Do immigrants steal jobs from their host country’s natives?

The common-sense wisdom is that they do, because they work cheap. Take Silicon Valley. They lead the pack whining about a lack of “programming talent”. Their solution to that “challenge” is to (1) open America’s doors to immigrant “talent” and (2) convince girls that coding is a cool activity to engage in. The hope is that the pool of “talent” expands through an influx of foreigners and the skilling up of the other half of the domestic pool that remains untapped. The reality check here is that there is enough programming talent in America. Silicon Valley just does not want to pay a premium for American programming talent. Indeed, why do that when employing immigrants who will work for less pay and who were skilled up on the dime of foreign governments and foreign universities makes more business sense?

As such, lobbying for more immigrants is well worth the money spent on lobbying consultants and the “think tanks” that craft ideologies to convince Americans that throwing border gates open is the “right” thing to do. The ensuing PR campaign went on to be so successful that the idea that “foreign talent” is essential to the survival of the US economy and that girls can be prodded against their grain to embrace programming as a priority career choice has become gospel truth to American liberals.

Perhaps it is time all those dogmatic pillars of dubious validity that prop up “liberalism” should be called out for what they are — ideas crafted by businesses to serve their singular goals of increasing their bottom lines. Take the whole push for women to get out of their households and “have a career”. It’s been long known by marketing experts that women account for a significant (if not the biggest proportion of) purchasing decisions in the average household. As such, it makes sense to corporate executives to invest in campaigns to increase women’s control over their purchasing power. This, of course, involves making them less dependent on dole outs from their male partners and more on access to their own hard-earned funds.

The idea of women “getting a career” is, of course, not a bad thing. But rather than applying a mind blinkered by clever corporate marketing, we should embrace such ideas with eyes wide-open and be wary of taking these to their extreme, nonsensical conclusions. One such conclusion is that women (or, for that matter, any of us) can have it all. The idea, after all, that all of us can “have it all” is the foundation of American-style consumerism. So, again, it makes perfect business sense to encourage women to think that they can be great moms and hotshot executives at the same time. Indeed, that moronism makes sense when you are a fundamentalist fist-pumping liberal. But if we take this idea and apply a firm grounding of resource management science to it, we will find that this is, at best, a pipe dream. Countless women — and their families — found this out the hard way; that when one follows a singular aspiration to have it all, something’s gotta give.

This brings us to where we are today. In the rise to power of Donald Trump, Americans found out the hard way what their heady embrace of extreme liberal ideas had cost their society. In his piece, Why liberals are to blame for the ban on US immigrants and everything else to follow, Vladimir Santos explains how liberals have pushed their society over the edge as people overdosed on the cocktail of political correctness incessantly shoved into their living rooms and device screens by mainstream media…

Liberals have an air of arrogance, immaturity, insensitivity, pretentiousness, an inflated sense of entitlement, and worst of all are hypocrites. Amidst all these shenanigans, they have the audacity to take the moral high ground. Upon setting their agendas pretending to represent the people, they have shunned everyone that will go against their wishes instead of initiating a discussion with the rest. Have you ever heard the words “racist”, “homophobia”, “xenophobia”, “misogynist”, “Islamophobia”, or even “bigot”? Well chances are liberals love to use that, and they have done so in a clever way. If you were to draw a language map, it is literally impossible to debate with them without stepping on any of these lines. They have done this slowly over decades starting with their gay agenda. Upon seeing its success, they implanted further changes to society with feminism, gender studies, and political correctness. People have endured them and before you know it, they have control over what you say and do.

The idea that “immigrants steal jobs”, to be fair, is an over-simplification. The trouble with oversimplifications in today’s attention-deficited world is that such ideas resonate well with the masses and, ultimately, influence the vote. Still, the reality is employment is a finite resource. Demand for work and supply of people govern employment statistics. Unfortunately for America’s cliques of liberals, Donald Trump’s rhetoric is on top of both sides of that equation. Flawed as his campaign platform and, now, the executive orders he is issuing may be, they all make perfect sense to ordinary Americans. Bringing back factories into the US and curtailing immigration slots right into the demand-and-supply employment equation.


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Manual laborers like the Mexicans and most Filipino TNT (tago ng tago) are needed in the low paying manual laborer work. Americans do not want these work. These TNTs are usually paid U.S $5 per hour. Below the minimum wage and without any benefits. Of course, these people are exploited, like the American Black Slaves, that worked in Southern states plantations, during the time of slavery. Southern states, were mostly Democrats then…they were Pro Slavery… My uncles came to Hawaii , before World War II, as agricultural laborers. They were paid low, and were exploited. Some rented car garages, as… Read more »
Robert Haighton

Immigrants are hired by employers. So it seems that (undocumented and/or illegal and/or legal/documented) immigrants are more attractive (business wise) for employers than to hire natives. In short: immigrants can never be blamed. They are hired by the employers. Immigrants have no power, but employers do. So, you have to blame the employers.


In the U.S.; Obama allowed illegal immigrants to be protected. If they are caught, or commit crimes: they were not deported. It is some sort of “Catch and Release”…some even voted in the last Presidential election.

If a government allows its immigration laws to be circumvented, because of politics. This is the result… Companies hiring , illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants running around freely in Sanctuary Cities; like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc…

Now, Pres. Trump is enforcing the immigration laws; and those liberal Democrats are furious !

Sanctuary cities, like Chicago, Illinois are funded by the Federal government, with the approval of Obama. In Sanctuary City; an illegal immigrant can be apprehended by Police, and released with some cash handed to him or her…it is an outrageous executive order by Obama. There were criminals , who were illegal aliens; who were apprehended and released. Illegal aliens are not bothered and allowed to run around freely, in these cities. They can work. They can avail of the health benefits; paid by U.S. taxpayers. The ‘tago ng tago” Filipino illegal aliens, are mostly Democrats, because of this Obama’s Sanctuary… Read more »

All of us together were of a generation born of old country people who spoke English with an accent and prayed in another language, who drank red wine and cooked their food in the old country way, and peeled apples and pears after dinner.

There’s no truth what so ever that Americans won’t work these farming and vegetable jobs, I worked 7 years in a call center stateside and many Americans out of work and can’t find work they also won’t be hired by farmers… Okay it’s not the farmers but the manager who is a Mexican or Latin American they don’t like to mix with white people they prefer to work with their own so actually they are racists. These poor low wage employee’s also work under the table other jobs such as automobile repair, masonry, construction they lowers the wages for skilled… Read more »

Filipinos in the USA are not working for a low wage. They have good jobs. The victimology narrative of the Filipinos want to paint them as victims of white Americans.