The 2016 Philippine Presidential Candidates Are All Dipshits

The clown car parade that the 2016 Philippine presidential elections are turning out to be only proves that many Filipinos don’t want to think for themselves. Rather, as is typical of the “Pinoy” mindset, they look upon other people and choose to let these other people think for them when determining how they want their nation’s future to be. The five current major presidential candidates (along with their vice presidential proxies) are now vying for the national vote; unfortunately, they’re all doing it NOT through stimulating the intellects of their constituent voters, but instead through emotional gratification.

And that for me, quite simply, makes these five candidates utter dipshits. I prefer to color code them, Power Rangers style, because they’re less of statesmen and more of entertainers. They may indeed be politicians, but I could arguably state with confidence that from what I can see, NONE of them deserve the presidency.


Jessica Zafra was right: candidates would do whatever it takes prostitute themselves and kiss the collective anuses of voters just to get their vote, to the point of downplaying their backgrounds and track records (and even covering them up). Worse, the voters love it. In a culture where entertainers become politicians and politicians become entertainers, many Filipinos would rather dump whatever remains of their intellect and refuse to distinguish between what needs to be analyzed and what triggers their pleasure sensors.

The Yellow Ranger apparently fancies himself as someone who’s “one with the people.” He’s the anointed successor of a six-year trainwreck that’s a pretense of economic growth. His multiple blunders in the national and international spotlight are so embarrassing to the point of laughable, and his “journalist” spouse has the same public relations problems as he has. He’s a dipshit because he’s an oligarch despite his “common” facade, and if God forbid he gets elected he’ll merely be a puppet who would cover up the excesses and ineptitude of his predecessor.

The Black Ranger is also an oligarch with ubiquitous seed in politics, but unlike the Yellow Ranger he’s at least not afraid to say it how he sees it. He claims that the prosperity of the city he lorded over for the past decade(s) or so was his doing, and he even claims similarities to Singapore’s venerated Lee Kuan Yew, but behind all of these are money trails filled with dummy accounts. He’s a dipshit as well: he’s the epitome of traditional patronage politics in the Philippines.

The Pink Ranger is, um…I mean, seriously, WTF is this crap? She claims that she wants to “finish what her father started,” despite the fact that her father has done ZILCH in Philippine statecraft. I don’t really care if she’s a foreign national or not, but for someone who’s barely scratched the wretched morass of Philippine politics, and who’s already offered up her award-winning actress of a mother to take her place (just in case the Commission on Elections grows half a brain and kicks her off the list), I wouldn’t bother with a dipshit who sucks up to the religious lobby groups when they get the adolescent case of the vapors. Besides she’s probably too oblivious to the schemes of her running mate.

The Red Ranger is fueled by the success of her books and a possible case of argumentum ad misericordiam. Though she already has the background for statecraft and has already run for the spot way back in 1992, she’s still an ideological flip-flopper who reneges on her promises. This dipshit couldn’t get enough votes back then, I hardly think she could get any now, given the excess baggage that her running mate has in tow.

The Green Ranger couldn’t even make up his mind the first time, and now he’s supposedly running “on principle.” Now that he’s gone full Donald Trump mode, the hipster internet now sees him as the no-nonsense Philippine messiah: “He can do it down there, he can do it for the whole country!” Never mind the fact that this dipshit supports communist revolutionary taxes (which by the way are unconstitutional) and is adored as a local “Hugo Chavez.” He may have made his city safe, but apparently it’s not safe for everyone. Just as Abraham Lincoln once said: you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

All in all, it’s unbelievable that the future state of republican democracy in the Philippines lies in the hands of one of these five sad clowns. I’ve been told to just suck it up and vote for “the least of the evils,” but that only means I’m perpetuating an antiquated system that goes back at least half a century. So who do I think should be president? I think it’s pretty obvious. I’m ready to think outside the ballot box.

So, Philippines, I’ve dissed your race horses. The comment box below is ready to take in your butthurt.


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The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls.


“So, Philippines, I’ve dissed your race horses. The comment box below is ready to take in your butthurt.”

Next thing you know, those fantards of those rangers attacking this article will then Battle Royale with each other. Ooh that will be entertaining.


Popcorn please!!!

Gagong Lipunan
Ano GRP bloggers, kaya pa? If I were you guys, I’ll just quit this shit, shut down this website and enjoy my life wherever I am. Because you’ve been wasting most of your lives writing things about this shithole of a republic, hoping to have something change. Turns out, IT DIDN’T WORK. So my friendly advice is, forget about this pathetic “nation” called The Philippines, and enjoy the rest of your lives in comfort. Because , I repeat it again, this republic has crossed the point of no return. But, assuming you don’t want to quit, I’m pretty sure six… Read more »

All this article shows is that filipinos can’t even be led to success. Based on all this it’s quite apparent you still have another hundred years of Gillian’s Island before you mature enough to even have a good leader take you out of corruption. The author is a stone cold idiot; should be writing romance novels instead.


hope. not in the star-rangers, but for a “benevolent dictator.”


If you haven’t heard about the name of Rep. Seneres he might be the best presidential candidate but unfortunately he’s not too popular to those 5 (minus one) POPULAR candidates. Unless if he could do a Jose Mujica mode just like what that guy did to his country in Uruguay five years ago. He wasn’t very popular to his voters but he made a magical moment that he’d won it on the election results, and the rest is history. I wonder what his secret there. Just my 2 cents.


Voting is shit in the first place.


Mar – won’t win. People are tired of incompetence, and the no-results Yellow camp.
Poe – won’t win. She’s disqualified, and people are tired of those from the Showbiz camp.
Binay – won’t win. People are tired of corruption.
Miriam – won’t win. People are tired of voting a consistent loser in presidential elections.
Rody – ??? (Sorry it’s way past my bedtime… Zzzzzzzz)


Ilda got it right back then:

October 7, 2013 at 11:37 pm
The obvious solution is for voters to regard all those who are running for public office with a healthy dose of distrust. As another wise man once said, distrust and caution are the parents of security.


What would you do, if there are no good choices? One of these Clowns will be elected anyway…

“Davao is safe” is a misnomer. They still have the issue of smuggling and robberies. They argue that it’s not rampant and this, if you actually didn’t sleep through elementary civics class, has nothing to do with Duterte. Rappler just recently posted an infographics of Davao vs Manila. What they DIDN’T post on that infographic is POPULATION DENSITY, a topic every elementary school student is taught. So a simple research of the Philippine census tells you there are 590 per square kilometer in Davao against 19,000 per square kilometer in Metro Manila. So to sum it up. There is less… Read more »

If Duterte made Davao safe and peaceful after more than 20 years as mayor. How long would it take him to do the same thing for the Philippines???

Gagong Lipunan

Oh, well suit yourself.

I’ll still read your articles though. Just for the heck of it.

Gagong Lipunan


The choices are:

1. Suicide
2. Migration
3. Launch a (very bloody) revolution


We go Seneres then? the 6th and secret hero candidate?