Is the sex trade all Filipinos have to offer to visiting US troops?

Apparently certain Filipino activists think so. Spokesperson for Pagkakaisa ng Kababaihan para sa Kalayaan (Kaisa Ka) Proleta Gomez, in a statement implied that the “support” the United States Armed Forces receives from the Philippines as it increases its troop deployment there under new agreements with the Philippine government is likely to be mainly in the form of sexual services…

She said the “sex trade” appeared to be the “sales pitch” of United States Ambassador Philip Goldberg and Olongapo City Mayor Rolen Paulino, based on the announcements they made following a closed-door meeting the two had in the city last March 3.

Goldberg thanked the Philippines for “its support for increasing the number of US troop visits to Olongapo and expanding the liberty area for visiting US sailors,” Gomez told a rally commemorating the International Women’s Day this week.

Honor Blackman as James Bond's nemesis Pussy Galore
Honor Blackman as James Bond’s nemesis Pussy Galore
Apparently, Gomez does not see the irony in the dirty mind she applies to making the above statements. Consider the words used by the US Ambassador with an open mind and the sex trade would likely have been the farthest from your mind. Not for “women’s freedom” activist Gomez, though. For Gomez;

US servicemen plus Philippine “liberty area” equals pussy galore.

Does that equation necessarily compute? Well, to be fair, what else would a shipload of twenty-something red-blooded American seamen be looking for on a shore leave after months at sea? It’s not as if Filipino sailors are any more “virtuous”. Pinoy seamen after all are renowned for the pains they take to perform their duty to please their booties…

Many Filipino sailors make small incisions in their penises and slide tiny plastic or stone balls — the size of M&M’s — underneath the skin in order to enhance sexual pleasure for prostitutes and other women they encounter in port cities, especially in Rio de Janeiro. “This ‘secret weapon of the Filipinos,’ as a second mate phrased it, has therefore obviously something to do,” Lamvik wrote in his thesis, “‘with the fact that ‘the Filipinos are so small, and the Brazilian women are so big’ as another second mate put it.”

Filipinos, therefore, shouldn’t be too quick to judge American navymen — or the nature of the “support” the Philippines might extend to them. What happened to our renowned “hospitality”? The Philippines, after all, is a country that claims to be “more fun” for its visitors.

What Kaisa Ka‘s Gomez really accomplishes is highlight the reality that she is unable to imagine Filipino women being anything else to US troops other than the very prostitutes she fears would proliferate when they start coming.


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Proud Pinoy
Actually, visiting troops are most impressed by… 1. Filipino cuisine ranks among the best in the world. French chefs actually could learn a thing or two from our amazing culinary skills. 2. The Philippines has the best beaches in the world. Boracay and Palawan! Need I say more? Foreigners seeing our beaches realize that they have been wasting time in less remarkable beaches in Hawaii, French Polynesia, The Caribbean, and the Maldives. Nothing can really compare to what we have here. 3. Filipino beauty. I know, it ends up in sex a lot of the time. But this only proves… Read more »
Amir Al Bahr

Oh god, not that pa-victim and “US superior – Pinas inferior” mentality crap again. Haven’t Pinoys had enough of that?

Way to go for “Women’s month” for cracktivists like her.


If only all the pucking poreners would puck off…no more pokpok in pilipines…yeh right

Filipino food among the best in the world??? Only filipinos can eat it!!! In all countries around the globe you will find, chinese, italian, greek, vietnamese, mongolian, spanish, russian and so on restaurants that EVERYONE goes, the filipino restaurants you find abroad are located where filipinos live and ONLY filipinos go there, the food is not edible to international standards. Almost all the beaches are polluted with plastics and all kinds of sewers plus all the fishing remains garbage. Very few nice and pristine beaches. Filipina beauty…yes in porn movies!!! Other than cheap women and filthy filipino men who will… Read more »
Hyden Toro
U.S. Navymen who come for Rest and Recreation in the Philippines; are looking more than R & R. It was U.S. Gen. Hooker, of the Union U.S. Army; who took care of his troops with prostitutes. This is the reason, prostitutes in the U.S. , are called “Hookers”. U.S. Gen. G. Patton, told his troops: “An Army who cannot, cannnot fight.” Japanese Imperial Army troops, had its “Comfort Women”, during World War II. I hope those Filipinos Navymen are not putting, “Mata ng Kambing”, to enhance their sexual performance more…are there a shortage of “kambing” in the Philippines? “Bulitas”… Read more »

What do you call a filipina prostitute
A dumbf@ck

What do you call an american sailor
F@cking dumb


[…] read with interest benign0′s recent piece Is the sex trade all Filipinos have to offer to visiting US troops?. It was quite an eye-opener for me. I realize now why this country is screwed. We not only have an […]

