Riding the Ninoy-Cory “legacy” is riding a bunch of lies

President BS Aquino III has always repeated his parents’ “glory” and their “sacrifices for the country” ad nauseam in his speeches. This has become a routine for him whenever he would speak in public events, and even in wakes. Such a routine has become very annoying that I would just flip the channel to watch basketball games or other science channels. Let us take a second look at the people that BS Aquino has always rode on.

You have the mother, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, the woman who rose to the presidency after a US-backed coup (see Mike Billington’s Shultz and the Hit Men Destroyed the Philippines) overthrew the government of President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. Cory Aquino supporters have gained the audacity to venerate her as a saint. However, sorry to say, what the Yellow Media has not shown the people is that Cory Aquino’s actions are the opposites of those of a saint.

noynoy_aquinoThen, there is the father, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. A hero as projected by the media, he is often labeled as the one who fought against the Marcos dictatorship in the 1970s. Never mind that it was Salvador Laurel who was organizing the opposition against Marcos in those days. In 1983, Ninoy was gunned down at the Manila International Airport as he returned to the Philippines from the United States, thus making him a martyr. It has always been widely spread (and sadly, believed) that the Marcoses were the demons that terrorized and plundered the nation and that the Aquinos were like the messiah that was going to save the Philippines.

This propaganda promoting Ninoy and Cory helped BS Aquino bag the presidency in 2010. And sure enough, he has also used the very same Ninoy and Cory propaganda in his speeches to project himself as some sort of successor to the messiah. And as BS Aquino rides his parents’ glorious names, he also rides falsehoods. Here is why:

  1. Ninoy vowed to drop the Sabah claim to get Kuala Lumpur support versus Marcos. This was confirmed by former General Rafael Ileto, who was ditched by Marcos after he began questioning the regime. Ninoy had promised to Malaysia that he would drop the Philippines’ claim for Sabah, provided that Kuala Lumpur would provide him support to take down Marcos and propel himself to the presidency.
  2. Ninoy collaborated with Jose Maria Sison. There was a reason why the former dictator had to arrest his fraternity brother. In a meeting with Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile, Ninoy confirmed having met with Jose Maria Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines, to support an armed political struggle against the Marcos government. Besides the testimony of Enrile, several other accounts prove that Ninoy was in cahoots with Jose Maria Sison and the CPP-NPA.
  3. Ninoy was not the main leader of the opposition. In fact, Ninoy was a very close friend of President Marcos because they were from the same fraternity. If someone had to be credited for organizing the anti-Marcos opposition, it would be Salvador Laurel. It was also Laurel who was supposed to run for President in 1986.
  4. Cory Aquino kicked aside Doy Laurel for the presidency. Never mind that it was Doy Laurel who organized the anti-Marcos opposition for many years. Never mind that it was Doy Laurel who had the experience in governing as a former Senator and member of the Batasang Pambansa. Cory just had to disregard it all and run for the presidency herself. Ultimately, Laurel was forced to give in and run as Vice President instead.
  5. Cory Aquino ascended to the presidency through a power grab. It is ironic how the 1986 EDSA Revolution was labeled as People Power when it was not a time of national unity. It was instead a time of national fragmentation. The country was split in two, the Marcos side and the Aquino side. Ferdinand Marcos was proclaimed as the winner of the controversial 1986 presidential election. NAMFREL also said it was Cory Aquino who won the election, although NAMFREL had counted only 70% of the election returns. After Marcos left the Palace, Cory Aquino grabbed power and assumed the presidency with the help of mutineers from the AFP. Never mind that after Marcos, it should have been Vice President Arturo Tolentino assuming the presidency. EDSA 1986 was not unity, it was fragmentation.
  6. Cory Aquino double-crossed Doy Laurel. Being an inexperienced housewife, Cory Aquino promised that she would let Laurel run the government as Prime Minister. Instead, a month after EDSA, Cory abolished the parliamentary government, relieved Laurel as prime minister, and put up a constitution of her own. Her reason? That EDSA “removed all her promises.”
  7. Hacienda Luisita. Enough said.

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Presidente Emilio
Some 2 cents. I’ve been hearing and reading about Ninoy’s supposed communist leanings. And I dare say that I’m not buying it. Ever heard of “alliance of convenience”? If we assume that cooperating with communists = being a commie, then would Sun Yat-sen be guilty of the same, since he did form a coalition with the nacsent CPC? Ninoy’s meeting with JoMa were documented, AFAIR (and never trust Enriles’s account about it), but some of his allies defended that Ninoy wanted to form a united front against Marcos, to increase the chances of victory. Of course it’s right to question… Read more »
Martin Luther king

I’m the king of civil rights from this city to suburbia no shoes no shirt


Cory Aquino and the rest of the Aquino family did not run for public office; because they want to serve the Filipinos.

Cory Aquino wanted to protect her Hacienda Luisita. This is the reason; she scraped the Land Reform Program of Marcos.

It is also the reason the Aquinos, collaborated with the NPA. They provided arms and financial support to the NPA.



Corazon Aquino was asked to run for the Presidency, and she actually did not want the job. She acquiesced to the wishes of her people. OR IS THAT BULL-SHIT FALSEHOOD TOO?

As long as you keep trying to re-write history, you will be constatntly looking behind you…and as a consequence you will continue to trip over everything that is front of you.

Typical Flip-tards.


and BTW, look up the word ‘Commune’,it means: For the welfare of the commons. (Do I have to tell you what the ‘Commons’ is?)


OK, so the country is FUCKED, YES IT IS ….FUCKED. SO, why not ry something like, IDK, ANY-FUCKING-THING besides what you have had since 1986?

Maybe even ‘Communism’, in its truest form it promises the avg. guy the most.OR will you Filipino’s be too effin pig-headed and say “What? You fuckin commie bastard,fuck you’.? Filipino’s are so screwed and so stupid to keep putting up with the same shit over and over and over again,IT should be obvious that the current system doesn’t work and that it NEEDS TO BE REPLACED,at this point,ANYTHING ELSE would be an improvement.

….am commenting on this together with your earlier article on Bongbong Marcos, or more known within his inner circle as Bonget. I think I could feel why you are trying to pit the Marcoses and the Aquinos, though I could not as yet put words on that feeling. But, I could say that it is good BS Aquino (and his sister Kris, with her STD) has practically undone whatever legacy Ninoy and Cory supposedly handed over to history. If we are now to believe some of the articles coming out of media and otherwise, Ninoy and Cory are not heroes,… Read more »

History is important. If you don’t know history it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it. The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know.

1.Sabah claim was a futile claim. Like the Palistinian claiming a land in Israel or Quebec claiming their own land from Canada. 2.Jose Maria Sison is a Filipino who loves this country like everyone else. I don’t agree with his ideology, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love this country. He loves the Philippines more than Filipinos like me, who moved away. He stayed and fought. 3.Fraternity is nothing. Marcos was a Liberal like his parents. He flipped-flop to Nationalista. What kind of friend was Marcos? Putting your friend to prison for 8 years? Lost his job? Left him with… Read more »