Rubbish-littered Manila NAIA Terminal 3 airport lounge tells the real story

A photo of a waiting lounge littered with rubbish in Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has caught the attention of many people and is making the rounds on social media.


The photo was originally posted by former Philippine Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon on Twitter with the caption:

NAIA 3…trash left behind by passengers..if only they had done their patriotic duty to throw their trash in the bin.

The NAIA has for many years been consistently featured in lists of top worst airports in the world owing to the decrepit state of its physical structures and shoddy service within these that have made it world-renowned.

But this photo is evidence that airport officials alone cannot be blamed for its squalor — or for that matter the squalor of any public facility in the Philippines. What can be noted here is that the actual facility itself seems to be new and well-maintained. The floor is polished and the seats seem to be in good order. The problem here seems to be in the people who use the facility.

Indeed, ultimately what the Philippines is today reflects the character of the people who constitute the country.


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How true, Filipino’s that live in the Philipine’s are FUCKIN PIGS ! the first time I obsrved a Toyota ‘Hi_LUX’ pull off the CDO to Valencia highway to just thrwo out some garbage from a jollibee, ICBI and was repulsed. After living on a beach where every Monday the beach would be littered with the garbage that was not cleaned up by the Filipino’s that had visited that beach over the weekend ,I came to the conclusion :FILIPINO’s living in the Philippines are FUCKIN PIGS ! It is that simple, and obvious to any visitor that stays in the country… Read more »

I feel like there’s a lazy consensus that “that’s what cleaners are paid for” here. You see it in all fast food places where no one clears the shit off their tables, the only country I’ve seen that happen. Maybe it’s an effect of so many adults still living under Mama’s roof and not having any responsibility.

Grumpy Citizen

For a country that claims to value education, this product speaks volumes.

Basically, our educational system sucks.

Our government sucks most of all, for letting our educational system drown in its mediocrity.


Pinoys like us tend to think of our private spaces as inviolable and sacrosanct, but public spaces? Let them smell, let them fester, let them rot — it’s the other guy’s or the government’s problem anyway.

And people wonder why the metropolis is so fucking unsightly.


That’s just not exclusive of Philippine airports. i’ve seen it happen even in LAX, Heathrow or CDG. some people are just pigs. that’s all. you can’t generalize a whole group of people because of this instance, just like “Gerry” commented. most likely these passengers are “mang-mang” and “probinsiyano” and they probably litter their own backyards as such. Ruffy Biazon just made this picture viral, which is unnecessary and irresponsible, especially the fact that the whole world is already eyeing at Manila airports causing more bad rap we don’t need.

Jerry Lynch
There are several things at work here. Filipinos in general are not taught what to do with their trash, partly because there is no SYSTEM for proper trash disposal. In most places there is no refuse service that comes around periodically to remove household garbage so people “learn” to just pitch it wherever they can.Until a system that works is in place the problem will persist. This leads directly to the situation in the airport. There simply are not enough trash bins for people to use even if they want to. Then, to make matters worse, the entire airport itself… Read more »
Jojo Cuenca

What else do you expect from my countrymen. We’re not Japanese who love their country & will do everything to keep it clean. We shit & piss anywhere & everywhere. We throw our garbage anywhere & everywhere. Just look at our streets, sidewalks & slum areas. We’re kind of like filthy swines.


Tang ina nyo mga squatter!


I agree with all the sentiments… People just throw their garbage everywhere. Like the old commercial in the 80’s were a family just throw out the garbage off the window of a new car on a family trip and the head of the family says…iba na ang neat! It goes down why sewerage clogged up easily. And when it begins to flood, you would see people had their trash, neatly wrap in a garbage plastic bag and let it float like a paper boat, wherever it may lead up to, who cares!!!

triple r

three words: get real philippines

jim DiGriz
It is all a question of proper education. I used to live in Malate around the corner from St. Pauls College. The streets around the school were littered with garbage left behind by the students. They just threw about anything on the ground. I always asked, why no one in that school notices and cares about that? What kind of a college do they run? If I were in charge there I would get the students to pick up the trash around the school at least once a week to teach them not to litter. But we all know what… Read more »

Culture of corruption!
Culture of dishonesty!
Culture of Kayabangan!
Culture of wanna be!
Culture pa rin ng kababuyan!
Yan ang Filipino

I guess the “real” garbage disposal is an alien thing to a number of Filipinos. The fact that they throw their garbage anywhere shows that they see their country as trash mountain. Yes, it has something to do with your love for your country. Even Values Education or GMRC (good manners and right conduct) seemed ineffective anymore especially when kids would see adults carelessly flaunting their “dirty ways”. Since Filipinos are easily enticed by cool advertisements, maybe educating Filipinos on proper garbage disposals should be done in that form, too. Perhaps each person should also be given a flyer on… Read more »
triple r

Just can’t let this topic go. It’s such a mystery to me. How can a people who are so clean with their bodies just let their surroundings go to shit?

I just have to let it out… it takes everything I have to stop and not slap the shit out of any person I see littering.


probably those sitting there didn’t bother to stand up and throw their rubbish in the nearby bin for fear of not being able to regain their seats while doing their supposed ‘patriotic duty’


Reminds me of a Filipino cemetery after the burial.


This is a wake up call for NAIA management to do tough measures w/ regards to littering in or out of the airport! Teach those litterbugs a lesson!!!

leonilo estrella

Hindi naman lahat ng pinoy eh,tamad, tayo nga ang pinaka masipag, pag andun tayo sa ibang bansa, dito sa Singapore, marami bawal dito, pero mga pinoy masunurin, ewan ko ba sa atin bakit di sumusunod sa mga maliliit na bagay, gaya ng magtapon ng basura. Sana matuto na tayo, para din sa atin ito, at sana naman mga pinuno natin ay silang gabay para sa atin, matuto na kayo, mga pulitiko, patnubayan nawa tayo ng Maykapal.


Thats why i left the philippines…dont wanna go back to that hellhole specialy the visayan people oh…my God theyre nasty as fuck. And they dont know how to respect…

Kasalanan mo Ruffa Biazon at ng mga katulad mo sa ruling class kung bakit ganyan ang mga ugali ng mga Pinoy. Masyado kayo nag pabaya habang nasa position kayo. Kinuha nyo ng mga pera sa edukasyon, binabaan nyo ang standard ng edukasyon, kinurakot nyo ang mga pera na para sa mapa ayos ang NAIA, binulsa nyo ang pera na pang bili ng mga rubbish bins at dump trucks, etc.. Sa maikling salita, NAGPABAYA KAYO sa gobyerno noon pa! Kaya ayan ang bunga ng inyong kasakiman. Mga lider kayo ng mga baboy, bobo at mga inutil. Tapos kung makagamit kayo ng… Read more »