Do Filipino Islamic terrorists deserve to be treated as equals by the Philippine government?

Let’s put it this way. Everybody has grievances to air with the Philippines’ “Central Government”. Whether it be unfair traffic fines, lack of water, parasites squatting on your land, heck, even billions in public funds being spent wantonly via un-auditable channels, everyone has one beef or another to take up with the government. More often than not, these grievances fall on deaf ears or get buried under piles of legal documents and bureaucratic processes. In the vast majority of cases, nothing gets resolved — which is why the Philippines is what it is: a hopelessly backward Third World basket case.

bangsamoro_basic_lawFor most of the unresolved big-ticket grievances, there are more than enough ways to justify possibly violent “extra-judicial” action; armed revolt, in other words. Indeed, many have argued that in most normal societies, the sorts of astoundingly audacious criminal activity like pork barrel thievery, top-level corruption, gross negligence and incompetence, and outright lying we observe in the Philippines’ top leaders and representatives should have resulted in a mass call-to-arms by now.

Fortunately for the powers-that-be, Filipinos simply lack the DNA to muster the killer instincts needed to mount such revolts. Whatever was left of it was Yellow-washed in 1986 after the “peaceful” revolution that Filipinos were made to believe would serve as the pre-eminent template for dissent that would keep future Philippine governments honest. And the traditional drumbeaters of revolution — Filipino commies — have all but squandered the brand equity of their tired old hammer-and-sickle flag.

Not Islamic terrorists, however. They remain resolute in their claim to the grievance-to-end-all-grievances in the Philippines — their “right” to self-government. They’ve all but convinced Philippine society that their grievances trump all the rest. Why do they trump all the rest? Simple. Because they are the only organised group outside of criminal mobs that the Philippine “Central Government” sits down to negotiate with as equals.

Kawawa naman tayong mga law-abiding citizens.

We the good citizens of the Philippines are frustrated enough helplessly standing by while our lands are colonised by “informal settlers” coddled by the very government officials on our payroll. Now we also have to watch with horror as terrorists who, we are told, have “legitimate grievances” demanding to be addressed, meanwhile roam the countryside with impunity savagely mowing down and hacking to pieces our police officers.

Where is the justice?

Will I get a seat at a negotiating table with the President if I punch a police officer in the face because I believed he issued me a traffic ticket unfairly? Not likely — not even if I go around stomping my feet in an epic tantrum claiming that this unfair traffic ticket is a legitimate grievance.

Perhaps a bit of road rage here and there feeds the odd viral video frenzy and subsequent occasional media circus it kicks up. But the point is that considering the reality that ALL Filipino citizens have their “grievances” not all of us kill people and justify that by citing the frustration we feel over these personal grievances.

Should the Philippine government take into consideration the “grievances” of a community who, presumably, are represented wholesale by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)? Sure, why not? But does the existence of such grievances presumably worthy of consideration be made out to be license to engage in criminal activity? Absolutely not.

When Pope Francis visited the Philippines in January 2015, Filipinos were euphoric that the pope would grace the shores of the biggest predominantly Catholic country in Asia.

Predominantly Catholic.

The interests of Filipino Muslims are presumably encompassingly represented by the MILF — which, one would think, is why the Philippines’ “Central Government” extended a seat to their “leadership” in a project that regarded them as a stakeholder — well, no, more like an esteemed partner in a partnership of equals — in a deal that would “benefit” ALL of Filipino Islamdom.

Even overlooking the fact that Muslims represent a small minority of Filipinos (a fact that the nation’s top talking heads and “thought leaders” exuberantly rubbed in at the height of papal mania in January), that would still be quite an unfounded privilege bestowed upon a group of criminal bandits by a “Central Government”.

The conclusion here seems quite evident: make enough noise and kill enough people over a long enough period and you get rewarded with a trip to Japan to meet the Philippine president to carve out peace in Mindanao.

Or should that be “a little piece of Mindanao”?

That’s Philippine-style justice. Then again, most Filipinos already know that.


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have you ever considered if Philippines was protected by sharia law, alot of the problems you have would all be gone? Have you ever thought there “terrorists” have a vision for the land and the people and want to take them in a new direction? oh pinoys do not think the muslim are weak if you you shoot one bullet at us we will shoot one rocket at you. A prayer for all my brothers Allah is my Lord, Islam is my Life, Al-Quran is my guide, The Sunnah is my practise, Jihad is my spirit, Righteousness is my character,… Read more »
Yes, what a shambolic state of affairs. Bargaining with terrorists that kill police-officers and get away with it. the douchbaggerry of the people who run that sham of a state should be ashamed of themselves.But unlike most Filipino’s these douchbags do not care about ‘loss of face’ and have no shame what-so-ever.Mind-numbing ignorance is the name of the game when it comes to the population that would put up with such shit.It is a staggerring reality that such circumstances exist when the Republic of the Philippines is first encountered, really hard to believe.But once understood, a quick read btw,it is… Read more »

The MILF’s long-term goal is an independent Islamic State in Mindanao and only the gov’t can grant that. The MILF should approach the gov’t in negotiation not the other way around. If two sides are in conflict, the first side who initiates negotiation is the loser and that’s what the gov’t is doing.

