It is time for Filipinos to start REFUSING to be victims

Perhaps at the root of all the factors that contribute to the Philippines’ continued and foreseeable failure to prosper is a deeply-entrenched cultural artefact: victimhood. Filipinos like playing the victim card. It is the heart of its politics — a “victimised” people to whom populist appeals to hero rhetoric resonate. As such, Filipino politicians win and lose elections on the basis of success or failure to push a single button — the Victim Button.

President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, for example, won the presidency in 2010 by successfully pushing the Philippines’ Victim Button — by painting Filipinos as “victims” of their favourite historical bogeymen: (1) the previous administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and (2) the “dictatorship” of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Aquino just happened to be in a rare political sweet spot when the 2010 presidential elections loomed in the horizon. His father, the late former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr was Marcos’s most famous nemesis and the leader of the Opposition during “The Dictatorship”. He was also “martyred” in 1983 and credited for the rise of ensuing unrest that would eventually topple the Marcos “regime”. President BS Aquino was also fortunate enough to be a presidential candidate that followed the nine-year-long tumultuous rule of Arroyo. This afforded him a wellspring of hunger for “reform” upon which his campaign surfed.

President BS Aquino has since remained consistent to the forumula through the last four years of his term and will likely continue to remain true to his It’s-Arroyo’s-Fault and It’s-Marcos’s-Fault bukang bibigs over the remaining two.

philippines_victim_mentalityFilipinos finding comfort in being a victim has become a self-fulfilling attitude. The attitude lays the groundwork for the results (actual chronic victimhood) and the results enforce the attitude (perceived victimhood) — a psychological poverty trap at a national level that Filipinos need to escape. Will Filipinos be able to escape this Victim Mentality that imprisons their minds and keeps them mired in the idiocy of their country’s traditional politics? It is becoming quite evident that doing so has become a matter of national survival.

A model for victimhood as foundation for success can possibly be found in the Jews. Because the long-persecuted, shunned, and stateless Jews were reviled by their European hosts and barred from engaging in commerce for centuries, they turned their efforts to mastering a business craft their Christian hosts found detestable — banking and money lending. The rest is history, Jews now control many industries thanks to their willingness to venture to where other men were unwilling to go.

It can be argued that Filipinos are, at present, where the Jews used to be back in the Middle Ages. Filipino Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) now toil in jobs that people in their host societies refuse to do. When will Filipinos produce the equivalent of the banking industry’s Jewish Rothschild family in the industries and job sectors they currently are in the process of cornering (or so, we would like to think we are)? The idea that that may happen anytime soon, for now, seems farfetched. Indeed, a key difference is that the original Jewish bankers and traders directly managed and traded in the underlying capital of their trade and fledgling enterprises. The Filipino OFW force (and its cousins, the BPO and outsourcing industries), on the other hand, are mere employees of the world’s capital.

For now, a rather unsavory habit of self-described victims is that they always manage to find excuses for their victimhood. So it will take a monumental change in mindset amongst Filipinos to start extricating themselves from the vicious cycle of self-imposed victimhood and start refusing to be victims. A key to this change lies in reforming traditional Philippine political discourse which, for decades, has been built around strategies that re-enforce Filipinos’ feelings of victimhood by convincing them their poverty was “caused” by an “evil” external force and then selling them one form of hero-based notion of “hope” or the other that so-and-so messiah will swoop in and rescue them from said force.

It’s high time each Filipino step up and shout — perhaps in mass unison, someday — the words I am NOT a victim, and end the intellectual bankruptcy of the traditional campaign rhetoric their politicians have become comfortable with using as a tool to con them election in and election out over the last several decades.


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Jim DiGriz

Filipinos love to be victims, because in their minds it justifies their behavior of victimizing others.

Robert Haighton
Dear Benign0, IMHO, it needs a complete make over for all Filipinos to change their mentality and to become part of the 1st world countries. Personally, I think their behavior (and thus culture) is completely based on fear. For some reason they lack confidence. And what also doesnt help much, is the old fashioned, conservative traditions. It seems those OFW’s dont learn much from their host country where they work. What I really cant understand is that still so many believe in a religion and stick to it (well, at least in public). That as well can be a big… Read more »
Pinoy Pride

I disagree.

Pinoys are not victims. Pinoys are winners!


FILIPINOS are not taught how to be self reliant and independent at a young age. Look how the country turn out. One big Dysfunctional society.

Hyden Toro49

The victim mentality of the Filipinos are self imposed. The opportunist politicians understand this victim mentality. So, during elections; the politician offers a “panacea” to the voters. The politicians portray themselves as “Messiahs”. And, most of the electorates swallow this “political tactic” ; hook , line and sinker. After the election: “natanso na naman tayo…” This is a vicious cycle, that goes on and on and on…we alone can stop the vicious cycle…no one can…

John East

Dont be generalist…not all Filipinos are victims of fear, mediocrity, and the like. Look who are in the spotlight of sports? -Pacquiao.

Economically and policatically speaking, who runs the big businesses in the Philippines? Chinese. Who is President Aquino by the way? A full blooded Chinese with roots from Cojuangco and Aquino clan. Greediness has made them rich for their love for power, money and influence. They are the victims for they being the slaves of popularity and power.


Although I’m still hoping that perhaps sooner than later Filipinos would stand up against the incompetence and thievery of the politicians and their families and the government officials and employees, but looking at the newer generation, my hope is waning.

The new generation of children are becoming more lazy, irresponsible and parasitic than their parents. This is due to the fact that most of today’s Filipino parents are scared to discipline their children. As observed they are so proud looking at their children doing despicable undisciplined behavior in public.

Bill Kasi

The yellow media and the Christian’s religions are mostly to blame. They intentionally want the people to remain brainwashed for easier manipulations. For them, intelligence means independence from the yellow media and their religion’s control. Intelligent people don’t see themselves as victims.


Filipinos always like to play api and kawawa everyday: kawawa naman ang anak ko sa school, kawawa naman ang asawa ko sa pagpila sa MRT, kawawa naman yung pusa ko na nadapa, etc. Great insights, don’t stop writing articles like this Benigno. Let the balat sibuyas get butthurt.


What Filipinos fail to realize that playing the victim card leads nowhere for them. There’s alot of infamous people online that plays the victim card constantly and are failures because of it.

The biggest example I can think of is Christian Weston Chandler. (NSFW warning) Who because he loves to play his victim card, he refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions blaming it on his autism. And because of his victimization, he feels entitled to things he feels deprived of. Its a vicious cycle.


Baseless victimhood is usually the last stage before outright aggression.



@Robert H. “Elders” meaning elders in the family and that includes grandparents and great grandparents. You be surprised at how much most Filipino families are of Chinese descent and still applies the “Elder Members as the Head of the Family” culture. Those of Spanish descent will encourage independence but still has a say on who your marrying (Prominent Families) because marriage is also strengthening the place in society (Oligarchs)! Most young adults are submissive due to the perks of living within the “rules”, cars, maids, inheritance, guaranteed jobs with the big companies and pocket full of spending money from their… Read more »