How one becomes a Yellowtard

A person becomes a Yellowtard not because he is better or smarter than all the rest but because he prefers to allow popular but obsolete clique sentiment to hijack his better thinking faculties.

Indeed, it seems too much of the “right” kind of education could be the culprit behind the scourge of Yellowtard disease. What is emerging is an increasingly-evident profile of the sort of person who easily succumbs to Yellowtardism. Such people tend to be enamoured to the stratospheric social status bestowed upon them by their expensive private Catholic school education and come to believe in their entitlement to a special place in their society’s intellectual food chain. The idea that they are destined to be the nation’s intellectual leaders is burned into the wiring of their brains from childhood.

Unfortunately, hardwiring such attitudes in the minds of an entire generation of silver spoon-fed kiddies had proven to result in a perverse form of “thought leadership” — one where “coming down from the hill” to make baka with the masses has become the Philippines’ equivalent of that “white man’s burden” mentality that fuelled centuries of genocidal European colonial expansion in which entire indigenous civilisations were “rescued” from their paganhood by the sword. People who believe they are on a mission from God and that God had “blessed” them with an expensive Jesuit education are convinced that they hold monopoly over a license to teach “morality” and “decency” to all Filipinos.

We need to be careful of such people. They are no different to medieval lords who ruled over the peasantry on the basis of what they regarded to be a birthright.

Who are the gods of these Yellowtards? Contrary to popular belief, the Catholic god is not their Number One god. Their Number One god is “democracy”. Just like the way zealots turn quaint philosophies into virulent religions, Yellowtards have turned a quaint governance ideal into a cult conceptual monstrosity. Democracy works when its adherents apply intelligence and critical thought to their participation in its institutional exercises. Yellowtards, however, are anything but advocates of critical thought. Rather, they would prefer that Filipinos bow to prayerful “martyred” heroes — the saintly victims of “evil” political constructs called “dictators”.

In the case of today’s Yellowtards, the old Martial Law Crybaby act in which the alleged “evils” of the regime of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos are put up to constantly “remind” Filipinos of how “fragile” their “democracy” is and that such a regime should Never Again happen, has long since been worn to sad tatters by the incompetence of their own leaders. But Yellowtardism — like most religions — requires a Satan figure to remain relevant to the “god-fearing” peasantry. This is why Yellowtards fancy themselves as the leaders of a new opposition to crush the government of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. For them, Duterte is that much-needed Satan figure around which they could rebuild their currently-diminished yellow demagoguery.

To make good on their new Mission from God, the Yellowtards’ “thought leaders” are spinning a new mythology — one of “extrajudicial killings”, a so-called drug war that “targets the poor”, and a new number associated with The Beast — 8000; representing the “body toll” that no less than the President of the Philippines is, they insist, directly responsible for. What form of logic was applied to establish that the President was the actual killer of these 8,000 stiffs remains a mystery — sort of like how three gods are at the same time one God is chalked up as a mystery Catholics are simply required to believe.

Catholic education. Ain’t it classy. It’s the pre-eminent incubator of the cancerous hipster mentality that has perverted Philippine political discourse beyond all repair.


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