Questionable circumstances of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo’s death: Could it have been prevented?

Even as the country mourns the death of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jess Robredo in a plane crash this week, some questions are starting to emerge. An observation made by a certain Adolfo Mortera re-posted by Showbiz Government covers most of these questions in summary…

[Philippine President Benigno Simeon] Aquino has micromanaged Sec. Robredo’s case, from Day 1, to Day 4 today, up to the airlift of Sec. Robredo’s remains to Naga City airport. He supervised the search and rescue operations, and was the first to get Abrazado’s testimony, whose whereabouts now are unknown to most media persons. He also personally updated Atty. Leny Robredo, the late secretary’s wife, on each detail. Did he also do the autopsy? There’s no media report an autopsy was done. DZMM mins ago reported Mar Roxas as saying the bodies of the 2 pilots can’t be found, contrary to his earlier report this morning. What really happened? Meantime, the yellow ribbons they are now waving seem to have covered the many unanswered questions. Yes, this president has never been so busy. Why?

Some people have also speculated on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the way Robredo’s aide Jun Abrazado “survived” the crash. One of them is Nemesio Antonio Jr in an article on his blog Danger Signs. Some questions he poses among others:

(1) Initial reports stated that Abrazado suffered a fractured arm during the accident, yet situation spokesperson at the time Mar Roxas reported that “Abrazado swam out of the plane’s cabin upon regaining consciousness and not finding Robredo.”

(2) Abrazado reportedly related how he observed that the plane was broken into two after the crash. But having reportedly lost consciousness after the crash, how did he know this?

(3) How did Abrazado lose sight of Robredo so soon after regaining consciousness?

But Philippine politics cannot be escaped — even in death. reporter Natashya Gutierrez tweets on location in Naga City: “A city in mourning. Yellow ribbons all over the city for Robredo.” Was Robredo part of Aquino’s laban? It would seem so, considering that even the gate of his residence is adorned with yellow ribbons…

[Photo courtesy Showbiz Government.]

…which leads us to the obvious question (as already stated in the caption accompanying the above photo, though this may have been made before news of the recovery of Robredo’s body came out): “What is the significance of the yellow ribbons adorning the gates of Secretary Robredo’s residence?”

One commenter coined a term in apparent response to the question: necropolitics.

According to news reports from more traditional sources, Robredo’s remains had been returned to his hometown in Naga City only “a few hours after technical divers found and recovered his body in the waters off Masbate.” From there, it will be made available for public viewing. There is no report of any autopsy being performed nor any plans for one in the future.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile also raised an important question

“Why use a small plane like that to travel at night? It is a no-no,” Enrile said.

“I do not know his advisers in the Department of the Interior and Local Government but when I was in the Cabinet and I had to travel at night, I have to make sure the plane was adequate for travel and small airplanes traveling over bodies of water is inadvisable,” said Enrile who served as defense minister for more than 10 years during the Marcos regime.

It is indeed tragic, as his death seems to have been one that could have been prevented. It was an absolute waste of a good man’s life. Secretary Robredo seems to have been a well-loved politician and government official. He was a high-achiever, having received many distinctions and was first elected mayor at the young age of 29. A tribute published on The LaSallian, school paper of De La Salle University where Robredo graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering sums it all up:

Jesse Robredo is known as the man who reformed Naga, the man who stood up to institutions, both in administration and corrupt giants in local government. Through his reformist approach of Naga City, he was made Secretary of the DILG, a task heavy in his heart, but a Cross that he bore, nonetheless. And he bore it well.

He was an administrator with integrity, a humble engineer and loving father who never forgot where his loyalties lay — to his country, his family, and the dream of clean local governance. May his efforts, quiet but strong, be remembered and emulated by his alma mater, DLSU, and the Filipino people.

You will be surely missed, sir.

R.I.P. Secretary Jesse Robredo May 27, 1958 – August 18, 2012

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Abrazado supposedly made a testimony in Malacañan which was released by a “highly placed source” to the Inquirer which contradicts many of the earlier reports released to the media.

In this document he states that he swam out of the partially submerged plane while initial reports said he jumped out of the plane before it crashed which caused his injury.

Even his statements that hopefully would have shed more light, only added more shadows to this grim incident.

There are no reports of trying to get to the plane’s flight data recorder? Does it actually have one? Are they trying to recover it?


[“Why use a small plane like that to travel at night? It is a no-no,” Enrile said.]

Robredo’s plane would have landed naga city a little past 4pm in broad day light. What is JPE blabbing about – epal mode again?

No FDR, no voice recorder, no autopsy?

NTSB or its equivalent should make a thorough investigation.


if an autopsy is not performed,something is not right here.the one guy survives and no one else does,OK….HOW? Inspect the bodies for injuries,cause of death.If he were knocked out and then submerged,while alive,Lungs with water in them would be present.
Contradictions,diffuse stories,speculation.YUCK!

Dark Administration

They chose Aug 21 as Robrero’s date of death which was August 21 which is Ninoy Aquino’s death anniv. Ano to orchestrated by Abnoy?

