Americans need to come to terms with their new reality under President Donald Trump

The trouble with Liberals is that they are too open-minded. They are, they themselves insist, “pro-choice”. And this is why liberalism is incompatible with the human condition — becuase human beings suck at coping with an abundance of choice. This is where conservatism resonates — it offers a straight path (in the real sense of the term) that appeals to the human condition.

Liberals themselves suffer from this human frailty. Their ideology had become inconsistent because of an inability to coherently frame the vast portfolio of “choices” that characterises their ideology. An example of this inconsistency is evident in the way they are now throwing tantrums over the spectacular rise of Donald Trump to power. The current Leader of the Free World is, in fact, a product of choice. Americans have opted to beg to differ to the artificially “polite conversation” that had come to dominate mainstream media and the cafe chatter of American coastal cities. Yet the Liberals now rail at this legitimate choice.

Is this being pro-choice? Is this being tolerant of a variety of ideas? It is interesting to note that in 1915 in the US, Democrats in Congress voted 170-85 against a bill that will have granted women the right to vote. The Republicans, on the other hand, voted 81-34 for. Inconsistent. Liberals.

The greatest American President of all time was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican. He spoke out against slavery and went to war to make good on this advocacy. The den of political snakes that Lincoln had to deal with is not unlike — and probably more toxic than — that which Trump (and that which Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte) has to deal with today. Lincoln’s victory in the 1860 elections prompted seven southern slave states to form the Confederate States of America before he moved into the White House – no compromise or reconciliation was found regarding slavery and secession. As the leader of the moderate faction of the Republican Party, Lincoln confronted Radical Republicans, who demanded harsher treatment of the South, War Democrats, who called for more compromise, anti-war Democrats (called Copperheads), who despised him, and irreconcilable secessionists, who plotted his assassination. Politically, Lincoln fought back by pitting his opponents against each other, by carefully planned political patronage, and by appealing to the American people with his powers of oratory.[4] His Gettysburg Address became an iconic endorsement of the principles of nationalism, republicanism, equal rights, liberty, and democracy.

Sounds like familiar landscape? We, of course, digress.

It is therefore important to note that Donald Trump is a product of a system that is a source of American pride. As such, this system should be afforded the chance to work itself through. The free market, after all, works best went left to its devices. Rather than raise girly stinks about the Trump presidency, Americans should, instead, reflect on why Trump rules today. One could even argue that, beyond reality TV, Trump is a product of the presidency of Barack Obama over which simmered the anger and frustration that was to eventually propel Trump up the polls.

Finally, consider that Trump is a product of American culture.

Indeed, Trump embodies America’s strong tradition of cut-throat enterepreneurship. Chase the money, scorch the earth, and bring back the gold. Great railways and highways were built and awesome wars waged on the back of that cultural ethic. California — America’s most iconic and most well-known state — was won and shaped by it. So, really, those hipsters out in Silicon Valley ought to be a bit more appreciative of that old American Way of doing things. Closer to the present, Trump is a product of America’s reality TV craze. So, yeah, the Trump presidency today really made it real for Americans. Reality bites. Perhaps Americans should come to terms with the reality that reality just needs to be dealt with like adults.

[NB: Parts of this article were lifted from the article “Abraham Lincoln” in a manner compliant to the terms stipulated in the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License that governs usage of content made available in this site.]


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benign0, you’re asking the world to abase themselves before a fucking douche (I’m being polite here because he’s a special snowflake and we gotta respect his lies, I mean alternative facts).


I have tremendous respect for benignO having regularly studied his articles over time but his perspective regarding American politics is badly skewed this time. First off, there was actually a re-alignment of American politics that took place between the 1920s until the 1960s. The pro-slavery conservatives who founded the Confederacy used to be associated with the Democrats whereas the progressive-minded social advocates of that time were associated with the Republicans. From the 20s to the 60s, several events took place resulting to the reversal of roles and ideologies for both parties. The conservatives shifted to the Republican party and the… Read more »
Niall R

How many of the twitterati will scream about ‘attacks on their constitutional rights’ while attacking Trump’s legitimacy for being elected in accordance with the constitution?

I believe there were two main reasons for the experts misreading the tealeaves in preselection polls.How many Trump voters declined to show their true intentions to avoid the abuse,which now seems to have been a sound tactic? How many voters were equally unenthusiastic about both candidates,and voted against their traditional patterns?

Different countries have different electoral systems. Many operate quite happily using proportional representation,which often means the smaller groups have disproportionate power.

Pres. Donald J. Trump, embodies the America “can do” attitude…innovation and resourcefulness. Hilary Clinton and Obama, were of far left ideology. More of a Socialist leaning politician. Some of their followers are: anarchist; Hollywood Liberals; pro choice abortionists, black lives matter politicians, etc… I am against a welfare state. People must work, and lead productive lives. Not, free everything…from cradle to grave ! America was built by great people, who work hard with their hands, and tamed the West. Pres. Trump is a very successful businessman. He is not a politician. He never held any political office; except now that… Read more »


I’m sorry but I’m too lazy to back read. Do you support Trump or at lwasr most of his policies?




Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.