Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA): Why America is NOT the enemy!

So America’s awesome military is now well on its way to staging a triumphant return to the shores of its bosses’ hapless former colony. The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) “highlights” the recent meeting between Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III and US President Barack Obama. However, reports abound that many Filipinos supposedly aren’t happy with the deal which, in practice, works around constitutional bars against many forms of US troop deployment within Philippine territory. While the rhetoric surrounding this negativity may be loud, it is old and lame.

Left without US military assistance, the Philippines is a largely helpless and defenseless nation.
Left without US military assistance, the Philippines is a largely helpless and defenseless nation.
Militant group Gabriela (supposedly a champion of “womens’ issues”), for example, expressed fears that the increase in US troop deployments to the Philippines will result in an increase in crime around areas where they are stationed. According to Gabriela party-list Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan “the country could see a rise in women and child abuse cases as a result of the 10-year defense deal that will allow greater US military presence in the country.”

“They will still violate and go around the provisions. Tayo pa rin ang dehado.”

Ilagan said aside from a possible rise in cases of human rights violations, the defense pact can also cause damage to the country’s environment.

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares shared Ilagan’s sentiment against the deal. “Ang daming nangyaring krimen noong panahon ng bases – rape, child prostitution, illegal drugs, human rights violations – mayroon ka bang nalaman na isang Amerikanong na-convict?”

Ilagan seems to conveniently forget, however, that many of the most heinous crimes in the Philippines are perpetrated by Filipinos themselves. Indeed, it is likely that crime that can be directly attributed to American military personnel is statistically insignificant. Indeed, the most recent high-profile crackdowns on child abuse in the Philippines were, in fact, initiated by foreign law enforcement agencies. This is another example of the way Filipinos are motivated by foreign pressure first before any self-initiative. Left to their own devices, local law enforcement agencies will have likely left that cancer to fester right under their noses.

Ilagan should also consider the tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of Filipino lives that were saved and relieved of their misery by the awesome might of the US military back in late 2013 after super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. If there were “victims” of “human rights violations” supposedly perpetrated by US troops in the past, as Ilagan points out, maybe that bit of math will put things in a bit more perspective for the honourable party-list “representative”. Perhaps Ilagan should, instead, spend her days going after her colleagues in government who make a killing syphoning off money intended for the rehabilitation of the disaster areas.

More to the point, the country is currently reeling from a vast corruption scandal, the scale of which investigators and observers alike are only beginning to understand. Though top members of the Philippine Senate have been implicated (and many more have yet to be revealed) in this appalling case of national plunder, many Filipinos doubt that any of these officials, most of whom are backed by large, powerful, and wealthy political machines, will ever see a day in prison.

Suffice to say, there are other, more pressing things Filipino “activists” should be worrying about than, say, American GI’s on Philippine soil. Perhaps they should keep the heat on pork barrel thieves and murderous Mindanao warlords like Andal Ampatuan rather than on a country and its government that, according to recent research, Filipinos love. In short, the Filipino people’s enemy is not America — it is themselves and the government they’ve built for themselves. It’s high time our so-called “activists” figure that out.

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The government for the people, by the people


Maybe the bases and their immediate area would look nice again with the Americans back and not steaming piles of garbage when they left.


I don’t know what to think about this deal. I’ve read up on US news and the current corruption of the Obama administration, and I don’t think Obama’s visit marks a good sign. I’m afraid that there will be worse effects to this deal. Americans could be planning a war with China, and could be using the Philippines as an accessory. The soldiers might be able to help us solve a social issue or two, but I think they might create more social issues than they are supposed to solve.


Philippines, America’s rent boy in Asia. Some things never change colonized by the Spanish and 500 years on still being told what to do by foreigners.


Speaking of victims, what happened to that lady that got raped in a van by US troops? Isn’t she living in the US now? At least that’s the last I heard of that issue.


hope not to see another communist-fanatics naming wars here.

So far, if they’re worried about the possible crimes that may happen then shouldn’t they be hinting more on our justice system?