Am Mijares

This could also be necropolitics regarding the “killer” Rhbill. Ninoy: Filipinos are worth dying for. Robredo: Filipinos are worth living for. Abnoy: Filipinos are worth killing for. (his avid support for RHbill considered as killer of the unborn bill)


bakit kung sino pa
ung mababait na nagtatrabaho sa
gobyerno sila pa
ung nadidisgrasya?
bakit di na lang ang mga magnanakaw at masasamang damo na sina gloria arroyo o renato corona ang naunang mamatay?

Hyden Toro
Many speculators, are saying: “it could be this…this could be that…” I believe that , if your time has come, and you have to go…YOU GO… Death can never be prevented, because, we all die. Life is fragile. It is a reminder to everybody; that no matter: how powerful you are; how rich you are; how famous you are…someday, we all will face death. Leave everything, we built in this world. The things you did: good or bad. Will only be the ones people will remember. So, do good now. Give us some chance to remember your good works, and… Read more »
More questions: 1. the whereabouts of this supposed survivor, why has he not surfaced to be interviewed by the media (even ABS-CBN)? 2. is the survivor “secured” for debriefing somewhere due to inconsistent declaration? 3. why the unusual high profile figure manning the “rescue” retrieval ops? 4. why was the gov’t. search team focusing their search so much “farther” than the actual spot where the body was found? why were they searching away from the spot where the fisherman witness pinpointed? (review footages of Roxas in day 2) 5. how come the foriegn volunteers scoured not the site pinpointed by… Read more »

Yo BENIGNO,Is that a picutre of YOU.on your avatar?OR Jimi Hendrix OR the Monkey in ‘Planet of the Apes’?a combination of them?none or all of them?


magtataka pa ba kayo eh plano namin talaga ni abnoy ang plane crash na iyan para mailagay na ako ni abnoy as dilg secretary pagkaalis ko sa senado. hindi nyo pa ba alam ang style ko at ng dumbest presidentita na si ate noy? hehehe. si gma lang ang corrupt tandaan nyo yan. basta sya lang ang corrupt kahit wala pang napatunayan. iprito nyo na yang tangang si fishball para maipakain sa mga gutom na filipinos. hehehe

[…] I didn’t really follow Secretary Jesse Robredo’s work. A wild personal guesstimate tells me neither was he a major artifact on any of my colleagues’ watch lists. Search our network of sites for any mentions and you will probably get just a small handful of hits in the search results you get. It means Robredo wasn’t in our radar — which is a good thing. More to the point, I cannot presume to be an expert on who Robredo the man was, what he achieved, or what he didn’t achieve. All immediate knowledge I have, I’ve already compiled in… Read more »

Gloria can be treated here in the Philippines. Hwag na siya sa abroad kasi maraming naniniwalang exile sa Dominican Republic ang habol niya kapag nakalabas na siya sa bansa. Hindi siya mapapanagot sa mga kaso niya.


nabawasan na ang korruption sa gobyerno dahil unti unti na silang makukulong tulad ni Gloria at madami pa.


Saludo kami sayo Mr.
Robredo.. sayang at
ngayon ka lang namin
nakilala ng lubusan…
hindi pala lahat ng
pulitiko ay buwaya… kung si Gloria na lang
sana… walang


american cover up again? anniv for ninoy? kids play around…


hehehe siguro nangangarap pa yung mga tao dito na maibalik si gloria labandera sa malakanyang. Cgurado ako nakinabang ang mga ito sa corrupt na administrasyon ni gloria labandera hehehe namumulubi na ba kayo mga tol hehehe…


Puede ba huwag na lang kayo mag-react kay fishball. It’s useless. Ignore him.

@fishball, wag mu ng ipagmalaki yang si noynoy, at wag mu nring ulit-ulitin n hindi corrupt si noy2.gang nagun wala pang visible n develpment ang ating bansa…anong gnawa ni noynoy sa mga kalsada,inaspaltuhan ng 8 inches kakapal, iniwan ang mga shoulders,mas lalong nakakadisgraxa, contrary sa project na road widening..nasan pa road widening ngaun, hindi na pedeng daanan mga shoulders ng kalsada? at yang RH bill n yan, hindi n kasi magkakaanak si noynoy kaya nandadamay. if we really know the story, Ninoy is not really a hero, epal lang siya. kung katulad sana ni marcos yang si noynoy at payagan… Read more »

FishTroll is trying to reach the post-quota to avail himself of the blackberries given by the miscomm group to their internet hacks.

We should pity and understand kid.

I don’t want to raise speculations about Sec. Robredo’s death and if would, I think it is still a little bit early as a sign of respect for him and the family. But yes, I have a few questions regarding this incident. 1. The timing, obviously the incident happened in time when he is set to be confirmed as the official head of DILG. 2. Could it be that there’s a few people out there, possibly a silent rival who is aiming for the same position? 3. As to the questions involving noynoy, it’s not a secret that he have… Read more »