How the Miriam Santiago vs Ping Lacson circus mirrors the Philippines’ bakla culture

Funny that just as soon as Senator Miriam Santiago threatened to reveal the “truth” about Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson’s sexual orientation, the latter senator in a way kind of validated what many people have been speculating by going on a rampaging counter-attack himself.

Manning up: an immense challenge in Philippine society
Manning up: an immense challenge in Philippine society
For one thing, this all supposedly started after Lacson was accused by Santiago of being one of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s attack dogs. Then, for another, Lacson would follow suit and go on an equally public attack on the lady senator. In both cases he seems to be exhibiting the very behaviours symptomatic of the conditions Santiago says afflicts him — being an attack dog and being, well, a bit on the Pinky side. After all, what real gentleman would see no issue with making big public stink about his ill feelings towards a woman.

To be fair to Lacson, Santiago’s attacks are quite crude. The best of threats are best kept veiled in favour of real actions. What was that old Nike slogan again? Just do it. Trouble is Lacson does the same — stoops down to the level of his adversary. Both now are making good use of the Media to further their tirades against one another. Guess who comes out of this laughing all the way to the bank?

Since when has Philippine Media become the sumbungan of choice of powerful Philippine senators?

Veteran journalist Ramon Tulfo, as a matter of fact, is known for his hit show Isumbong mo kay Tulfo where he facilitates getting the issues that affect ordinary powerless citizens to the fore before a mass audience. But that is a concept that suits ordinary people who do not enjoy the clout of Philippine senators.

You really gotta wonder then about the sort of men who obssessively tattletale to any bozo who cares to listen about the women they’ve had confrontations with. Filipinos of all people should understand. There is no English translation for the old observation when beholding such characters: Kalalaking tao pinatulan ang babae. Where I come from, the most admired men are stolid and stoic even in the face of a woman’s wrath — one, I am constantly told, that hell itself hath no fury to match. Indeed, a man resorting to rude behaviour on a one-on-one confrontation with a woman is bad enough, but to be constantly tattling about said confrontation loudly in a public forum of mutual back-patters is another.

Where I grew up such guys are easily told off: Bakla ka pala e.

Philippine senators, any powerful public official for that matter, whether male or female are expected to man up — specifically, settle disputes amongst themselves like men. After all, they serve as models to a citizenry who lack a tradition of doing the same. The sight and sound of senators clawing each other’s eyes out in catfights in living colour and surround sound simply highlights the sort of politics that reflect the character of the Filipino vote.

Why do Filipinos vote for such politicians?

Well, spectacle is king in Philippine elections. No surprise there. Indeed, our most esteemed “activists” for “social change” routinely denounce politicians for acting like clowns while on the campaign trail but are themselves blind to the banal clownery with which folk in their own ranks deliver their “activist” messages.

We can’t continue to reserve our most vitriolic criticism for Filipino politicians and ignore the character of the people who routinely vote for the same bozos year in and year out.

As Raquel Welch was said to have said:

Insanity is expecting different results while doing the same thing again and again.

Ms Welch is quite the woman indeed.


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And because of such personal attacks, my view of Miriam Santiago has sadly changed.


Miriam should expose the corruption rather than reduce herself to fishwife with glib comments abd veiled personal threats. Very unbecoming.
Thats partly why i don’t think the ICC will be calling anytime soon.
No gravitas or style.
Not up to Brussels standard


When one is dealing with a veteran of rubouts, extrajudicial killings, dirty tricks, and kidnapping for ransom, I dont know if you can talk legal matters to him. I go for Miriam. An eye for an eye. Come on ……. Its the only language Lacson understands and several in this thread fell for it. What a pity.


If Sen. Miriam seats as judge in International Criminal Court. . . never mind.

Well, I think she’s getting older, what do you think?


not lies,opinion.
and miriam is hardly topnotcher – at least when compared to western standards.

