Philippine activism FAIL: Now that the Napoles Lists are out WHAT NOW?

I desperately need to ask all the idiots who made a lot of noise clamouring for the release to the public of all these Napoles Lists this simple question:

What now?

See, I’ve long asserted that a proper and modern investigation of the pork barrel scam can be mounted without these lists. For that matter, we don’t need the help of all these “whistleblowers”. We can throw them in prison tomorrow and still dig up the truth if there is a sincere will to do so. More importantly, we do not even need Janet Lim Napoles. Indeed, it was Napoles who created all this confusion to begin with by distributing these inconsistent lists to these bozos (among them the President, the Justice Secretary, and an ex-police chief no less). Pretty clever, if you ask me. I think Napoles really deserves her millions — and Filipinos really deserve to be stolen blind. Science has long proven that nature tends to reward intelligence.

Everyone in the Philippines’ little clique of self-appointed “thought leaders” have been played for fools. It is a no-brainer that Filipinos have long known that Philippine Senators and House representatives steal pork barrel funds as a matter of routine. Back on the 13th August 1996 — eighteen years ago — the Philippine Daily Inquirer had published an “award-winning” exposé on Pinoy-style pork barrel thievery.


Back then, there was no Napoles, no bad-hair-day media-whore whistleblowers, no Napoles Lists, no social media “activists”, no “#ScrapPork Network”, and no “daang matuwid” BS president. All the data needed to nail crooked Senators and House Representatives to the wall already existed — just as these all exist today. Perhaps the auditors who were responsible for ensuring the security of these public funds should be thrown in prison as well.

Now that the Napoles Lists are out, we see the idiotic tweets and Facebook rants of every “activist” and her dog now dismissing them as “sanitised”. Well, thanks a lot. You’ve all been had because you all would rather dance to the tune of the popular sentiment of hollow-headed “indignation” instead of applying a bit of thinking for a change.

It’s simple, really.

The investigation need not revolve around Napoles. It should revolve around a full audit of all funds channeled through Congress over those last 18 years (at least) since the Inquirer ran that report. With all this technology at our disposal and all the pontificating about Big Data by IT consultants, you’d think that all that would be possible in the 21st Century.

All these bozos on social media keep harping about “freedom of information” (FOI daw). Well, the acid test for an FOI “advocacy” is staring them in the face. It is not about putting stuff on websites or making fancy iPad apps that a bunch of latte-sipping Starbucks barnacles can play with in their so-called “tweetups”.

Are there no intelligent activists nowadays? Thanks to this crop of hollow-headed digital parliamentarians, these Napoles Lists and the idiots who waved them like flags for weeks — mere pieces of asswipes now — were made out to be the most important components of the investigation into national pork barrel thievery.

Holy wild goosechase Batman!

Rather than move the initiative forward, it is now hopelessly setback. That’s Pinoy-style “activism” for you. Paatras ang asenso. Guess what: we are in for another Senate tele-inquiry. That’s like asking a crook to investigate his own crime. Pretty much enough to keep this Bobotante Nation distracted for the next two years — enough time for President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III to escape.


Hoy Pinoy, sumayaw ka na lang ng ocho-ocho.

Welcome to the 1990s. We can only hope Marty McFly will show up in his DeLorean and whisk Pinoys Back to the Future.


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for all of these “clarity of mind” revelations, i’ve been wondering why people like you aren’t leading anybody else as a rallyist, or as politician, or anything that can be described as leading towards “preemptive actions”. i’m not even sure if you guys are even on Philippine soil. but i think those’re the keywords that needs to be said : “preemptive actions” i think every intelligentsia in this country and within their personal capacity, has the “noblesse oblige” of guiding,teaching, and steering the rest of the ignorant masses away from imminent danger, rather than shouting loudly. “HAHA! I told you… Read more »
Dale Gozar

Our Government, Congress & Judiciary are now blatantly fooling every Filipino with total disregards of people’s sentiment.

Are Filipinos really stupid or we simply do not care what future & legacy we left our children?

Our government controlled media had successfully brainwashed our people, spread lies and promoted an anti-intellect society.

“Government don’t want a population capable of critical thinking. They want obedient workers, people smart enough to run machines and dumb enough to passively accept their situation”. – George Carlin

Jim DiGriz
benign0, what you said would only ring true if there would not have been any list in the first place. The “what if” question does not apply. Not showing the list is no good either as it would create just as much confusion. It is better that the lists have been released and now that that’s out of the way, we move on. Releasing the list and doing the investigation that you asked for is apples and oranges. The real question is if there was ever ANY willingness by ANYONE to do a real investigation. And calling me an idiot… Read more »
NOD if You Agree

Pardon my ignorance, but what good does the investigation of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee do?
If they find the individuals on the so called “List” guilty, do they send them to prison?


Well at least one person, Benigno, knows how FUCKED the investigation /country really is. Having thieves investigate their own crimes is an exercise in futility that Filipino’s should be used to by now. It is only necessary to follow the events inside the country for maybe 7 years to know what the outcome will be from the ‘Blue-Ribbon’ committee that will no doubt be set-up…and that is …NOTHING!!!

The country is doomed, fucked beyond repair. Blow it up and starting all over could not be a worse suggestion.

Hyden Toro

The Napoles list is like a “panis na kanin na”…I’m tired of listening to it…

Those in the lists will surely investigate themselves; declare themselves: “not guilty”…continue their term….run for re-election, (or run for higher offices)…win another term (or higher office)…then, steal more Pork Barrel Fund…it is a revolving door scenario…like a wheel within a wheel…never ending nor begining…


What Now? Nothing, business as usual.
Thieves do not stop stealing unless someone actually stops them.
Philippines is a country with no law and order and no one is prepared to stop the thieves from stealing.
They will steal more and more the liberties will get bigger and bigger, and you lot will get poorer and poorer.

My stay in the philippines/asia is now completed, so a few concluding comments and observations below, as i return to london for the summer, before pastures and challenges anew in brazil/south america. But, firstly, my thanks to Ilda, Benign0, and their colleagues for their intellect, insights and opinions, especially in a country where such qualities are not only rare, or fully appreciated, but where freedom of thought/ individual expression/creativity is almost actively discouraged, and where honesty is clearly not a core value, (and with IBM’s help, government monitoring is about to take on a whole new dimension, not to mention… Read more »
Johnny Saint


For those willing to speculate — invest in local hospitals. If the DOJ and/or the Ombudsman bring charges against these public officials, you can expect the lot of them to claim some kind of debilitating medical condition requiring specialised 24-7 medical care that isn’t readily available through the Bureau of Corrections.

Hospitals will need to build new patient ‘suites’ for them to stay in while under ‘hospital arrest’ and hotel rooms for their retinues and various hangers on. Here’s to the NEW WAVE of medical tourism. As Gogs says — ‘Proud to be Pinoy!’


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