives of their kids. The thinking there, as I understand, is that if addictive narcotics are banned, then […]

#Bendgate debunked: Force to ‘break 3 pencils’ will not bend iPhone 6 Plus

Week 2 into the Apple iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” controversy and a couple of independent parties have now weighed in on the issue of whether or not Apple’s new phablet is prone to bending under normal use. “Normal” use here is defined as something like stowing a big phone in the pocket of your tight […]

Apple breaks silence on iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate

Following the brouhaha over “bending” iPhone 6 Plus phablets rippling across social media, Apple Inc has finally spoken up. The Wall Street Journal reports Apple’s claim that “only nine customers have contacted the company about a bent iPhone 6 Plus.” The following is the full statement issued by Apple on “bendgate” published by The Huffington […]

Celeb couple ‘Jamich’ in hot water over ‘ipon para sa iPhone 6’ plug

Yikes! Celebrity couple Jamvhille ‘Jam’ Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle ‘Mich’ Liggayu a.k.a. “Jamich” are in hot water with some of their fans over an update they posted on their hugely popular Facebook page… Excited na ako mga pareee!! iPhone 6 plus! Tagal ko na hinhintay na maglabas ang Apple ng malaking screen ng iPhone. Ayaw […]

iPhone 6 and iWatch debut: Apple back to its Jobs-less style of thinking

Apple product announcements used to command a wide-eyed audience across the spectrum of tech savviness. But from my own personal take on what just happened yesterday and some of the stuff people wrote following the hoo-ha around the debut of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, it seems to me Apple has just turned […]

Thinking twice about the iPhone 6

There is something about the launch of the iPhone 6 that makes it different from all the other iPhone launches that preceded it. Its key selling point — its bigger screen — seems to have been a direct response to competitor Samsung’s leadership in that area. I’m not a close follower of Apple’s movements, but […]