Filipinos, get 100% behind your Army and prepare to CRUSH the terrorist New People’s Army!

Now that the Philippine government will be in an “all-out” war against the New People’s Army (NPA), the terrorist arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines, it is worth exploring some lessones learnt from the recent war that liberated Marawi City from similar terrorist elements.

To be sure, a war against the NPA will be vastly different from the Marawi City War which was confined to a relatively small area and involved a very distinct and visible enemy. The NPA are far more treacherous and insidious, are spread across the Philippine archipelago, and have long infiltrated and embedded themselves in the lives of many rural communities in the hinterlands. Not only that, they have entrenched themselves in the “activist” communities of most Philippine universities and exert almost full editorial control over school publications and other conventional mass media operated by these institutions. So such a war will go beyond high-profile combat operations and will require stepped-up intelligence operations requiring close coordination and intelligence-sharing across both military and law enforcement agencies.

There are enough experts in the field that are adept at identifying the options and scenarios that may unfold in the coming months of such a war against such an enemy as well as comment on, and analyse these. As more odrinary observers, the aspect of war that touches the majority of Filipinos is what they see on TV and their social media feeds. This is where the Marawi War seems to have differentiated itself. One significant thing the Marawi War has proven is that Filipinos take great pride in seeing their boys in action. War is, indeed, a great unifying endeavour, and this truism was quite evident in the way this pride in our fighting men and women transcended partisan lines at the height of the campaign to rid Marawi from its terrorist infestation. Except for a handful of rabid bleeding-heart liberals and “human rights” extremists, Filipinos were united behind their armed forces and the police units that contributed to the success of the Marawi campaign.

If, indeed, there was a well-oiled PR machine behind the excellent way the Marawi War was pitched to the Philippine public via the media, we should tip our hats to those who coordinated and vetted delivery of vivid images and compelling stories of our boys in living colour to a Filipino public long-starved for a military win. This is not, of course, to even suggest that the military and police required such excellent PR support to begin with. The army and their police support personnel, were all properly-uniformed and armed, consistently helmeted, and looked superbly-professional and in good form. Female soldiers in significant numbers attested to the professionalism of the AFP as they demonstrate a level of discipline in the ranks that is suitable for the culture of diversity that makes the armed services appealing to female career fighters.

Indeed, the Marawi War was not just a military win, it was also a public relations win. When the public at large stands behind its military, its military fights well. And when its military fights well, a society’s citizens stand firmly behind it. The Filipino public, the police and the AFP need to beat the enemy together.

In the coming war agains the NPA, Filipinos need to stand by their country’s fighters. There should be no divided opinion around the reality that the NPA are The Enemy and are terrorists. In a war, soldiers kill the enemy. This is the only way a war is won — by crushing the fighting ability of The Enemy which, at its simplest, means killing enemy fighters so that they can no longer shoot at Filipinos. Filipinos should not be distracted from the goal at hand which is to crush the New People’s Army. Permanently.


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The NPA and their ilk are a completely predictable product of Filipino “I want something for nothing” mentality and chronic bad government. “Revolutionaries” will not go away as long as the government continues to treat the country and its people as a (more-or-less empty) ATM and Filipinos continue to accept theft and begging as valid career choices.

Another round of extremely expensive violence isn’t going to fix what’s wrong inside Filipino heads.

Dick S. O\'Rosary

I stand with the troops on this one. I hope they fight well, and get all the equipment and intelligence they need. These commies have been a thorn for so long, be rid of them already.

Dream on. The NPA have outlasted Marcos, Cory, Ramos, Erap, Gloria and Pnoy. It will surely outlast Duterte. You ask why? Because of the fact that the AFP personels fight for money or their salaries while the NPA are fighting for their beliefs or principles. Take out the salary of soldiers and see if they are still wiling to die for their country. Until the root cause of poverty and injustice in this country is addressed, there will never be a lasting peace except for the peace that Duterte wants since he likes killing people, which is the peace of… Read more »
The New Peoples’ Army was a creation of the late, Ninoy Aquino, Jr. The Aquino Cojuangco family, with their Hacienda Luisita, supported the NPA, in their early days. Bernabe Buscayno, alias Kumander Dante, is from Tarlac. The ideology of the Communist Party of the Philippines, is the same ideology, as the late , Mao Tse Tung in China. You cannot defeat an ideology, by killing its soldiers. An ideology can only be defeated by a better ideology. The communist ideology is already an obsolete ideology. It has been tested in: China, Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, etc…It did not work.… Read more »
IP Daily
Let’s see if those soyboy cucks on Twitter and their conyo campuses would throw their strength behind the NPA. Why? So they can get rid of Duterte’s ugly mug and get back to the glorious pre-2016 days, of course. You can bet your pwet they won’t help the stinking poor fighting in some forgotten mountain. They won’t be ditching bitching on their phones for handling an M16. Deep inside the conyo, drunk, dissolute twat who spouts EJK 24/7 on Twitter is an elitist deeply disturbed by the prospect of uppity, brown, poor people (especially OFWs) forming political opinions. So you… Read more »
this blog used to be readable, but THIS IS GARBAGE of the most idiotic sort ! pickng it apart: HOW can it be shown, much less proven, that the NPA has “ENTRENCHED THEMSELVES” in the editorial offices of the countries Universities ? It is then insinuated that ‘bleeding heart’ ‘human rights extremists’ are somehow NOT behind the AFP, WHAT? So is it to be construed that citizens staunchly in favor of HUMAN RIGHTS are somehow equated with Radical Terrorist groups of outlawed armies? WHAT? its GREAT to hear that the country should be united against an enemy, even if that… Read more »

Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory is won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.

Look, for 45 years various administration has tried to defeat the New Peoples army to no avail, the military was even strongest and most violent during the Marcos regime and yet the communist expanded and became stronger during Martial Law. Have we learned our lessons yet? Now Duterte want’s to turn the entire country into a killing field by declaring them terrorists. Attack the root cause of the problem, which is poverty and injustice, and you will deny the NPA their mass base and support. There was a peace process which the pseudo “leftist and socialist” Duterete initiated earlier in… Read more »