Kidapawan ‘massacre’: Aquino government falls victim to Victim Mentality Activism

There is an important lesson in the alleged “massacre” of hungry farmers in Kidapawan, North Cotabato during an allegedly “violent” dispersal of a protest rally there. The lesson is that it is easy for a sitting president to be blamed for “atrocities” allegedly committed by the police and the military. Why is this an important lesson? Because the Kidapawan incident has highlighted the fundamental flaw in the arguments coming from all political camps surrounding what constitutes an “evil” and “oppressive” regime.

The Kidapawan massacre was really just supposed to be all about rice.
The Kidapawan massacre was really just supposed to be all about rice.
Indeed, the same shrill voices of indignation being raised from a who’s-who of social media “activists” in the days following this so-called “massacre” echoes the same shrill voices of indignation that characterise the “Never Again” movement that demonises former President Ferdinand Marcos for alleged “atrocities” he supposedly masterminded during his supposedly “brutal” Martial Law “regime”.

It is quite ironic that we now find the Yellow mob of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino pleading plausible deniability on behalf of the sitting president (presumably to save the dead-in-the-water candidacy of Liberal Party bet Mar Roxas). It is, one cannot emphasise enough, the very same argument that people in the Marcos camp, themselves, assert that Marcos, during his rule, had no way of exercising direct control over all armed state services and, therefore, cannot be held accountable for all of the alleged atrocities his so-called “victims” are shrieking about.

Funny, indeed, how minions’ perspectives change when one is in power.

As for those who are quick to cry bloody murder on behalf of the massacre victims, the mere existence of “outrage” is no excuse to be making shrill pronouncements on the back of unreliable information.

There are only two key sources of information on what happened in Kidapawan — the account of the police and the account of the organisers (or shall we say, incitors. Flawed (at best) and crooked (at alleged worst) the Philippine National Police (PNP) may be, there is, at least, some science in the methods they apply to investigating incidents the results of which are, in turn, subject to institutional checks-and-balances. Their competing source of “information” on Kidapawan are the accounts of the infiltrators of the 1st April farmers’ protest rally — the communist lackeys in the all-too-familiar cast of characters, Anakpawis, the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), and so-called “womens’ issues” advocate Gabriela. These groups, in contrast, do not apply a systematic method in the way they arrive at their conclusions, are not held accountable to the accuracy of their published communications, nor are their operations subject to scrutiny and inquiry by third parties. They are also known anarchists and apply a violent ideology to most of their social “causes”.

Nobody disagrees that there is a “high level of moral outrage” inherent in this incident. But (1) having a penchant for acting on feelings and (2) having the intellectual discipline and honesty to systematically think through an issue is what sets aside the men from the boys — or, in that regard, the men from the girlie “activists” who infest the fashionable chatter of the week.

Indeed, one account of the incident published by Business World Online relates the plight of a police officer critically injured by members of the protesting mob in Kidawan…

KIDAPAWAN CITY — Rosalie Ann Untalan sat in a corner outside the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Kidapawan Doctors, Inc., on Saturday afternoon, waiting for news on the condition of her husband, SPO2 Ricky Untalan of M’lang Police Station.

Ms. Untalan, a teacher who also works as secretary to the president of the Southern Baptist College here, told reporters on Saturday that every 20 minutes she goes inside the ICU to check on her husband, who had been fighting for his life since he was rushed to the hospital last Friday.

A video footage taken by a drone camera of the City Government of Kidapawan showed her husband was left behind when the police line was broken by angry protesters who returned after having been initially dispersed by water cannons. Alone amidst the protesters, he was beaten up.

Ms. Untalan said her husband’s head was “damaged” and he has not opened his eyes yet.

There is also evidence that gunfire was not a one-way affair in favour of the police on that fateful day…

According to a statement of Chief Supt. Wilben M. Mayor, spokesperson of the Philippine National Police, another police officer, PO2 Reynaldo Roque, sustained a gunshot wound in his left leg. Mr. Roque is currently confined at the Kidapawan Doctors’ Hospital.

Consistent with this account, a PNP Scene of Crime Operations (SOCO) report released earlier revealed evidence that some of the rallyists may, indeed, have discharged firearms in the heat of the melee.

Quite interesting then that the very same social media shills who expressed noisy outrage over the massacre of 44 PNP Special Action Force officers by elements of the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front back in 2015 now paint the police as savage brutes who shoot to kill protesting “farmers”. Yet herein is proof that these “farmers” are not that innocent after all; evidently, themselves, all-too-capable of the very same brutality Filipino cops are routinely accused of.

