Uto-utomaton Nation

(Image from http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~m.mirage/automaton.html)
(Image from http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~m.mirage/automaton.html)

Ever wonder why Pinoys keep electing the same types of people every election year?

The answer is simple, reallyâ„¢ and it is not a new idea.

Most Pinoys are conditioned to follow so called “experts”, “authorities”, “opinion leaders”, and now, in the age of web 2.0 or whatever, “thought leaders.”

As Ilda would say, “One reason why most people get tricked into believing lies and propaganda: they are credentialists and starstruck ignoramuses. They have to look at a person’s qualifications first before entertaining that person’s ideas.”

I suspect that the conditioning starts early in life and gets progressively reinforced through years of public education which I also suspect of heavily leaning on “rote learning”.

If you’ve ever had a chance to sit in through a typical public grade school class, you will notice that teachers emphasizing memorization more than drilling them on how to think. Kids are merely expected to memorize the meanings of words rather than being taught the right way of using a dictionary or figure out the meaning of these words through etymology or inferring the meaning through context.

But the fact that our public education system emphasizes “rote learning” more than “thinking” isn’t real culprit here.

The real problem is that kids going through public school are molded with a type of “entitlement” mentality where by if they merely do or say things in a manner expected of them, they will get a reward or attain some form of advancement.  Even if they do reach a stage where in they receive some training in critical thinking, by then, the “entitlement mentality” will have been so deeply ingrained and they will reflexively follow orders on command or suppress their skepticism in favor of a “leader’s” view point.

Most of Pinoy Politicians as well as “social media influencers” know what buttons to push and they take full advantage of this.

Like almost all things, this can be used for good and sometimes, it can be harmful.

Take the case of that popular entertainment columnist who not only tweeted something confidential, but also tweeted something that was completely inaccurate.  His followers on twitter re-tweeted and because no one was thinking, someone’s life was endangered.

But more dangerous is the Pinoy’s overdeveloped capacity to accept speculation as proof and that’s one big reason why it’s so easy to make them dance to whatever tune is played.

Sayaw-sayaw uto-utomatons!

Now that we’ve stated one problem, what is the solution? Come on kids, it’s simple.

Or do you need someone with credentials to figure this one out for you?


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This applies to Gloria Arroyo in what you said about rewards or advancements. Hopefully, with PNoy’s advocacies, our education system can change. It is through the implementation of K+12.

Paul Farol (@paulfarol)
Paul Farol (@paulfarol)

Well, what I wanted to do really was to figure out how much time kids had with each subject and then observe how they are teaching kids, then how the kids are responding.


eduardo is the uto-utomaton of abNoy BS Aquino. Hanggang ngayon, takot pa sila kay Gloria…lol!

Johnny Derp

Your president has already been in power for 3 years..THREE years and you guys are still blaming the past administration?
That is sooo pathetic.
Can’t you come up with anything new or would you still resort to recycling the same,tired,predictable,flawed and inconsistent propaganda till your president steps down?



And where’s the K-12 now? It’s more like a short-term solution if you ask me.

Dragging Arroyo into this is like you love beating dead horses. Am I right, Mr. Lacierda?

Johnny Derp

No, this applies to your president.
The K+12 system is a failure.
Your president is a failure


Paul Farol (@paulfarol)
Paul Farol (@paulfarol)

It’s worth checking out.

Plan ‘A’ The mass are paid to vote, if the person ‘expected’ to win the elction is not going to win….Plan ‘B’ kicks in and that is straight up RIGGING the election results. Whether dead people vote 20X’s or fraudulent ballots, by the truck load, are counted as ‘real’ votes. While it may be true that Filipino voters are numb-skulls, it doesn’t really matter all that much. The elections are ‘RIGGED’. Fraudulent as the day is long…. and just to make sure there is good old Plan ‘C’… Ta-Da, the SMART-MATIC machines are now used to ‘insure’ election results, so… Read more »

Who is the “popular entertainment columnist” you’re referring on the last part of this article?


The sodomite Tim Yap. Heh. >:D

for some reason, i feel like ultimate choice spellers for Filipinos are in the seath of their emotion. what seems to touch us/them visually or by any senses makes them tick their vote. this is why pretending politicians who portray roles than assume roles get seats in the gov. they act out to touch emotions/senses. some of theme merely persuade us through ideals and fact-based plan for progress. these politics as show runs down to us voting via popularity. what seems to appeal to senses appeal in the mind which should be dramatically turned about. we should be reasonable enough… Read more »
Hyden Toro

Prof. Albert Einstein, the great Theoretical Physicist, once said: ” Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, getting the same results”. I am not surprised why we voted a President with Depression. Then, our role model is her sister, Kris Aquino, who is a whore; and with a Depression too.


Throughout me life, Only a few filipinos have “truly” led a revolution/government/community/etc. most of them are simply sheep to the slaughter…sheep who love to blame the shepherd….

Hell, If Mao were ever born here, this would have been his perfect utopia….


TV stations airing just what they want to be aired, making Facebook, Twitter and Instagram one’s way of life, going with the flow because everybody does it, the list goes on… a cancer of the society… there was even a news item before, year 2013, asking people if an image of a saint crying with tears of blood is true. RRRREEEEAAAALLLLYYYY???? and how about SWS surveys about the candidates for circus, oh sorry, I meant the senate… well it comes down to the old adage, gamitin mo ang kokote mo!