So in a way we don’t have to worry about a possible Chinese aggression as much as we should worry about the pork barrel case and what to do with the people involve.


Don’t know why the US would bother wasting, money and blood defending a thankless lot who mostly do nothing but twist facts to play the usual victim card. The US should let Philippines swing in the breeze and see how long it takes for the tune to change. For the record I’m not American.

Rey Mendoza

I WONDER why the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) is eerily silent on the Philippine nuclear-free policy?

Solid Snake

Gabriela and Bayan muna doesnt want US forces in our country because the americans will help our govt obliterate the communist insurgents that are of the same kind as the 2 said partylists/groups. I myself am ashamed that we filipinos have to rely on foreign forces for our own defense.


Hmm, Gabriela didn’t mention that other excuse, that Americans will stimulate prostitution when they come back. The thing is, the Americans didn’t ask for prostitutes, it’s the pimps who offer them.

And of course, some anti-Americanists want to shift the blame on problems of the country to the foreigners, so that they will absolve themselves of the faults of our culture that are our own, and do nothing. Faults such as being disrespectfully noisy and discourteous towards others.


“They will still violate and go around the provisions. Tayo pa rin ang dehado.” -Ilagan.

Gabriela and those other similar groups should be reminded about something called “Presumption of innocence.” or “Innocent until proven guilty.” What happened? Did they just throw that out of window? They should be careful of throwing accusations like that. And I also think that comment against foreigners is racist, they might as well say the same thing to regular tourists.


@ Benigno, True dat Mon! The problem in the Filippines is a corruption based political system that is just robbing the country blind. The fact that most filipino’s, as the article stated ‘do not understand’ the size and scale and scope of the current plundering of the treasury and entire economy speaks to the utter idiocy of the people.

Your being robbed blind by these scumbags! What is soooo hard to figure out? Does the Filipino really need a weather man to know which way the wind blows?
Apparently, uh…YES!

Hyden Toro
If American trrops are present in our soil…surely American pressure will be on the politicians again to work for American interest.. I believe for the independence of the Philippines, on all matters…we should learn to defend ourselves; solve our own problems; handle our own affairs…this is the way to grow maturely… If American troops are here…would you believe they would erect ther tents in far away places in the Philippines? No…sir… They would need good housing; good warehouses to put their equipment and logistics; and good entertainment (prostitution)… If we can learn to stand by ourselves…other countries will help us…other… Read more »

The USA is the only friend that the Philippines has, that matters. The USA is always there for the country when the disasters strike, so why would people NOT want them there?
It might be different if the Philippines was not corrupt and spent its peso’s on strengthening the country..but it all get sstolen so what are you going to do, bite the hand that literally feeds you?
Fiipino’s are their own worst enemy.

Hyden Toro


If you leave us alone…we will not starve…
why are you here , anyway? What is your business here? To teach us?
No…you want again your bases back…because you want to make more corrupt our politicians…

Hyden Toro


You speak English, and you cannot even understand/define self-respect and dignity?

Another imported YellowTard professing to be wise…

I have to say that this party list representatives are just a waste of the peoples taxes. As they say…narrow streets breed narrow minds. Its all elementary. The EDCA is there not only for us Filipinos but for the security of the whole region. As it is you think we can defend our nation against country that is for so many years treated us like we don’t exist. The audacity to take over our territory and they claim that it is theirs because of a law they created entitles 3 or nine dot line. They need to know that they… Read more »

The EDCA document:


Read Article XI and even a non lawyer would understand it.


I was curious why the lefties hate US so much and I’ve found the answers here:



With exception to those sincere patriots, those blabbermouths against the American military presence in the Philippines are most probably financed by Filipino politicians.

They shout slogans against the Americans but they worship whatever products made in the USA. Despicable hypocrites!

Filipino politicians’ and government officials’ mindset could never enhance the country’s military capabilities because they’re so scared to spend even for school buildings. They prefer to pocket the amount budgeted rather than spend it for the designed purpose.