The cherry on a pile of BS: Noynoy Aquino comfy in bed with the Malaysian police state

What is the government of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III doing in bed with a police state like Malaysia to begin with? This is, after all, a regime that is the antithesis of every piece of the Philippines’ Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan’s Yellowist rhetoric. President BS Aquino ascended to power on the back of talk and symbolism that advocates the supremacy of the “people’s will”, some sort of “fight” for “reform”, an upholding of a right to expression and self-determination, and — get this — transparency as key to all that.

Malaysia is all about everything that is anythig but.

Malaysians like it rough.
Malaysians like it rough.

Malaysia under the regime of its Prime Minister Najib Razak is known for its appalling record of human rights abuse. Back in 2011, an Amnesty International report cited the way Malaysian police allegedly used excessive force to quell a peaceful protest rally organised to demand electoral reform.

Police arrested peaceful demonstrators, fired teargas canisters directly at protesters, and teargassed a hospital compound on 9 July, in attempts to stop the electoral reform rally known as Bersih 2.0 from gathering in a stadium.

One protester, 56-year-old Baharuddin Ahmad, collapsed near the landmark Petronas Towers while fleeing teargas, and was pronounced dead later in hospital.

“Prime Minister Najib’s government rode roughshod over thousands of Malaysians exercising their right to peaceful protest,” said Donna Guest, deputy Asia-Pacific director at Amnesty International.

“This violent repression by the Royal Malaysian Police flies in the face of international human rights standards, and cannot be allowed to continue. Any future peaceful demonstrations should be permitted and respected by the authorities.”

More recently, a Human Rights Watch report describes how the human rights record of Malaysia has in the last several years remained unprogressive and may have even regressed despite token gestures on the part of its government to institute “reforms”. Notable of all is the approach its police force takes to maintain peace…

Malaysian police appear to routinely violate the rights of persons in custody, Human Rights Watch said. Police personnel have employed unnecessary or excessive force during demonstrations, while carrying out arrests, and in police lockups. Deaths in custody, routinely attributed to disease, go uninvestigated, suspects are beaten to coerce confessions, and criminal suspects die in suspicious circumstances during apprehension by police. Alleged police abuses go uninvestigated.

Malaysian immigration law still does not recognize refugees and asylum seekers, and prohibits them from working and their children from going to school. Unauthorized migrants face arrest and detention in unsanitary and overcrowded immigration detention centers, and caning for violating the immigration law. Anti-trafficking efforts conflate human trafficking with people smuggling, and punishes rather than protects trafficking victims by holding them in inadequate, locked shelters that resemble detention centers rather than care facilities. The government continues to do little to protect migrant domestic workers from beatings and sexual abuse by their employers.

Indeed, take stock of how well President BS Aquino remained consistent with his own propaganda, and you will find that the Yellow One has spent the last three years living up to his name’s now-iconic two-letter acronym. His collusion with the Malaysian police state against his own people in a blatant contradiction of everything his so-called campaign platform stood for tops the hump year of his six-year term as “president” of this sad modern-day by-product of Spanish imperialism. The only aspect that one might consider consistent in the conduct of the Second Aquino Administration is how yellow they now come across — not in the sense of how the colour symbolises the Pinoy “Fight” but in the sense of how the rest of the world really thinks of what it means to be yellow.

It is hardly surprising now that even his closest cohorts — the men and women he is trying to infest the Senate with in the coming May elections, and the Media lapdogs whose loyalties his Uncle Peping likely spent a lot of money cultivating now struggle to themselves remain consistent with all the BS. There is, after all, only so much BS one can take — and dish out.

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“It is a paradox that every ‘dictator’ has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each ‘dictator’ then tries to suppress all free speech except his own.”
Herbert Hoover

Birds of a feather stick together, so no surprise aquino is helping malaysia, even at the expense of the national interest, and malaysia is playing him like a puppet.

Thomas Jefferson

BS Aquino is collaborating with a foreign state. The Malaysian police state is a friend of BS. It is true that BS Aquino slept on the brewing problem which has now escalated. Malaysian forces went on search and destroy mode and the most recent Philippine Star story today states: “KL: No ceasefire, wipe out all militants.” Does this mean that genocide and ethnic cleansing are not far behind? BS Aquino will pay dearly in terms of political suicide and repercussions should these come to pass.

