I am Joseph Scott Pemberton

I am Joseph Scott Pemberton. I’ve been that boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve been in dark alleys, rented rooms, and in the company of strange women. But I was lucky (like you’ve been lucky) that the person who could have harmed either of us just didn’t harm us at that time.

joseph_scott_pembertonIt could have very well been me who attracted the attention of an opportunistic predator in a foreign land whose culture I barely understand. It could have been you whose appearance just perfectly fit the profile of what you had been raised to believe is that of a walking ATM. Or maybe I could have been the kind of person before whom dangling a sexual hook had become as normal as breathing. After all, I am far from typical in dress and personality, and last week we learned that to many, that means I deserve to be had.

My deceiver could have believed that thinking with the wrong head amid the free flowing booze in a darkened hazy bar should cost me my youthful innocence. So he took the opportunity so casually reeling in what was but a fry.

A great catch nonetheless.

The worst part is that after my identification as a suspect, everyone else treated Joseph Scott the same way – like a bad seed, a pawn of the Evil Imperialist, and a murderous trained killer – instead of someone who was someone’s son, and innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of how you feel about him, Joseph Scott is also someone’s child. He is someone’s partner, brother, and friend. He had some kind of life – one that was changed in an instant by a deceiving person of the world, seven years his senior.

Take one look at the comment sections of news stories and you’ll see that this country’s warmth and kindness we brag about is a joke. It cannot exist when we lack the basic human trait of empathy.

When we say that someone deserves to be condemned (for whatever reason), we play God. We make judgments on something even the gods we worship would not.

Religion aside, when you say out loud that a person deserves vilification and summary judgment, you dare the fates for the same treatment to be delivered to you or to someone you love. When you lack empathy and speak of it, it only means you cannot place yourself in someone else’s shoes. You ask fate to do the favor of reminding you that what your fellow person has been through may also happen to you.

The thing is, it could very well have been you. Don’t say that you could have prevented it by not being in strange places or situations. Don’t say that you don’t do anything to arouse the attention of the opportunistic. Don’t even believe that just because you are an American, no one could possibly hurt you.

Joseph Scott could have been your son, or he could have been your best friend. We’ve all placed ourselves at risk at one point or another. You know that your children go to places you don’t even know. I don’t wish it for you, but always think before you speak because each one of us is only another person’s eye’s twinkle away from being taken advantage of.

I hope that if it happens to your son, no one will judge his skin colour, his job, or whether he behaved as expected of a 19 year old boy. I hope that if it happens to your son, the crowd won’t say it was because he was a trained killer, or that he deserved the deception he suffered for being the red-blooded male that he was.

The price of your life

I pray that if it ever happens to you, your family will seek justice even if going against a judgmental vindictive society and culture is pretty much a lost cause. I hope that your family will be able to grieve quietly and not be bombarded by media reports that your son has been summarily deemed a cold-blooded murderer, or that simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time and chatting up the wrong “woman” was equal in price to your future career in the US Marine Corps.

I hope the media reports don’t make you a headline and already assign “valid” reasons why you deserve to rot in a Philippine jail. I hope they never say it was because you were ten times stronger, because one can’t possibly just be a heterosexual teenage boy in the company of a 26-year-old man presenting himself as a woman.

I hope that when it happens to you, people won’t say that you asked for it. I hope people won’t flood comment sections to say your kind deserves to rot in a squalid prison for being “intolerant” of a person’s fraudulent representation of their “preferred” gender. I hope that in your moments alone spent in your holding cell while you wait for the Philippines’ “justice” system to move along at its characteristically glacial pace, you will be able to see the true colors of your “hosts” who are only too glad to rationalise why you should be held up in effigy, than to question why young Filipino women — and men — routinely swarm around white men in their own land.

I hope your hometown won’t write an article mentioning that you had been the kid that you are — “young, dumb and fulla cum” — after months at sea lusting after what you thought was a young woman – and then say that this youthful folly had made you deserving of the demonisation of an entire nation.

You are Joseph Scott Pemberton.

I hope that if it ever comes to the point when a dude-who-looks-like-a-lady’s grip is on your groin as you are being led to his bed, you count one to ten and overcome the revulsion millions of years of evolution had ingrained in your mind when you suddenly realise who you are with.

