President BS Aquino will not succeed unless he listens to his critics

Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is fed up with complaints about his administration. As far as he is concerned his critics can all go to hell because in his mind, he is doing an excellent job and no one can tell him otherwise. He will not accept any criticism even from his own allies. In fact, this is was what the President had to say to (former) ally Waldon Bello after the Akbayan Congressman wrote him a letter asking for the sacking of members of his cabinet who are involved in controversies:

He has so many complaints. My only advice to him is that, if he thinks only his views are right, in 2016, there are elections, he might want to run. And when he’s president, he can run things according to his vision,” Aquino said. “For now, I think I’m doing what I think is right.

Ally-turned-critic now on his own: Rep. Walden Bello
Ally-turned-critic now on his own: Rep. Walden Bello
There are so many things wrong with President BS Aquino’s statement. First of all, he contradicted himself once again. In a lot of occasions, he emphasized his willingness to listen to his bosses – the Filipino people. But apparently, his willingness extends only to the “bosses” who say “yes” to his term extension and to those who praise his administration.

Second, President BS Aquino’s statement seems to be saying that the head of state can do as he pleases without any accountability for his actions. This is evident in the way he dismisses calls for the sacking of alleged corrupt and incompetent cabinet members — some who are his close friends — and absolving them of any wrongdoing even before a formal investigation is conducted.

Third, President BS Aquino thinks that only those who win the election possess the credibility to provide solutions to the country’s problems. As if saying that ordinary Filipinos do not have ideas that could work. Sadly, he is not the only one in the Philippines who hold this irrational belief.

A lot of Filipinos would quite often challenge concerned citizens who criticize and point out what’s wrong with the government by saying “kayo na nga ang tumakbo” or to “just run for office and give managing a country a go.” Their thinking is flawed because a regular person does not have any chance of winning an election in the Philippines to begin with.

Unfortunately, the only candidates that get voted in by star-struck voters are the ones with popular names. Likewise, ordinary Filipinos simply do not have a chance against those who are already in office since the incumbents can use their pork barrel funds to buy votes and prolong their stay in power. Lastly, not everyone wants to work in government. Some people simply see and point out the problems when they encounter inefficiencies in government funded services and facilities. They express their frustration in the hope that the public servants will listen and improve the services. So asking people to run for office just because they complain doesn’t make any sense at all.

Even Waldon Bello, who is a prominent activist thinks he still needs an endorsement from someone like BS Aquino to have a chance at winning the election. Bello said that he’d only run for office if the President endorsed him. The chances of that happening after Bello annoyed BS Aquino is now nil. If he does decide to run on his own, people will just consider him a “nuisance” candidate.

When BS Aquino said that he is doing what he thinks is right, he came across as someone who is in desperate need of a reality check. Unfortunately, an arrogant man would rather die acting like a fool before he listens to people with “contrarian” views. His minders and rabid supporters do not help his cause. They exaggerate his capabilities and make him believe that he is god’s gift to the Filipino people. No wonder the President thinks he is doing an “excellent” job even when he is not. The victims of typhoon Yolanda can attest to this. They want him to resign for his government’s failure to address their basic needs a year after the devastating typhoon hit Tacloban City.

Vice President only on paper: Jejomar Binay
Vice President only on paper: Jejomar Binay
Another (former) ally who received some “advice” from the President is Vice President Jejomar Binay. In the same forum, BS Aquino dared Binay to sever ties with him if he had nothing good to say about the administration to which he belongs:

If he thinks we have shortcomings, he is a member of the Cabinet so he should tell us. If not, tell us how to improve the system. And that is not a choice for him to make but an obligation as a member of the Cabinet,” he said.

The President has a point except we all know that he doesn’t listen to suggestions. Considering VP Binay is the head of the opposition team and is even running for the Presidency in 2016, the last thing BS Aquino would want to do is listen to Binay’s advice on “how to improve the system” and make him look good to the voters. A lot of people say that the attacks being carried out on Binay has the President’s blessing. But since Binay is said to be close to the Presidential sisters, BS Aquino cannot go on an all out war similar to what he did to former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The situation is so complicated because the President and Vice President are just forced to work as a “team” even when they don’t belong to the same team. BS Aquino can’t even fire Binay because since he is part of his administration, the President cannot admit to having a staff who has “failed” in his duties lest it reflects badly on him. And this is why the President chooses his words carefully when it comes to Binay, even praising him for doing “good job” as head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) and as Presidential Adviser on OFW (overseas Filipino workers) Affairs.