Sabah claim: A tale of two versions Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s defiance against calls for his army in Lahad Datu to surrender despite having lost his soldiers in a shootout with Malaysian security forces and his men’s decision to “die in Lahad Datu” has stoked the curiosityof Sabahans. His daring modus operandi in claiming Sabah as his rightful homeland has awakened the curiosity of many here who are in the dark or have only a vague knowledge about the historical background of Jamalul’s Sabah claim. Why did Jamalul make his move now? In his own words he can no… Read more »

The government whine like a 6 year old that they cannot do any more!

Exactly, because Aquino and his 3rd raters are devoid of intellect, problem solving, and diplomatic skills, and are therefore happy just to go along with whatever malaysia wants to do.

Singapore news today contrasted the action of malaysia with the inaction of the philippines, and that aquino wants to remain arms length from the issue.

Aquino is so dumb that if you gave him a peso for every braincell, you would get change from a 10 peso coin.

Sabah could be aquino’s banana skin.


I read your title “comfy in bed with the Malaysian police state” and I can’t help think of what I wrote in response to the libel portion of the Cybercrime Act as signed by BS Aquino. That it was never modelled after any existing law in any first world nation but oddly enough resembled the actual cyber law in Iran. The same place lead by guy who claims there are no homosexuals in his nation.

The self-styled Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram III has declared himself as the “poorest” Ruler in the world, saying that he had consented to his brother leading a group of armed followers to move to Sabah in search of work and a better life. He (Jamalul) says, “I’m the poorest sultan in the world,” told newswire Associated Press (AP) when interviewed in his tumble-down two-storey residence in a poor section of Manila. He had not intended to reclaim Sabah but wanted more money than the current RM5,300 (P70,000) in annual stipend paid to the Sulu Sultanate, arguing that the sum… Read more »
Hyden Toro

Hey…is that an Aquino YellowTard being manhandled by Malaysian Police?


The problem Iam thingking right now is the Bangsamoro Framework, which is to some are the root of this mess, by excluding the MNLF group lead by Misuari. Blame the MNLF, give credit to MILF? Jeez, If the Framework is aimed for peace, why do they not include everyone? Why only the MILF?

I can relate the framework to a famous quote of Abe Lincon
” A house divided by itself cannot stand”
By excluding others in the framework, it made the Moros more divided. Peace will not happen if there is no unity.

Thomas Jefferson
Looks like the shit hit the fan. I was reading the Philippine Star(online and broadsheet) this morning. One online news item says that women and children are being deliberately targeted. Is this the beginning of genocide and/or ethnic cleansing? BS Aquino will have to answer for this under the doctrine of command responsibility. All this for failing to act in defusing the situation in Sabah. I also urge all concerned to get a copy of the Philippine Star. Mr. Bobit S. Avila revealed and confirmed the coming communist coup which would lead to the downfall of freedom and democracy in… Read more »
Thomas Jefferson

The words traitor and treason come to mind with the actions and failure to do acts of BS Aquino. From the Daily Tribune… Read and judge BS for what he really is.


235 men were promised US$600 each, land in Sabah and “Royal Titles” to join this raid.

All that has been achieved by these dupes and those who duped them has been to make many journalists abd bloggers in the Filipino chattering classes look very, very stupid.

Which probably will not be a bad thing.

I used to take BenignO’s claim to stand for something different seriously.

Thomas Jefferson
Here is my analysis of the building situation… BS Aquino and his followers are now into black propaganda blame games mode. He is obviously against the Sultanate of Sulu and for the dark interests of Malaysia. The name of the game is to divide and conquer the Sultanate of Sulu and other Muslims who believe in the Sabah claim. Al Haj Murad Ebrahim is the man who would be king in Mindanao. He is silent on the issue. He is also in formal alliance with the CPP-NPA-NDF. Remember that he is the friend of BS Aquino who gave him all… Read more »