All of this garbage coming out of the mouth of someone who was once considered an ‘intellect’. HA, she was and always will be a moronic organgutan. Such a mess, and to think all she had to do was keep her big mouth shut and she would have had the easy road to European luxury laid out for her. A true dummy, she has ruined her chances of any type of international recognition and will just be another thieving criminal in the Philippine congress. She gets scarier looking as each day passes, YIKES! As for Lacson, who cares if the… Read more »
In the first place, why did lacson get into the picture?!… It was a tussle between Miriam & JPE… i tend to believe the rumor that when Lacson went AWOL, he was hiding in Tuguegarao & he claimed that he lives in Paranaque yet the media were waiting for him in a residence in Alabang…hence his bayad utang na loob to JPE by acting as his “barking dog”. Lacson claims he doesn’t get his pork barrel funds…so i now ask…coming from the PNP where he is known to be PINKY, where did he get his funds to run for a… Read more »
Lacson’ style has never changed: throw mud at first and just look for evidence later hoping the mud will stick. Sadly Miriam has played into his game. Thought all along she is of a different breed and intellect. Name calling will not amount to anything except be the flavor of tabloids. When one is able to clear his name, no one is listening anymore. We Filipinos have a short memory. But we remember our first impressions. You’re right benignO. Our senators are only proving what we have known all along: most of them are reflections of the very same people… Read more »
Ping Lacson may or may not be gay but he’s definitely a coward. He only attacks when he has the upper hand. He has not shown himself to fight fair. The Kuratong Baleleng were gunned down with their hands tied. To further his presidential ambitions in 2004, he made his exposés against the previous administration knowing the media will buy it and that he had parliamentary immunity. When he couldn’t use parliamentary immunity for the Dacer-Corbito case, he hid until the Aquino administration took over. The day he is not in any government position is the day he fears the… Read more »
Helen Buenaventura

pati sa bata walang patawad si Pinky!!!….”Remember that 10-year-old girl and her aunt who plunged to their death on Manila Bay a couple of years ago?

In one episode of the now defunct TV show, ?Isumbong mo kay Tulfo,? I showed a girl and an older woman being pushed out of a helicopter flying over a body of water, in a dramatic depiction of the incident.

Lacson?s former henchman at the notorious Metrocom Intelligence and Security Group (MISG), Francisco ?Kit? Mateo, said he pushed the girl and the woman on orders of Lacson.” (Mon Tulfo newsinfo.inquirer 02/03/2010)


Ping Lacson has shown that he only attacks when he has the upper hand and that he will never engage anyone in a fair fight. Whether he is “bakla” or not doesn’t matter. He is the epitome of a coward. He fears the day he is out of a position of power or influence.

Helen Buenaventura

saan ka ba naman nakakita ng tao na galing sa kapulisan tapos naging senador ay naging model ng vanity…mahilig talaga itong Pinky na ito magpa-beauty…nakabalandra sa EDSA ng matagal ang mukha ni Pinky para sa Facial Care Center!!!….LOL!!!


Lacson? I’m surprised no one brought up Kuratong Baleleng.

Hyden Toro

I’m rather amused by these Political Zarzuelas, pr political antics. They do not solve our country’s problems, which are many. The Senate looks like a “Cockpit Arena”. I’m sad that Lacson , who is a suspect of murder of Dacer-Corbito case. Is quarreling with a woman. After Lacson received his Bonanza Bonus, from that idiot Enrile. All he does, is quarrel with a woman…

Paul Farol (@paulfarol)

Benigs, I think that last phrase “insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results” was attributed to Einstein.

But I’d attribute it to Raquel Welch more than some old German mathematician. Haha!

For me, MDS’s a bunny-eared lawyer.

I’d be laughing at them if it wasn’t so sad that bozos like this are running the country


Sir adrian fulford – ICC senior judge is openly gay. Am sure he is amused by the demeanour of a possible colleague.
The inns of court and brussels expect gravitas and propriety from its members.
Verbal diarreah and farting in the wind is not what we expect or want.
suggest she raises her standards of public discourse and becomes a better international ambassador.

Anne B

Dear Webmaster — your own article, and the assumptions underlying it, are revealing of the culture of gender in the Philippines. Your headline promised an insightful, progressive analysis of the word war between these two people, and instead perpetuated the stereotypes within the either-or heterosexist mentality that enables the marginalization of women and bakla, and indeed, anyone who doesn’t conform to male-female standards in this country. Rather disappointing, given the lofty ideals of your site. Get real, indeed.


It’s sad indeed to see Sen. Santiago joining mudfight in the cesspool we call the Senate. Well, Belgian winters (and chocolates) might calm down the nerves of Sen. Santiago when she goes to Brussels, but the pressure alone of being in such a prestigious institution of justice should anchor the Senator back to the gravitas and conduct of a true stateswoman.


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein