Why Andray Blathche Being A Proud Pinoy Makes Perfect Sense

Just in time for the June 12 holiday, an NBA player is proud to be pinoy.  NBC Rotoworld called it one of the strangest stories of the off season. If Andray  Blatche is proud to be Filipino, can I be proud to be part of the 1972 Maimi Dolphins?

Maybe I am old fashioned to believe that the Filipino team should be composed of Filipinos.
Maybe I am old fashioned to believe that the Filipino team should be composed of Filipinos.


Blatche was able to play in the NBA for nine seasons despite being drafted towards the middle of the second round. He was born in Syracuse, New York in 1986 and was drafted out of high school which he played in New York state. Please tell me where I missed his pinoy connection.


Andray Blathche is now a Filipino. The Senate passed  a law last month according to the Inquirer that allows him to be a citizen.  In a country where people drive drunk, kill other people and don’t spend a minute in jail, this makes total sense. So how is that Ampatuan massacre trial coming along?  It has only been five years. Nice to know all that legislative fire power is being put to good use. By making it legal for someone who has no substantive connections to this country able to play basketball for this country. No wonder our law makers continue to be paid while serving jail terms. Pinoy pride should start with our law makers.


Maybe I am the one who is stupid for believing that the Philippine team should be composed of, what am I thinking of, oh.. Filipinos.  Win or lose, they are yours because there is a connection. While sticking to the world of basketball, I do not understand why the PBA considers someone who never lived or went to school in the Philippines as a “Filipino” yet someone whose parents have roots in service to the community and who played for Ateneo is not considered Filipino. I discuss Kirk Long and Sean Anthony more in this blog.


Jessica Sanchez did not spend one second on Philippine soil before our newspapers saw it fit that she deserved headlines back in May 2012. So what if her mother was born here? She did not watch the same TV or take up the same subject matter in school that defines our community as Filipino. Unless your criteria has nothing to do with those cultural traits. There is a word for that line of thinking.


I already had my issues with the so called national team.  No other national team has as part of their team name, a corporation. Again, it all makes sense because pinoys by nature are KSP and epal. In the Philippines, our president is not our president because of what he did but because of who his mom is and when she died. No need to look at his blank resume. Blatche played nine years in the toughest basketball league in the world, I have no idea how anything else he did in his spare time made him a Filipino?


I have no idea what makes him one of us. Does liking reggae make me Jamaican? Does loving Lamb Rojan Josh make me Indian? He claims to have seen impoverished kids playing in waist deep water and that made him want to play for us. Again if I have a crush on Sofia Vergera does that make me Colombian? This logic makes one worthy to represent a country? Just my opinion but anyone who was not born here, does not speak the language or never lived here who wants to be associated with this dysfunctional place enough to represent it I assure you did not go to college. If that is all it takes to be Pinoy, why should pride be associated with something so shallow?


Noynoy Aquino declares an NBA player  from Syracuse New York a Filipino since he is our Magic Johnson.
Noynoy Aquino declares an NBA player from Syracuse New York a Filipino since he is our Magic Johnson.

This monumental moment in the annals of Philippine basketball is still actually pending the formal endorsement of our own Magic Johnson, Benigno Simeon Aquino III. I call him that because look at where was June 30th 2009 and what happened to him in the space of twelve months. If that is not magic I have no idea what it. Sorry, no Sixto Brillantes wise cracks.


If Malacanang is big enough to hold 11 Abads and it not be nepotism, why not create a law to grant citizenship to basketball players that can't even spell the name of the country?
If Malacanang is big enough to hold 11 Abads and it not be nepotism, why not create a law to grant citizenship to basketball players that can’t even spell the name of the country?

Coach Chot Reyes firmly believes Noynoy will make Blatche a Filipino citizen. Then again this is the same Noynoy who paid the bail of Grace Padaca and saw nothing wrong with it.  The same Noynoy who uses his predecessor as more of a  token notch on a bedpost than an actual conquest.  Noynoy is so proud of that expensive circus he was so happy to put Corona through. There was no disbarment, there was no jail time when you consider the cost to the taxpayer. I am not including the 50 million paid per senator that said yes. That is also coming from the taxpayer. Janet Napoles is accused of making a ton of taxpayer vanish and yet Noynoy Aquino firmly believes the gate keeper of that money has nothing to do with it. Like I said, Magic.


They say over 90% of what constitutes an iceberg is underwater. Meaning what you initially see is only 10% of what is really there. Noynoy claims victory over Gloria but she was never convicted. For all the hoopla of the Corona hearing, he is neither in jail or disbarred. They got him on SALN understatement yet those who stood on judgement were not subject to the same standard.  With people like Noynoy Aquino who are all show and no dough, it makes total sense he legally makes Andray Blatche a Filipino citizen. It makes total sense because Noynoy has made a profession of not making sense. Then again Pinoy voters do not make sense voting in the Noynoys of this country into office.


They say things happen in threes. On Monday we had  a senator’s privilege speech that had a music video. On that same day we had a congressman with no  history of organized basketball appointed  coach of a “professional” team. With apologies to the son of Erap I am rounding off this set of threes with the Filipino law makers. Andray Blathche is not the cause of Filipino stupidity but simply the symptom. I bet if he played for another Asian team that beat the pants off of us, pinoys would be screaming “daya!” Do you believe his sob story of kids playing in waist deep water motivated him to give up his off season playing for a country he barely goes to? I don’t. I would sooner believe he was paid 50 million pesos out of the pork barrel fund to play for this country. It is truly Independence Day here in the Philippines.