China enshrines territorial claims over West Philippine Sea in newly-issued e-passport

Apparently Chinese nationals carrying newly-issued Chinese e-passports are now in violation of Philippine national sovereignty. Does this mean that Chinese citizens attempting to travel into Philippine territory using these documents are now banned until the violation is rectified?

Perhaps affected Chinese nationals should now start thinking twice about proceeding with their travel plans.

The “violation” in question is around an image in the passport of a map of China that reportedly includes territory currently being claimed by the Philippine government — presumably the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal.

“The Philippines strongly protests the inclusion of the nine-dash lines in the e-passport as such image covers an area that is clearly part of the Philippines’ territory and maritime domain,” Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said.

“The Philippines does not accept the validity of the nine-dash lines that amount to an excessive declaration of maritime space in violation of international law.”

According to a report published on The Australian, “The so-called nine-dash lines take in about 90 per cent of the 3.5-million-square-kilometre South China Sea on Chinese maps.” Furthermore…

The boundary was first officially published on a map by China’s government in 1947 and has been included in subsequent maps, forming a key basis for Beijing’s claims to the area.

For their part, some Filipino “activists” have pulled similar, albeit more benign, stunts. Recall that “Manila tour guide, cultural activist, and performing artist” Carlos Celdran recently endorsed a map possibly intended to provoke similar outrage amongst Chinese patriots…

The Chinese response to the stink raised by the Philippines has so far been non-committal and non-confrontational. The statement released through its foreign ministry is markedly positive…

“The passports’ maps with their outlines of China are not targeting a specific country […] China is willing to actively communicate with the relevant countries and promote the healthy development of Sino-foreign personnel exchanges.”

Remains to be seen, however, what the next steps are.

For now, as always…

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


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The “national sovereignty” argument loses credibility when viewed from the point of nobody caring until speculation of large petroleum reserves in the region arose.


“China is willing to actively communicate with the relevant countries and promote the healthy development of Sino-foreign personnel exchanges.”

LOL it’s like, “Yeah, I actually like entire pie, but maybe if we negotiate I can give you a slice… *Well, but um… Still no. LOLZ*”

That provocational image is very politically immature. Had the guts to even include not just Sabah, but also Sarawak? WHUT? Does the Philippines or the Sultanate of Sulu have anything to meddle with Sarawakians? NONE AT ALL. Nada


The China tourist dollar is mightier than the diplomacy of Noynoy administration and its Trillaness-special-channel.

Proud Pinoy

China MUST respect Philippine National Sovereignty or suffer the consequences. We have the capability of launching an economic and cyber assault that will bring the Chinese economy to its knees. They have been warned and they should be wise to avoid the wrath of the Filipino.

Johnny Saint

Everyone in Southeast Asia has expressed apprehension over China’s aggressive stance over the Spratlys. The fact is, the chance of an impending military action by China in the region is remote. Politics is practical. If China were to start a war, the cost — in terms of lives and the risk of a nuclear conflict — would be catastrophic. You can’t drill for oil, refine and transport it in the middle of a war zone. Eventually, we will have to come to an accommodation and accomplish the most through non-violent means.


Maybe the Chinese are trying to make Noynoy snap out of his sanity.

Hyden Toro

Aquino is a weak President. This is the reason China is teasing him…they know him…

RF Garcia

Proud Pinoy, you are like your yellow boss who likes to threaten the Chinese. Do we indeed have the capability to launch an economic assault on the Chinese? We can not even launch a military assault on them much less to our own homegrown rebels.You know that the problem with China can only by solved by diplomacy and not by empty threats which your boss also has aplenty.


Some Chinese might be thinking this:
“You, Piyipinos, you belly dumb. You tink you can fight giant, you so arrogant but yoh pooh. Pooh in brains as well as money. You want take obah my countly? Okeh, we show you how it done – in passpoht.”


i like the map…but it seems it will provoke the malaysian (i dont care the chinese)…phl only claims sabah not the whole eastern malaysian teritory…hehehe