Dynasty activism: Anti-Marcos ‘activists’ disqualify politicians on the basis of their bloodlines!

Look no further than the venerable Fidel Ramos — former Philippine president and Army general extraordinaire. Today, nobody seems to remember him as one of the key implementors of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos’s allegedly atrocious Martial Law regime. Why have people chosen to overlook Ramos’s past as a Martial Law chieftain? Simple. Because after the 1986 “revolution” he went on to become one of the Philippines’ better (if not the best of) presidents in the three decades that followed.

The best post-1986 Philippine president: Gen. Fidel Ramos was once a Martial Law chieftain.
The best post-1986 Philippine president: Gen. Fidel Ramos was once a Martial Law chieftain.
Ramos and his pal Senator Juan Ponce Enrile are living proof that ex-Martial Law leaders not only still have careers in Philippine politics they actually excel in leadership and statesmanship. The form of government following the 1986 “revolution” is, after all, a democracy. Indeed, so-called “activists” in Yellow shirts keep reminding us of that quaint fact, as a matter of fact. In short, Ramos and Enrile — ex Martial Law chieftains extraordinaire — are, nonetheless, leaders who were chosen by the Filipino people in this here democracy.

In that light, we can see the abject hollowness of the cornerstone argument applied by these “Never Again” bozos to the sorry excuse for “activism” they showcase to their cadre of lazy-brained sheep-like followers today. The object of their girly tantrums is centred around the the vice presidential candidacy of Senator Bongbong Marcos. According to those who chant the “Never Again” slogan ad infinitum, Senator Marcos has “no right” to be vice president of the Philippines — simply because “he is a Marcos”. And yet, these same activists call for an end to patronage and dynasty politics.

Holy inconsistency, Batman!

For these so-called “activists”, when it comes to “a Marcos”, blood is thicker than merit, apparently.

So much for the modern meritocracy Filipinos as a people aspire to be.

And that is where the moral ascendancy of these “Never Again” bozos comes apart. Their brand of activism is selective and, as such, medieval in nature. On one hand, they demonise certain candidates on the sole basis of their bloodlines but, on the other, decry the prevalence of dynastic power entrenched in Philippine society. Duh?!

Obsolete kiddie slogan: 'Never again' has become a quaint relic of a tired body of Yellow propaganda.
Obsolete kiddie slogan: ‘Never again’ has become a quaint relic of a tired body of Yellow propaganda.
Consider, as an example, the esteemed philosophers and theologians of the Ateneo who have taken it upon themselves to publicly accuse the Marcos family of “brutality”. They seem to have failed to learn their expensive classroom lessons well and defer to the body of thinking skills that forms the foundation of their educational training — a sound systematic development of theses by applying a rules-based subjection of a variety counter-theses in a cyclic manner that sustains a forward trajectory in the evolution of human knowledge as a matter of routine.

In their daft latching on to a flawed notion — that politicians are qualified or unqualified (or worse, forfeit their right) to run for public office on the basis of their bloodline — anti-Marcos “activists” have all but discredited their cause. Their argument against “a Marcos” crumbles thanks to this ill-conceived cornerstone in the conceptual framework of their “activism”.

Whether it is Martial Law or any other scandal (pork, sex, abject incompetence, whatever), ultimately it is the legal framework that qualifies a politician to run for office and it is the Filipino vote that determines who wins or loses.

It can’t be any simpler than that, really. Filipinos deserve a lot better than this sort of kiddie activism.

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Eterio Herrera

Pilipinos have never known the two architect of Never Again Martial Law of the Economic hitmen of Marcos Destruction of the Philippines, a book of EHM, John Perkins revelation of the two traitor of Marcos, the smoking tobacco eddie and the Senatong tanda and his bribeb bacon barrel of justice crown of the hacienda luisita self interest yellow oligarchs deception.


Mga Bulag, Pipi at Bingi sa katotohanan ang karamihan sa mga Filipino.

Nabulag dahil sa pagkasilaw sa pera..

Napipi dahil sa puno ang bibig ng mga walang kwentang
bagay na pinapakain sa kanila ng mga Aquino at ng mga oligarkiya neto.

Nabingi dahil wala na silang ibang marinig kundi ang ingay ng kabobohan nila.


I said almost the exact words as a reply to an FB friend who was an anti-Marcos advocate. He did not bother to reply back.

Use this line of argument next time who get pestered by this advocates. They got nothing to rebut you with.