Again, the lesson here needs to be highlighted: that the Philippines, as a society, needs to transform into a thinking society. This is important to ensure that the right questions are asked whenever crises like these erupt and, as an outcome, the right arguments prevail. The alternative is for Filipinos to remain the same intellectually bankrupt people that they are — which will be a monumental tragedy considering that the power to select leaders had long ago been thrust upon them.


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Thumbs up, mate!
This has been one of the most polarizing incidents under the yellow admin to date.
filipinos are very confused on which side is right and wrong, and i find it really annoying when kababayans “debate” it. The false dichotomy kicks in, and no one learns anything. They cant seem to wrap themselves in the idea that is no right, there is no wrong, and there may be more than 2 sides to this story.

Dark Kamote

Calling the attention of the Ateneo Faculty here…

Please condemn these “atrocities” and ask for BS Aquino’s apology already.

Maloy Garcia

It doesn’t matter whose side started it all. This fiasco could have been avoided had the government helped the farmers with what was needed long before they had to resort to this rally.

Ka Pedro Ni

One may look at the violent dispersal this way or that, the main question remains why farmers had to beg for days to receive necessary aid from the government for which a budget had already been set aside. If all had been well, the distribution of rice subsidies to drought affected farmers would have been long underway and consequently no rally would ever have happened.


Quite interesting then that the very same social media shills who expressed noisy outrage over the massacre of 44 PNP Special Action Force officers by elements of the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front back in 2015 now paint the police as savage brutes who shoot to kill protesting “farmers”.

Really loved reading this part. Stupidity, hypocrisy, and ignorance in social media is just so infuriating.

Even I got corrected on my initial assumptions. At first, it seemed like the instigator involvement was remote, but now it should have been obvious from the start. And it could be traced to neglect by the government there. Some say it was deliberate neglect. Could be. But for sure, the reds found fuel for a new instigation, and it worked. For the PNP side, despite their valor, they were still ill-equipped for the purpose. But perhaps they were intending to run a firefight than an riot line, expecting to nab some reds in the process. I wonder if the… Read more »
Filipinos will apply their double-standard logic as long as it helps support their agenda. First they choose which side they want to be on; then they formulate the logic (no matter how twisted) to prove the other side is at fault. Tax payers will then pour in copious amounts to fund a senate hearing on the matter only to come to an expected conclusion: Justice is not served, and everyone goes back to their homes to watch their favorite crap shows. An endless meaningless cycle that produces nothing of value. Meanwhile Tesla just got billions in preorders for their new… Read more »

The government already know about these “mapagsamantala” groups. And they had all the time in the world to prevent and even cripple these groups significantly in taking advantage of a crisis such as the drought due to El Niño.

But no. Still the same reactive shit we have seen for decades….

The reason of the Kidapawan Peasants’ rally, was because: they are asking for food (rice) reliefs, to feed their families. Why did the Local government, not listened to their plea for food reliefs? There was also report, that the Governor, who is a member of the Liberal Party; refused to give food reliefs to the peasants. She was waiting to use this food reliefs, as a “carrot and stick”, in exchange for the starving peasants’ votes for Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party candidates. Maybe, Mar Roxas was waiting for a Photo Opportunities again. To let himself, be photographed (as… Read more »

just a sideliner, there’s no more need to further the $81 million heist. the pilipinos already knew who these involved in the conspiracy. rcbc, philrem, amlc, pagcor, wong, and go. these are the main players.


Benign0, how do we segregate commies and real farmers with grievances? Surely there are real farmers here going for protest. Our farm capital is facing drought yet with lack of government support they needed. Commies wreaking havoc of course is a different thing.

>> I must say the bigger damage is being done by syndicates. True enough, but it’s hard to say who’s “worse”. The syndicates and the political classes (the miners/loggers tend to be linked to the government) are indeed making an enormous mess. But they can’t do it all by themselves. Who are the guys wielding the chainsaws? It’s the local “farmers” and the tribespeople. Why do they think it’s OK? Because that’s what they’ve been doing all their lives anyway, and now they’re just doing more of the same. If these people were politically organised and already highly competent –… Read more »

There’s threats everywhere in a country called the Failippines that’s draped in camouflage. War is a country of will, there’s no room for sympathy. If you’re not willing to give up everything…You’ve already lost.