Being a Pot-Tard won’t Save the Philippines

It seems a lot of pot-tards were stirred up by fellow blogger Ilda’s article about Cecilia Lero and Rappler’s seeming promotion of illegal drugs. The pot-tards came in with all these arguments about pot benefits, studies of this and that, how other countries treat it, and more. All of which miss the point; pot is still illegal here in the Philippines. Obviously they want it to be legal, but they seem to join Lero and Rappler in encouraging another thing: if you feel it’s good to break the law, then break the law.

One other argument I’ve heard, and I’m sure the pot-tards are parroting it, is that being a pothead may “save the Philippines.” It’s based on that argument that, all you need is just keep people happy with narcotics and they won’t do anything wrong. So legalize drugs, keep people happy, and they’ll not go around doing anything bad. If drugs are legal, then no one will go around shooting anyone, right? It’ll lead to world peace!

Nah. It seems they willingly ignore that many illegal drugs are declared so because they damage the brain. And people who have had large doses of meth, cocaine and heroin simply go crazy and kill people. That’s well-documented. Unless the pot-tards dismiss such documentation facts as Illuminati or New World Order propaganda. Well, that’s stubbornness right there. But let’s say pot-tards agree, okay, let’s keep meth and other such drugs illegal then. But, what about pot? It’s completely harmless, OK?

Nah. You won’t save the Philippines by being a pothead because you’re too busy lazing around in your trip. And marijuana being “completely harmless?” A myth.

I find it silly that a group of people would consider a self-pleasuring activity involving consumption of a stimulative chemical “enlightening” or “bringing world peace.” It’s like, if I were masturbating in my bedroom, I had already saved the world (hmm, maybe that’s how SJWs start). It ignores the history of the Opium Wars, where people were also pleasuring themselves, but in order to get that pleasuring substance, a war was fought. It’s also the same as saying, “let’s make love, not war,” where it is assumed that people will stop thinking of war if all they do is sex. But sex doesn’t prevent wars, because people can fight wars over it (When men fight over a woman, for example; perhaps Helen of Troy was an analogy of that). People will still fight and kill even when drugged.

It seems the pot-tards (separating them from pot-heads who advocate pot or even just medical marijuana without needing to resort to tardism) are so absorbed in their source of pleasure that they treat it as a religion and fight tooth or nail to defend it. They would do the SJW thing, arguing on the Internet and attacking anyone who doesn’t support their “cause.”

Some of them may say “food is a drug,” so pot should be accepted like food. I don’t believe that crap, because food gives nutrients and sustenance more than pleasure (or fullness-inducing) chemicals. Food is not for feeling only, it’s for energy. There are also those myths, such as pot supposedly curing cancer. So much pseudoscience is being used just to promote pot-smoking.

I see this too: marijuana seems to be the new “torches of freedom,” similar to the marketing campaign created by advertising genius Edward Bernays. Bernays in the 1920s was tasked to make it fashionable for women to smoke cigarettes. He did it by tagging cigarettes as “torches of freedom,” that if they smoke, women are liberated and free. Well, liberated and free, but with a bad cough, emphysema and lung cancer maybe. So today, rabid potheads follow the same track, believing they are fighting for “freedom,” but are just brainwashed by this remnant of Bernays.

The fallacy is that, if you can’t do pot, you’re not really free. Nope. What I say is, if you can’t be free from pot, when you can’t do without the feeling it gives, you’re a slave to it, a slave to your sensations and to dopamine in your brain. Getting high is an escape, not a freedom or solution.

Snap out of it. Get off your butt, show the world you’re useful and be a good example. If you’re not useful, then you’re just wasting everyone’s time. And I’ll repeat the comment I made: if you want marijuana made legal in the Philippines, pressure a congressman. But if it’s still illegal, deal with it. No amount of arguing in comment sections will change policy. Or if you’re really stubborn, best be quiet about it and remember, the culture of the country doesn’t look favorably on drug use. Discretion is the better part of valor here.


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I stick with this blog because I believe, as my cohorts do, that many things Filipino embrace as part of their culture keep their society backward. And blogging freely to show that in a truly decent society, with true freedom of speech, even nobodies have a voice.

Post Author: ChinoF

I stick with this blog because I believe, as my cohorts do, that many things Filipino embrace as part of their culture keep their society backward. And blogging freely to show that in a truly decent society, with true freedom of speech, even nobodies have a voice.

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Robert Haighton
The author here thinks that the only way to change a law is by writing a letter to a senator. Well, if we do that then the Philippines will change its laws by the year 2200. So that wont help one bit. The author is really a person who can only think in terms of follow guidelines and the author never thinks in terms of how to establish things by thinking outside the box. Yes, my dear, that needs talents. This is not about being a pot-tard (again very creative word. How long did it take you to come up… Read more »
If the collective is favor of a current laws, then it will never be changed. A significant number is needed so that a considerable delegate in the legislative department is made that can act and change the current law. Civil disobedience will not change a law. However, just because its illegal does not immediately follow that we “deal with it”. And no, when a government can dictate what you can and cannot put in your body, you are not really in a free and democratic society. People can be addicted to a lot of things, such as video games, liquor,… Read more »
Kuroto Dan

Such a wonderful article. Thanks for reminding me on the ‘SJW’ thing, where they’re nothing but a bunch of whiny pansies.

Great nod to the Opium Wars, which greatly affected China due to trade disputes, with opium being the center of it.

Robert Haighton
ChinoF, it probably feels like I am attacking you personally. Sometimes, I get the notion that you dont want the Philippines to advance and that you restrict yourself (and the GRP audience by the way you are writing your articles) by being too much a law-abiding citizen and to do everything by the book. What is wrong with being a law-abiding citizen? Nothing. But mostly those people are in favour of status quo. Doing everything by the book may change things but only very slowly and probably only decades or centuries later. I dont see the PH government (be it… Read more »

drug addicts will be killed, including mj users

When the British, planned to invade and colonize China. They let the farmers in Afghanistan grow Opium. Sold the Opium to China , in large quantities. The Chinese were hooked, in Opium smoking, and Heroin. China fell easily to the British, and other world power. Marijuana and other mind altering illegal drugs, like : Shabu, Opium, Heroine, Ecstasy , etc…affect the brain of the user. The addicted user does not think anything, but the next fix of his addiction. As I had stated, in the inner cities in America, where illegal drugs, including marijuana are widely used. There are a… Read more »

Those who possess wisdom cannot just ladle it out to every wantwit and jackanapes who comes along and asks for it. A person must be prepared to receive wisdom, or else it will do him more harm than good. Moreover, a lout thrashing about in the clear waters of wisdom will dirty those waters for everyone else.