I am Joseph Scott Pemberton. You are Joseph Scott Pemberton. The difference between us is that I know that every life is precious and I lament the plight of my brother half a planet away in the midst of a baffling foreign culture as I want others to lament the bind I had gotten myself into while serving my country.

Your lack of concern, your summary and premature assignment of blame, and your passing of judgment only ensures that everyone’s life will be at the hands of a system that has been routinely unjust not only to me but to its own citizens. When you say with so much certainty that some kinds of people deserve to rot in jail for life, you make sure that someone out there believes your kind deserves to rot in jail, too.

[This is an unconventional commentary on Shakira Sison’s article I am Jennifer Laude published on Rappler.com, the 23rd October 2014. Some parts of this article were lifted verbatim in blocks (and italicised for reference) from Sison’s work and its structure, flow, and composition rendered almost identical to her work to emphasize the point of the message the author wishes to convey.]


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Hyden Toro380

It is a tragedy; but things happen in our world. The young U.S. Marine with raging hormones; was “decieved” by a woman/man, in a “night of love”, that turned into a “night of tragedy”; according to earlier media reports.

I cannot prejudge the case. So, I reserve my comments…may justice rule…


Yeah, and real justice will be for pemberton because majority of filipinos agree that he didn’t commit the crime but instead was done by the witness “barbie” who is a friend of laude and was there that night. We all know barbie did it because the evidences are pointing towards her but the media is still not reporting about it.


Geez benignO, you’ve got to get over this obsession with Pemberton. It’s getting creepy already.


LOL this is true. I feel like GRP will take whichever side that is NOT Filipino – wrong or right.


I noticed it too. I get that this is sort of like a parody to that rappler commentary. But seriously, does he have to counter every norms and find flaws on evry behavioral perspective of Filipino’s en masse


Nice article!


I get what you’re trying to say, I do. But “opportunistic predator?” and “Walking ATM?” Really?


Until you are actually made to feel like a Walking ATM, I can understand that it sounds like an exaggeration. My husband and I are both half Filipino, have been living here for years and speak the language fluently..but that does not change how we are perceived, not just by outsiders but by extended family as well.


Yes, walking ATM. It’s a standard phrase used jokingly by many foreigners living or visiting the Philippines who are familiar with the place. It is not an uncommon thing to experience.


Yes really. All foreigners there are looked upon as walking ATM machines. Seems to me that Pemberton was paying for sex with a woman not a man. So the transgender guy was looking for nothing more than money. He was engaged to a German who had, you guessed it, money.


I’m not sure what’s being argued here. Of course we need to reserve judgment on a case like this for the courts but I get the feeling that this article justifies the death of Laude at the same time. Is this satirical?

Sea Bee

I get the parody of the Rappler article. This includes a ridiculous assertion by you to counter one of hers.

hers: “white men routinely harm brown women in our land.”

yours: “…overcome the revulsion of millions of years of evolution had ingrained in your mind.”

Neither statement is substantiated by a shred of evidence. Both seem to be nothing more than personal prejudice.

Sea Bee

For your information: see Wikipedia: “gay panic defense”.

I find it appalling that these “activist” whine so much about this being a hate crime while completely disregarding the thought that Pemberton wouldn’t have touched HIM had the “transgendered” not made any questionable moves. Those left-leaning whiners actually think their precious Jeniffer is completely innocent from all this! Take about being one-sided. I’m glad this takes the other, and realer, side of this affair. You know…I was really gonna tear up at this (no homo), until I found out in the end that you just based it off from some narcissistic rappler article (how fun!). Lack of emphaty, intolerance,… Read more »

I still want justice to be served here, however. No matter how it happened, a crime is still a crime and must therefore be paid for. Be it a “crime passionel”, manslaughter or genuine murder Pemberton should be thrown to jail for killing Laude. Simple as that.


Pemberton didn’t kill jennifer, it was her/his friend “barbie” who did it. All the evidence are pointing right at her/him (since this barbie isnt a real woman either), if u were a filipino like me you’d know

Dancy Thomson

You might right about it. If the mother of Jennifer claims that her son loss some money Joseph Scott won’t bother to take that maybe the friend of Jennifer did.