>> For these so-called “activists”, when it comes to “a Marcos”, blood is thicker than merit, apparently.

Quite right about not judging someone by their name. More than one country in Asia have been turned around by sons-of-dictators.

But what on earth does BongBong have to offer? I gave some examples of his complete lack of intelligence in the other thread. Do you really want another president with the mental age of a child?



Mental age of a child? Nice rhetoric you have there, son.


I was referring to 408 and 1863 (which were flagged up by another poster), but when I have time I will happily go through the whole list and point out which ones have no obvious purpose except to extend the reach of the State or waste public money.

What is your view of these two bills? Do they appear to you to be the work of an intelligent man?

I want to be absolutely clear here: I’m not pointing fingers specifically at Marcos. I’m just baffled that anyone would think he stands head-and-shoulders above the rest, or is presidential material.


Those “Never Again” YellowTard activists, are like a herd of aheeps, following a lead sheep going on the “matuwid na daan”, directly into a “bangin”.

Anybody can run for public office. Aquino and his minions of followers are: Thieves, Murderers, Plunderers, Incompetent, etc…Yet, they are allowed to run, and are elected into offices.

Ramos was not a good President. Enrile is the worst Political Opportunist and plunderer.

Aquino and Mar Roxas; who are incompetent; scammers; con artists and plunderers ; are even allowed to run.

@marius I could no longer ignore BBM when he came out with an alternative to BBL. It was quite impressive when he got the majority of the Senate to side with him. I never thought somebody with Marcos as a family name could do that in a body dominated by Yellows. But, when everybody almost got paralyzed in the aftermath of the massacre of the SAF44, BBM got to work, consulting with many groups in Mindanao. I have always opposed BBL because it was a peace deal with just one group; on top of that, it was a group leaning… Read more »

will vote receipts initiate vote buying? YES! vote receipts should not be taken out of the precinct. it’s just for the voters to see that their votes is counted in under their names. make sense!


Seriously, it should be obvious; all this attention on BBM is the latest attempt to draw attention off the crimes and misdeeds of the Aquinos and allies. It’s basically “look! there’s the enemy!” then while we’re distracted they scurry off to hide. Oldest trick in the book, but so old, it won’t work on us.

The only resort we have, is: forget about the Marcos Martial Law, EDSAs, and move on. Martial Law atrocities were committed by : Ramos, Enrile , Honasan, etc…if we talk about these atrocities, we put on the forefront these Martial Law Brutes. They were the designers of Marcos Martial Law. The jailers and torturers/murderers of Martial Law victims. It is laughable to accuse Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., of these Martial Law atrocities. He was just a boy, at that time. Those “Never Again” activists, should Focus on the present issues of the government. Past is past…it is done. It is… Read more »

@vagoneto rieles:

You are another YellowTard/Worrywart; who should be worrying on Aquino and Mar Roxas :incompetence, irresponsibillities, thieveries; plunder; their lack of sympathy/concern to the victims of the 44 SAF Heroes of the Mamapasano massacre.

Mar Roxas cannot distinguish between a Misencounter and a Massacre. Aquino thinks that the 44 SAF heroes, were invading the territories of his MILF/ISIS/Al Queda buddies. Aquino allowed the 44 SAF Heroes to be massacred. The same way , he allowed the Luneta Chinese tourists , to be massacred.


An ISIS/Al Queda/MILF representative….(corrected)….

@vagoneto rieles: Move on? There are patterns of misbehavior that Aquino and Mar Roxas had done. Have you ever heard of the word: “Command Responsibility”? The 44 SAF heroes were massacred , without mercy…a suspended Police, whom you had stated, was not familiar with the terrain, was in charge. Who ordered him to be there? Who ordered him to take command of the operation? Let us bring Purisima out; and “torture” him, so that he will talk. Aquino was nearby in Zamboanga, as you stated. Why did he not ordered air or artillery support? Or, reinforcements? Aquino was petrified…the same… Read more »

A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.

It’s not the issue of bloodlines. Fact is that Ferdinand Marcos stole a lot of public funds. Many of these funds are still in possession of the Marcos clan. If Bongbong were a good politician he would say: “In the name of the Marcos family I apologize for the misbehavior of my parents and high ranked government officials during martial law. I apologize for the disappearances, the tortures and murders under rul of my parents.” But Bongbong is doing the opposite. He tries to defend has parents and tries to portray them as good rulers. And that’ss the issue: Bongbong’s… Read more »