Cannot handle criticism even from allies: President BS Aquino
Cannot handle criticism even from allies: President BS Aquino
BS Aquino is really in a bind. If he does not speak out against Binay, the people will think he is coddling a corrupt cabinet member. If he does speak out against Binay, the President could receive more criticism from the VP who may or may not know a compromising thing or two about BS Aquino. That is the last thing he needs.

My advice to BS Aquino is to stop acting too defensive when he gets criticized. Since he thinks his critics are not important to him anyway, there is no point focusing on them. He just looks pathetic when he complains about the people who criticize his government’s incompetence. He wants his critics to offer solutions but he wouldn’t recognize a solution even if it hit him. Otherwise, he would have fired Vice President Jejomar Binay, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala, Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes, Philippine National Police Director General Alan Purisima, and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad a long time ago.


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Incoming hostile, paid hack noytards in 3…2…1…

@ WTF ? Define succeed !!!! LMAO, it is seemingly the divine right of the President of the Philippines to rape and pillage and plunder the country into grinding, crushing poverty and to preserve the political dynastic ruling class.While at the same time throwing a bone, a bare one at that, to the group of Filipino’s that cry and complain the loudest. So, is the guy a success or a failure? You tell me, no wait, I don’t care,HA! and the ONE REASON IDC is that the people KNOW what needs to be done, but will not do it !… Read more »
The guy has always been there for his own agenda. He gets to define the disease and gets to define himself as a cure. He has never been one to take an opposing point of view graciously. Just gives his pikon act. Its always the usual ” me, mine, now “. Then again many pinoys can’t see through his spoiled brat act. Always talking in absolutes and motherhood statements  . Came in on his high horse and never got off. He has the monopoly of virtue in a world filled with scoundrels who all happen to disagree with him. The… Read more »

The Aquino who is NOT a corrupt, manipulative, incompetent, moronic piece of shit has yet to be born. Fact.

But then again the population who votes time, after time, after time, after time for the same scum deserves to get FITA.

fiction factory

President BS Aquino’s youngest sister, Kris Aquino, wants to become President of the country as well. It’s highly likely that she’s going to be President because of the gullible, dumb fawk & easily-paid impoverished electorates. Her forte & expertise, where she has a lot of personal experience, is how to fight herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia & trichomonas infections. Does “BS” stand for Boo Sheet?

I would like to coin the term “insulated administration” to describe how BS Aquino’s presidency is. All this talk of “listening to his bosses” is actually listening to his advisors and his hand-picked cabinet, which amount to pretty much nothing due to its circularity: president orders his cabinet, cabinet advises the president. Insulated, as it is. As for critics and BS Aquino’s treatment of them, nothing could be as childishly Pinoy when he tells them “Well, why don’t YOU become president?” Such a dismissive attitude betrays how the president undervalues his office, and perhaps how many Filipinos undervalue their own… Read more »
..I like your attitude, Ilda — hoping, hoping, hoping. My dear, your dear BS Aquino will not listen. It is not in his character. Even if you tried to crack his head with a large steel ball, that ball will disintegrate before his head does — how can you crack a crackbrained. ….Ikaw naman, umasa ka pa. He will NOT listen especially now that he is inside a BUBBLE. His rah-rah boys must be continually chanting the macro figures. Indeed, the numbers look bullish, and PNoy thinks he has done something great. They will not tell him that this has… Read more »

As Jojo Robles of Manila Standard said, Aquino’s government is a troll government, led by a troll-in-chief, since his reply of “you become president” is an arrogant troll’s reply.

Hyden Toro009

Aquino is delusional, self-righteous, idiot, lazy, with depression, paranoid, etc…

The faster the country can rid of him and his Hacienda Luisita, the better…