I read something about this affair recently. An American soldier came up as a witness saying that this “Barbie” came to him drunk(supposedly) and told him his “friend”(Pemberton) killed Jeniffer. Thinking the girly-boy was drunk, he must have thought it was nothing. Later, the receptionist(was it?) would find Laude’s boy. Something odd about this ha? If you think so, consider yourself intelligent. If this Barbie found out a marine killed his (or her, whatever) friend Jeniffer then why wasn’t (s)he all frantic? Wouldn’t (s)he have run around the hotel screaming for help? Why would he tell the incident only to… Read more »

yea, but you don’t kill the person.
we’ve all been fooled by strange and predatory people. he killed the person. if there is no evidence of self defense and the issue could have not been settled by other means, then there is no excuse.


well, at least some logical comments in the end.

People tend to forget the “Bill of Rights”, once the idiot activists start screaming. These are the same activists who scream foul, and demand their rights, when it’s their butts on the line.


nognog from makati

RIP, Laude. Jeffrey Jennifer was wrong for deceiving Pemberton. Pemberton didn’t have to kill Jeffrey Jennifer, though. Didn’t they find a condom with semen & fecal material in their motel room? Pembi drilled Jeff Jenn in the hiney?


I still don’t see an article taking sides on Noynoy’s statement regarding his visit (or lack thereof) to Laude’s wake. I’d like to see it, but it’s easy to imagine Noynoy as a rock, Laude as a hard place, and GRP’s previous stances on both people condemning it between said rock and hard place.

(Which is probably why I wouldn’t see it — better to hate both Noynoy and Laude than be seen agreeing with either of them, as (gasp!) it messes with the Noynoy-the-scheming-dolt and Laude-the-homo-trickster portrayals real badly, yeah?)


I get it, but in the end. If he was the victim, who is dead now? He should have just kicked his ass and stormed out. No matter how younger he was than the guy, murder is murder. A mistake is made, he should answer for it. If it is up to the courts, then let it be so. People are quick to judge, but it not up to us, because we don’t have the power at all. In the end, what people say is not important and justice must be served.

Yes, well, tough shit Joey. You killed someone when a good swift puch in the face and kick in the ass would have sufficed. Was your ‘massive ego’ so dreadfully hurt that you could not get over the fact that you were in fact attracted to a guy dressed as a hot chick? was that it? U could not allow yourself to be fooled, so had to take the nastiest action possible and kill the guy? Sorry Joey Pemberton, you are a murdering asshole and the only reason your gonna get away with what you did is because you are… Read more »

I love you for this comment.


Jennifer who was in a relationship with a German or should I say, who was engaged shouldn’t be in a motel room with someone else. I’m just saying.
But then, he/she didn’t deserve to die.
Lets just hope for a fair trial.

peyl sheeds

Either A or B:

A) German fiance’s monthly financial support wasn’t enough by Laude’s standard, so Laude rented his/her mouth & butt-hole to boost his/her finances.

B) German fiance gave Laude so much money every month. More than what he/she & his/her family needed, but Laude’s addicted to white foreigner penis & baby batter, and being faithful to the German fiance didn’t mean squat.


Nailed it. Simple as that.

After their sex, Laude may have confided to Pemberton that she* is a transvestite. Pemberton got so enraged that he just fucked a shemale. That made him beat the hell out of Laude and dunked her* face into the toilet bowl. Pemberton intended only to beat Laude but, in the act of rage, Pemberton exerted more force and unintentionally killed Laude. Pemberton may have even tried to revive Laude in vain and left the place in panic. So, Laude’s killing could be unintentional. A straight guy may also maul Laude for his action. I, myself, will punch her* in the… Read more »

Benigno u quoted the vendetta movie. You are a fake and a plagiarizer. What are you tying to prove with your fake lines. You can fool your fellow filipinos,but no not us americans. You should be shamed and jailed

Rey Pinyoco

The guy lost control and murdered someone or they may be doing kinky S&M stuff where the other dude died, who knows? A lot of psychoanalysis, viewpoint storytelling, and event theories going around that it’s already spawned an almost MMK storyline.

The point here is that J.S. Pemberton has the blood of his fellow human on his hands and justice should be met out.


If you would just know that 90% of filipinos are mad at jennifer laude and her family. We all believe that joseph is innocent and that the witness “barbie” is who we believe as the real suspect, and we feel sad for joseph scott that if it does come out as this his reputation got damaged as well as his life all just because he wanted to have a good time and was caused by a transwoman. We are hoping and praying that the truth will come out and that real justice will be served for pemberton

Juan Bilog

Amen, brother. Free Joseph Scott Pemberton!!!


U see Benign0, you make sense when you are not bias.