Leni Robredo “quits” after being booted out of President Duterte’s Cabinet meetings


Laban Leni! That familiar battle cry of the Yellowtards will once again ripple across social media in response to their leader, “vice president” Leni Robredo getting booted out of the Cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte. What exactly will this “laban” (“fight”) be about? Who knows? Despite the call to fight being a favourite tagline of the Yellow camp, nobody is really quite sure what the spoils of this supposed fight is.

The trouble with Leni Robredo is that she is a crybaby sumbungera (tattletail). Rather than air her gripes as to why she has so far failed to deliver any results as Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chairperson up the management chain, she has opted to routinely make sumbong to the media. Not surprisingly, Filipinos have learned to see past this routine drama of hers and have increasingly described her as a “media whore” who remains stuck in campaign mode despite having been the presumptive vice president (presumptive pending resolution of electoral fraud allegations) for more than five months now.

To make matters worse, Robredo, having run for the vice presidency under the Liberal Party (LP) banner, is strongly associated to the vicious attacks the LP launched against Duterte during the election campaign. As such, Robredo is seen to be a critical fingernail hold in the LP’s desperate cling to what remains of their once formidable political power in the Philippines. Indeed, if the Yellowtards look hard enough, they will see the silver lining in the boot stuck up Robredo’s behind. She now has more time in her hands to focus on her original mission — to lead a grand LP comeback into Malacanang following a much-anticipated ouster of Duterte from the presidency.

Perhaps, for the Yellowtards, this development is supposed to be some sort of seminal milestone — a sort of rubicon crossing that signals some kind of mobilisation to “act”. What act specifically? That has become quite obvious. The thing with the Yellow camp is that they have become conditioned to keep their eyes open for a a sign that will trigger what they do best — launch the next “people power” “revolution”. The burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) was one such “sign” they recently latched onto and attempted to convert into that much-awaited “revolution”. Unfortunately, that one failed to gain much traction after a couple of lame uneventful street protests populated mostly by Imperial Manila’s private Catholic school set (a.k.a. the so-called “millenials”).

Will Leni Robredo’s triumphant walking out of her role as HUDCC chairperson be met with a big million-strong street mob with raised hands contorted into that all-too-familiar “L” sign?

As always…

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


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Amir Al Bahr

Leloy Claudio has something to say:

“There are no more yellows. The LP is in the supermajority. What you have now is an opposition. #LabanLeni”


Aphetsky Lasa

Let’s see what her 14M supporters have to say about this. Will they come out in the open and defend their heroine?

The Fake Vice President, Leni Rob redo, who won by fraud, SMARTMAGIC and HOCUS PCOS; was assigned to manage the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council. Leni Rob redo, was a bar exam flunker, as a lawyer. She knows nothing about housing, and Urban development. She has no knowledge in construction. She is clueless on Urban Planning. So she did during his term is to engage in politics. Pres. – Elect Donald J. Trump, is not like Obama, or former Sec. of State, Hilary Clinton. Putting people in power in other countries, is not his priority. These YellowTards are just… Read more »

Good!!!! Finally that useless House Secrety got booted for not doing her job, like where was she in rehabilitating Yolanda Victims or the recent Typhoon that hit North Luzon?

All she did was attend protests, hire rallyists, presscon to bad mouth Pres. Duterte, give HUDCC budget to non-government related organizations, etc.

She is the most useless cabinet of them all, she should be removed as fake vp aswell!!! No goals for the bettermsnt of the country whatsoever but just look pretty in keeping her knees uncaloused for doing nothing.

Nobody Likes a Tattletale: Do Not Play the Office Cop Do not play the office cop. Because, nobody likes a tattletale. Moreover, it’s is your boss’s job to keep an eye on everybody at your workplace and correct them if necessary, not yours. You have some influence over your peers, but no authority. Hence, you cannot control them. Examine Your Motivations Tattling is a common trait during the formative years of life. Children tend to feel compelled to notify elders when siblings or other children do something wrong. By taking on a parental responsibility under the guise of being helpful,… Read more »

For being a lawyer? It’s as good a reason as any.


Leni Rob redo is fired for being incompetent !

Incompetence can be a ground for firing ….