Er, civilized people having good education and ethical values would surely want to agree and work on something without resorting on violence. The problem is having a dialogue with the government leader involved on all the other grievances is no longer in the agenda. Left to their own devices, our government leaders would only present a short-term solution to the problem and would only look at the matter of the most recent concern. We also know that they are defensive to criticisms and their common practice is to lend a deaf ear to criticisms, petitions and organized rallies. Unless their… Read more »
“Do Filipino Islamic terrorists deserve to be treated as equals by the Philippine government?” Nope, of course not. but the thing is do we have the right to subject the Filipino people to further civil strife? Can you vouch for every single person who will die from now on if a full blown armed conflict takes effect? Especially now that a concern party is willing to talk? In a true blue and perfect world the rebels are squashed and the government wins and all are happy (well majority are). Unfortunately that was not the case in our own country. As… Read more »

Kill all of them before they spread out in other parts of the country. What do you think? Anyone?


Bakit tayo ang makikisama sa kanila, dahil minority lang sila dapat sila ang nakikisama sa atin, kung ayaw nila ed umalis sila sa Pilipinas, Hanap sila ng lugar kung saan sila pwede maghari-harian. At dahil terrorista silang maituturing, Kamay na bakal dapat ang gamitin sa kanila. Ika nga “spare the rod, spoil the child” Maaring pambata at walang sense ang kasabihan iyon pero malay mo magwork diba. Ipakita dapat ng gobyerno sa kanila kung sino ang tunay na “siga” ika nga nila. Hindi dapat sila katakutan bagkus dapat ang Gobyerno ng Pilipinas ang dapat katakutan. =)

Appeasement of any insurgent never works. The MILF has a political/religious ideology. Much like the Pre-World War II Japanese ideology. Every Japanese wanted to die for their Emperor Hirohito. The Emperor of Japan was believed as a “Living God”. So, they can become “Martyrs”, and admired always in Japanese society, if they die a martyr’s death. So, the “Kamikaze” (Divine Wind) Pilots, became human bombs, against those U.S. warships…and Japanese infantry made Kamikaze assaults on the U.S. Marines…death to them was glorious… It is the same political/religious ideology, the world is fighting now. Only, the God is Allah… I say… Read more »
I don’t mind any group worth its salt to be treated equally by the gov’t. so long as it is in our own terms. I say that because our gov’t. is the only establish institution that has authority over all parts of the country. One example of the danger of treating the enemy as equal was the recent PNP killings in Mindanao. How come the MILF has the gall to talk and negotiate with us when it cannot even exercise authority in an area supposed to be under their control? Granting that the PNP operatives unexpectedly ended up in their… Read more »
Here’s an enlightening view on the Mindanao problem and the perceived need for the Bangsamoro Basic Law from Philip Asperga, a Muslim who was born and has lived in Mindanao all his life. Please read so we’d all be enlightened about the problem amidst the din of clashing voices regarding the “need to pass the BBL”: Ako ay ipinanganak at lumaki sa Mindanao. Ang aking mga anak at apo ay dito din ipinanganak at lumaki.Kung mayron man nakakakilala sa mga MUSLIM kami yon na mga ipinanganak at lumaki dito sa Mindanao at hindi ang mga nasa Luzon o kaya sa… Read more »
the longer i live in the philippines the more prophetic i see these words: Take up the White Man’s burden, The savage wars of peace– Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease; And when your goal is nearest The end for others sought, Watch sloth and heathen Folly Bring all your hopes to nought. just like africa, when all the colonists left or were kicked out the country went to the dogs. why does the philippines even pretend to be a modern western country? it is not. it has the disguise of being one though. from… Read more »

Terrorism will never cease in a country where the so-called leaders are criminals and terrorists in disguise.

And that’s the one and only FAILIPPINES!!!

Suhestyon lang po sa pangulo o sa kung sino mang pinunong nakaisip ng BBL na ‘yan. Imbis na unahin po nila ang pakikipag-negotiate sa mga MILF o BIFF, dapat po ay inuuna nilang mabuwal ang rebel group at mapalitan ng grupo na ang layon talaga ay pagbutihin ang kabuhayan ng mga Muslim sa Mindanao. Kahit po paghihiganti at pagtatanggol sa kanilang lupain, pamilya, kalahi at sarili ang layon ng ibang myembro sa pakikipaglaban, hangga’t may hawak silang armas at nakikipagkaisa sila sa mga tulisan, mga pinunong ang layon ay isang hiwalay na nasyon na kanilang paghaharian, wala silang magagawa kundi… Read more »
@ benignO In the United Nations the mighty or lowly nation have only one vote. Negotiations are between and among equals. The Filipino Islamist terrorist is not a legitimate entity therefore the Philippine government must not negotiate with them. This is where all Philippine presidents failed because they did not recognize the fact that this issue is not against the Muslims as a people, but it is about the cause that the Muslims represent and that is to separate a nation. By natural law every individual has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness. The government supports… Read more »