Jim Di Griz
I just have to agree with Gogs & Archon. Filipino food is nothing special. It’s not even Asian food, more like heavily influenced by Spaniards. Oh yeah beaches. Filipinos have single handedly destroyed the most beautiful places because of greed and pollution. A great example that comes to mind is White Beach, Mindoro. In the mid 80’s when you arrive there from Puerto Galera you could see the ocean from the main road. You would walk through palm trees and arrive at a beautiful beach. In my opinion better than Boracay, because it was visually exciting with the high mountains… Read more »
Lets face it, The Philippines is a mess. The food is scary, the traffic is horrendous, the cities are a nightmare and about the only reason to go there is to find a nice deserted beach where an ex-pat can live quietly on $30,000/year and have a nice young companion taking care of him. There is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand the fact the USA ‘s GI’s are going to be turning Angeles and Subic back into the dens of inequity they once were? well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Don’t blame… Read more »

If Americans come looking for prostitutes, it’s usually the Filipinas who presented themselves as such first.

Only filipinos can eat filipino food? thats an insult as if your describing a dirt that is not edible. maybe you should search halo halo which is one of the favorites of tourist. And for the filipina beauties you have a point many are becoming money bitches which is a sad reality. and for servants yeah you also have a point but not a mindless autotuned individuals many are professionals I am a nurse and many filipinos working abroad are nurses and they are good at it. Yes we export workers all over the world blue collar and white collar… Read more »

It’s just human nature. IF there’s a demand then supply will flourish. It’s not like it just happens in the Philippines. As long as they are educated about safe se, then it’s their personal choice. If trafficking is involved, that’s another story.

MG Phalanx
Well, its pretty obvious, many of us Filipinos are hypocrites. We are just good on criticizing others and saying they are very bad and yet we don’t want others to criticize us because we think we are above them or anyone else. On the other hand we are just good in making rules and policies but we are the first and foremost breakers or violators of such rules and policies. That’s how dysfunctional our society is. It is like a famous song of Bee Gees titled Started a Joke. The lines that say, “I started a joke, which started the… Read more »
1. When I came to philippines as an American, why were my first experiences people trying to direct me to where I could get prostitutes? I don’t recall asking for that, I just came to visit the country. 2. Why do girls from Manila lie and say they aren’t prostitutes (when really they are), date men, cry and tell him they love him, and then ask to borrow money the next day? 3. The food does suck. (Except for halo halo). That’s why there isn’t many filipino restaurants in USA. Philipines has the rep for having the worst food in… Read more »
another expat

1: Philippines have the worst cuisine in the world.

2: The beaches are nice.

3: Any man who dont get horny after spending lots of time on the sea should go see a doctor.
As for the girls you never see them as happy as when a ship arrives.

Akil Yu

Just stay away from Philippines. You need to ask your self if you can speak other language properly. Prostitute, they do sex for money. But i bet alot of here they do sex for random people that they just met for fun. If you born in Philippines maybe you are worst than prostitute. You can say shit about Philippines if just knew/visited just piece of it. If you don’t like Philippines, just stay away. Easy as that!. Welcome to 3rd world country!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT f*tard!!

I, as a Filipino, was very much tortured while reading the wounding comments in this page against Filipinos. It hurts, but really true. Though their truthfulness were brought by some and not all Filipinos, it is still our inevitable global description since visitors from other countries use to encounter these facade (beaches,prostitutes, crowded city,and national news on corruption) of the country. Those people who commented that, Filipino food is not edible to international standards, Almost all the beaches are polluted with plastics and all kinds of sewers plus all the fishing remains garbage, usually the Filipinas presents themselves first when… Read more »
Phils Lover
Well at least if you get STD in Phils you can get drugs just as EZ. Yes Phils had awesome beaches like Palawan I am sure the two Germans who are currently kidnapped from that area would agree. Best cuisine? Why not just drink a glass of sugar, oil, and salt instead its just the same. Been to a Phils bakery? Why not just eat a book. Before they give you the book they may ask do you want frosting with that. That is all your choices. I am not even sure what a rich person is in Phils…if you… Read more »
Phils Lover
I have mat many women online and I guess I am an expert on that by now. Filipinas are a curious breed. They can be good girls on Monday and take money for sex on Tueday and they do not consider themvelves a Pro. Why? Because they just need the money they tell themselves. I can not believe what the profiles say for the Filipina…Her first words are she wants honesty…really? I swear to God I have dated and even gone to bed on the first date alot with so called good girls and to this day one sweet good… Read more »

When sailors get off the ship, pimps swarm on them and ask them if they need a girl. Hookers swarm on them, taxi drivers immediately offer girls. Bars and whorehouses are open, massage parlors are open.

Close the bars, close all the establishments, take the pimps off the streets, and problem solved!

When you approach these guests, maybe you could invite them to a museum or your home and show them the culture?